Kado Soleil

Kado Soleil

by Raze

Date of BirthMarch 06, 2013
Age4 years
Subspecies50% Great Plains Wolf, 50% Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Current packLoner

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Kado Soleil is a happy-go-lucky Nova Scotia native with big dreams and an even bigger heart.


  • MARCH 2015
    • Kado Soleil turns two and leaves his family to venture out on his own
    • Over-zealous about his journey, he wears himself out and gets stranded in an area where flooding has made things dangerous
    • He is rescued by a member of Casa di Cavalieri and is taken in as a refugee
    • He leaves Casa di Cavalieri with the intent to return prepared for knighthood
    • He meets many interesting canines, including a girl who he becomes smitten with
  • APRIL 2015
    • He wanders around 'Souls, trying to decide if he wants to return and join CdC, or leave it behind him
    • He rescues a horse, Dolly, from a cliff-side, and takes care of her
    • He decides to pursue the girl he's in love with and decide which pack to join later
    • He travels to Krokar
  • MAY 2015
    • He joins Krokar, but shortly afterward receives word that his mother is very ill
    • He makes the hard decision to return home to look after his mother


Kado is not the sort of wolf to enjoy making a spectacle of himself. Although he won't admit it, he is humble, kind, and incredibly compassionate. He does not like to see others suffer, and he will always go above and beyond to ensure another's happiness, even if it means sacrificing his own well-being.

Kado grew up in a very traditional home, sheltered somewhat from the extremes of the world. He pledged and has stuck to a code of abstinence before mateship from a young age, he has never experimented with or ever really heard of drugs, and only his parents were allowed to consume small portions of alcohol on special occasions. His family is the only pack he has ever known, but the customs of a traditional pack are not lost on him. In fact, Kado longs to lead his own pack one day, and he vows to guide them in the same noble way that his father led his family.

When it comes to romance, Kado can be rather shy. This does not mean, however, that he remains quiet in a conversation. In fact, he can be quite entertaining if given the chance. Kado just doesn't like to make the first move. He does not approach the canines he fancies, and he struggles with speaking from his heart. He has never experienced a serious relationship simply because those he courts usually grow impatient with him and walk away before things can get very serious. But he tries, and he never neglects to show chivalry to anyone.



  • Parents — Anna & Tristan Soleil
  • Siblings — 3 Sisters & 2 Brothers


  • none


  • none


Kado's reference.

  • Species: Wolf
  • Fur: Long, plush, wavy
    • Optime Hair: Long and unruly
  • Facial Features: Kado has a sweet baby face...no matter how hard he tries to look grown up and manly
  • Build and Size: Tall, light muscle mass
  • Humanization: Moderate

Kado's Forms

  • Lupus:
    • rarely used
  • Secui:
    • never used
  • Optime:
    • 6' 5" tall
    • 190 lbs


MAIN FUR (#d4c99e)
INNER EAR (#9f8f7d)
EYES (#ffe160)
HAIR (#fdf8e3)

By Despi!

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