Ginger Terra

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NameGinger Terra
Date of BirthJuly 4th 2011
Subspecies25% Longhaired Dachshund
75% Terrier Mix
Birth PlaceUpstate New York
PackCour des Miracles

'Souls Profile

Current Pack

Cour des Miracles

Joining date November 23rd, 2014
Rank Seigneur
Previous Rank(s) None
Significance None
Co-Rank None

The Training Camp (Outside Souls)

Joining date July 4th 2011 (Birth)
Rank Star
Previous Rank(s) First Class
Significance None
Co-Rank Trapper


Ginger was part of a small pack in upstate New York. They had formed soon after the fall of the humans, as a group of terriers and other burrowing dogs came together. They were known as the Terra Camp, named after a terrier training school the humans had set up. Having been trained to be proper ratting dogs, they managed to survive on squirrels and rabbits. Their genetics stayed consistent, as they selected for those traits which would aid in the burrowing. Even the tiny yorkshire breeds stayed pure for two generations.

With the changes from the virus, the Terras started developing skills. In particular, they began learning how to put traps into burrows for when the prey is out, and how to reinforce the burrows they had claimed from them. Friendships formed with badgers, but all other burrowing mammals became prey. Their community slowly grew as other lost dogs found a home.

This worked well for a few generations, but eventually things changed. The tensions between the Terras and the nearby Tribe of Coyotes, finally reached a boiling point. Though it is unclear how, the coyotes managed to sneak past the majority of the traps the Terras had assembled, and at sunrise on February 26th, the slaughter began. Ginger was one of the few who managed to escape, and began hunting for a new home. It was this sense of exile that brought her to the area she had heard about, 'Souls, with a hope for a new family.


Ginger is very intelligent. She was trained as a trapper like the rest of her pack, but excelled because of her intelligence. She isn't always quick, though, sometimes taking a lot of time to get to a solution. Occasionally she would also find that she would be satisfied with the fact that she had gotten to "a" solution to her problem, and stop before realizing a much simpler way of doing things. Most of her plans came off as convoluted, but they usually would still work.

The newly alone young Terra craved companionship. She had been a part of an extremely large pack, near fifty tiny individuals, but her parents and litter had been the focus for her affection. Having lost them, she desperately is looking for some new friends who she can trust and connect with.

The pack she had been a part of had been focused on security and protection, having been made up of small dogs. They had known they could barely protect themselves against a single wolf in a direct fight, even as a whole pack. That is what led to her training with traps and burrows, and kept her constantly thinking about holes and vulnerabilities. That security mindedness had been valuable, but with the betrayal that led to the loss of her pack, she became paranoid, never quite sure if she could trust anyone again.

Those same events had also given her a deep distrust of coyotes. Coyote mixes were viewed with deep suspicion while given the chance to prove themselves to her, but purebred coyotes were assumed to be antagonistic lairs, just waiting for a way to take over.



  • Parents Skirret Terra and Daikon Terra, Both Confirmed Deceased
  • Brothers Oca Terra Confirmed Deceased, Shallot Terra and Mallow Terra, Location Unknown


None Yet



None Yet


  • Pelts
    • 1 Elk
    • 1 Deer
    • 1 Medium Quilt from Rabbit and Squirrel
  • Dull Knife
  • Catgut Cord (Arbitrary Amount for Traps)
  • 2 Catgut Nets
  • Small Low Quality Wooden Cart
  • Medium Low Quality Wooden Cart


Ginger was a terrier blend. In her preferred lupus form, she was tiny and short, only about one foot tall and two feet long, with short legs, like the rest of her former pack. Her long haired coat, with counter shaded hues of brown made her seem like what would have been a long haired dachshund mix. Her eyes were a deep hazel, matching her coat. Her ears would peak when she was excited, but otherwise tended to flop over. Her supine form was very similar, though her legs lengthened to a more traditional proportion. She would generally reach about 30 inches tall, but almost never used the form. She generally preferred using burrows sized to her small stature to keep herself safe rather than trying to fight battles she would have little chance at winning.

When she transformed to optine form, she would grow substantially, though still was only about 4' 10". She rarely transformed, usually only having done so when she needed her hands to work. She almost never bothered with clothing and would simply pull her hair back into a quick braid to make the work easier.

She was generally quiet, having been overwhelmed by many brothers. When she did speak, though, she tended to speak in a very deliberate, controlled way. The exception was when she became excited, when her terrier started to come through, with her speaking getting much louder and faster. This usually would happen when she was getting an idea she thought particularly clever.

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