Chamerion (NPC of Snapdragon Lykoi)


  • Gender: Stallion
  • Species: Gaited Horse
  • Date of Birth: July 2003
  • Common Haunts: D'Neville Mansion stables


Chamerion is a large and muscled stallion with characteristics of a gaited horse -- such as a distinct ambling gait.

He is a gold champagne with paint markings -- almost a light chestnut or dark apricot shade, with a light-colored mane and tail. His eyes are pale, a hazel color standard to champagne horses. Parts of his coat are marred by old scars, both marks from Luperci and from other stallions he's fought.


Chamerion is a stallion -- and all that implies. He is wild and dominant, aggressive toward other male horses and insatiable in regards to his ownership over mares. He needs constant supervision when around horses that aren't adult mares who aren't currently in heat.

His terrible temperament extends to non-horses, as well. He will readily drive off any predators -- including Lupus-formed canines -- and is mean and bitter toward Luperci as well. He can be made to tolerate a Luperci that spends hours with him, and is more prone to obey those that are consistent in their dominance over him. Any unknown Luperci that attempts to touch him will be met with a kick or bite, and unconfident riders often find themselves thrown from the saddle.

With those well-known and strong Luperci, Chamerion can be a smooth riding horse -- as well as a warhorse, if one is careful to distinguish friend from foe for him in the heat of battle. His ambling gait and his appearance might make him a good stud, if one is ready to risk the possibility that his foals will have as nasty of a demeanor as he does.


  • Born mostly wild, in a roaming herd supervised by a dog pack.
  • Captured by the pack and broken by relatively crude means.
  • Trained to be the warhorse of Belmonte D'Amore's brother.
  • Stolen by Belmonte when he left the pack.
  • Impregnated Skoll Haskel's mare, Hwin.
  • Ownership passed to Skoll after Belmonte's death.
  • Snapdragon stole him from Skoll.
  • Impregnated Snapdragon Lykoi's mare, Prim.