Stalin, Pyrrhic & Xola (NPCs of [[Characters/Constantine von Troy]])

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Three bear siblings who as young cubs, were rescued by Constantine from certain death at the hands of a wicked coyote. Freshly orphaned at the time, they were not yet experienced enough to survive on their own and it was Constantine who took them to Mount Oromocto and began raising them.

After their first year, during a flood in March of 2015, they disappeared for a short time and reappeared in late May. It was at this time that Constantine began integrating them into his home, Sapient.




NPC Info

  • Date of Birth: January 2014
  • Genders: Male, Male, Female
  • Species: Ursine
  • Breed: Brown bear; most likely Grizzly
  • Color: Brown


Anyone in Sapient may reference the following:

  • Seeing one or more of the bears foraging, lounging, or playing.
  • Speaking with the bears/asking them to do minor tasks requiring strength or tracking.

Anyone in the neutral parts of Northern Tides may reference the following:

  • Seeing the bears at a distance. They will avoid strangers.
  • Being aggressively chased away by Stalin; esp. nearer to Sapient.

1.  Appearance

  • Size: Stalin is over 100 lbs; Pyrrhic is ~75-85 lbs; Xola is ~80-90 lbs.
  • Features: Humped shoulders, low rumps, and broad, "dished in" profiles, with short, rounded ears.
  • Coloration:
    • Their main and darkest color is Zeus (#2E231D) starting at their feet, ranging to a lighter Tobacco Brown (#695244) as the eye ascends to their backs.
    • All of their eyes are Metallic Copper (#6F3E1F).
    • Heathered Gray (#B7A98F) is sprinkled through all three of their pelts. Most notably it accents Stalin's muzzle, marks a small area on the top of Xola's head, and covers the majority of Pyrrhic's head (save for his face), neck, and shoulders.
    • The rims of Pyrrhic and Xola's ears are colored Nevada (#687078).
  • Additional:
    • Stalin is easily the biggest, while Pyrrhic and Xola often trade places for which of them weighs more.
    • Their voices are deep and slightly guttural/growly, with Xola's being the highest of their relatively low registers.

2.  Personality

All three bears have personalities distinctive to one another. Stalin comes across as stoic and solitary, but will aggressively defend his siblings and is standoffish when first approached. Pyrrhic does not seem to take many things seriously; he is playful, pushy, and curious, which can make him troublesome (if not irritating). He talks the most, and makes friends the best, but he is often bullied by Stalin. Xola is the sweetest and least confrontational of the trio. She is polite and gentle, preferring to lie near those she is most comfortable around, while becoming occasionally chatty towards those who bother to work pass her shy exterior.

2.1  Skills & Abilities

  • All three of them are capable of High Speech. They can also be harnessed to pull heavy loads, though are only helpful in this manner to members of Sapient.
  • Stalin is the strongest, and promises to be quite powerful in adulthood. He is the bravest and a growing defender.
  • Pyrrhic is an excellent tracker and the most willing to help in a pinch.
  • Xola is more intelligent than her brothers, and can readily identify many plants and their uses -- as taught to her by Constantine. She can also read, though not with comprehension.

2.2  Likes & Dislikes

  • Pyrrhic likes to fish, roughhouse, chat, hear stories, and go on adventures.
  • Xola likes napping, sunlight, being helpful, and being petted and pampered.
  • Stalin doesn't seem to like anything. Except, perhaps eating.
  • They are all very fond of Constantine, and listen to him with little protest.

3.  History

  • Born in January of 2014.
  • Their mother is hunted and killed by an Infernian, but before she can do any more damage, Constantine fights the killer and knocks her out on a fluke. He forces the young bears to flee with him to the North.
  • In order to keep them a secret, Constantine raises them in a cave on the western side of Mount Oromocto.
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