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1.  Info

I am an aspiring writer and artist from the sweltering state of Arizona. I love hanging around on Souls and getting to know the many talented people here, but sometimes I disappear because of health or other life conflicts. I can never stay away for long, however - Souls has been a good outlet for me, and I have made so many wonderful friends. If you ever want to plot a thread or just need someone to chat with, I'm always derping around somewhere - send me a message! :)

2.  Activity

I usually post rather quickly, but if things get crazy then I may post more sporadically. I try to avoid keeping people waiting longer than 5-7 days. Feel free to send me a friendly nudge if you would like a response to our thread sooner.

3.  Contact

To get in touch with me...

  • PM my primary character

4.  Souls Characters

4.1  Active

  • --

4.2  Inactive

4.3  Dead

5.  When Writing With Me...

  • I will write light violence and romance, but nothing graphic
  • I don't mind light power play and will sometimes use it myself (i.e. referencing our characters going somewhere together), but if I write something that bothers you then please send me a PM to ask for a change
  • OOC chatter is totally fine with me

6.  OOC History

I joined 'Souls in the fall of 2011 with Blind, and it has been a crazy ride ever since. Because of health and life struggles I have disappeared a few times, but I always come wandering back.

7.  Guestbook

Because why not?

  • J loves this person and her smexy characters <3 ~ J @ 8:59 PM on August 31, 2016