Raskolnikov Russo

Raskolnikov Russo

Name Meaning"schismatic," "Russian"
Name OriginRussian
Date of BirthOctober 23, 2007
Age> 2 years
Subspecies100% Canis lupus communis ortus
LuperciYes (Ortus)

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DateJanuary 18, 2010[1]—January 19, 2010

Raskolnikov Russo was a former Loner in January 2010. He arrived in 'Souls with his mate, Sonja Russo after fleeing from a murder scene in Russia to Europe, and eventually, to Canada.


When growing up, Raskolnikov was very interested in the past philosophies of the humans, whom he was very intrigued with. He read as much as he could, especially the works of idealists from the 19th century—especially those of the Frenchman Charles Fourier. Based upon these writings, Raskolnikov developed a view that individuals were shaped by the environment they grew up in, as well as the laws of physics and nature. He theorized that there were environmental and mathematical formulas to everything in life—from relationships to decisions to cause of death.

One other theory that he began to nurture was that of the "extraordinary man"—in his mind, the world was made of two people: the common man who went along their lives and were as base as the stones underfoot, and the extraordinary man who stepped over the others and bettered things by whatever means possible. With this theory, Raskolnikov became obsessed and sought out to see whether he was extraordinary or not. He did this by plotting and committing the murder of an elderly woman who was "of little consequence", a crone who he believed was a drain on her family. He covered it up well for a few days, but then his metal state became to deteriorate. He eventually came under suspicion for the crime and he decided to escape before they could detain him.

Raskolnikov Russo fled from Russia, heading west towards Europe. He traveled through what once had been the Ukraine, Romania, the northern Baltic States, Italy, and eventually ended up in France. Along the way, he was in Italy and took refuge in the home of a young woman, Sonja. After some questioning, he told her his story. She was actually fascinated and pledged herself to him. They became mates in a strange whirlwind romance. Eventually he feared pursuers and convinced her to run with him. They did, continuing to France and boarding a ship there to North America.

They landed in Canada and continued northwards along the coastline until they arrived in 'Souls.


Despite being what many would consider to be a cold-blooded murderer, Raskolnikov is by no means evil. He is disillusioned by the philosophies of a past generation, and sees himself as their emissary to the Luperci in this day and age. He is extremely judgmental and critical, and sometimes behaves very erratically. One part of his personality is the fact that he almost seems to suffer from a dual-personality—his brain is full of contradicting thoughts, which cause him to sometimes do or say something that are completely hypocritical to what he might have said or done only moments before.



He is linked to the expansive Russo family through his father, Ivan Russo, who became mates with Pulcheria Alexandrovna. They had two children, Raskolnikov and his sister, Avdotya Russo. He himself is mates with Sonja Russo, though they do not have any children. Some relations in 'Souls are Rurik Russo, his uncle, Silas Agata and Anatoliy Russo, Rurik's sons and Raskolnikov's cousins.

For more information, please see the Russo family.


Strangely enough, Raskolnikov used to be a middle gray. But as he aged, it lightened to a pale off-white hue, though the roots remained dark. The effect is similar to that of someone who has dyed their hair a lighter color and has not kept up with it—the fur appears light on a background of darker fur, though there are lighter and darker nuances along his front and back. His eyes are a dark gray which can sometimes appear black. Raskolnikov is tall and lean—he almost has a gaunt figure, which especially visible in his thin face. He usually carries a haunted look in his somewhat sunken eyes. As he is a more "civilized" European werewolf, he generally wears a threadbare dark-brown suit of sorts, consisting only of the jacket and the pants.

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