Lev Prizmov

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base by Despi, lines by Viktory System

Lev Prizmov is the brother of Egregore Prizmov & Niko Prizmov and cousin of Innokentiy Prizmov & Jekaterina Prizmov. He travelled from two cults in Russia and to England before landing in Nova Scotia. He is a member of Salsola as a Confidant and has ambitions to prove himself to his family and to his pack as worthy of something greater. He also is owed something from Egregore for a debt, this being a reason he followed him with his cousin, Innokentiy.

Immediately following a fight between the two brothers, Egregore "escorted" Lev to Fort Preble where he currently is pressured to remain.


  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Wolfdog hybrid
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