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1.  Appearance

Taimavar is a large pup for her age, and shows no signs of stopping. She has a wide, thick frame with a strong heavy bone structure. Her limbs are a bit shorter and stocky then proportional. Her large pointed ears follow the tradition of being a bit to large for her body. Perhaps one day she will grow into them, but for now, she is very much in that awkward teen phase of growing into her body. She is best descirbed as a blue merle with blue brindled points. HEr pelt is decorated with Irish white markings, and she has a nose ring and a hoop earring in one ear. Her tail comes to an abrupt short stub, something that she is self-concious about and attempts to hide underneath colorful clothing.

She is rather short and stocky, though her frame has hints of growing into something curvy as a full adult, right now she has more of an athletic build. Despite her barrel chest and aggresive resting face, Taimavar is very friendly and rather weak. She suffers from athmia and a heart condition due to her large size, and so has hands that are caloused from working in her parent's shop, not from any hard labor as one would expect.

-gaint -reduced lifespan -weak(tired easily) - Endomorph

design by Dale! ...

1.1  Forms

  • Lupus: Up to the adopter.
  • Secui: Her preffered
  • Optime: Up to the adopter.

1.2  Modifications and Accessories

  • Up to the adopter.

2.  Personality

The Achiever - "Adaptive, Excelling, Driven, and Image-Conscious"

Taimavar is a silent defender, standing tall against the sun as others rest in her shadow. Her presence is felt rather than heard, her energy better saved for the hard work she performs and the vigilant watch she keeps. Everything she does is careful, deliberate and slow, the world measured and taken in through meditation and prolonged observation. She takes heed to the words and lessons of others, a sagacious and intelligent mind behind her stoic gaze. Few might expect when she does strike, dizzying as a lightning flash with tooth, word and claw when a call to action or arms is sounded. Protective, aloof and gruff, those under their care them may glimpse their compassionate side, Taimavar sparing a moment from duty to give words of wisdom when needed. Loyalty and duty are first and foremost to her, as are the pacts, oaths and promises between her and any others. She focuses on being in a group and working as a team. She wants to fit in with the others and have some sort of status, but refuses to sacrifice or change anything about herself.

From most to least importantly, she believe that she:

  • Shall not betray others, for trust is a gift exchanged and a pact between individuals
  • Shall honor all oaths, for they are true to their word and consider breaking an oath a betrayal
  • Shall not lie, but may tell half-truths and omit information when they feel it's necessary or it would protect another
  • Shall bring evil-doers and criminals to justice, but is understanding and forgiving of crimes born out of desperation or misunderstanding
  • Shall seek unlimited good and order in society, but puts their current worries and promises and those of their charges before those belonging to strangers

In regards to her behavior and her alignment, she will, from most to least likely:

  • Seek secure employment, having faith and believing in the value of hard work and persevering on
  • Never betray family, for they put great value in familial ties and love their kin fiercely
  • Respects their family's authority figures and obeys them, but can and has disagreed and chafed against them before
  • Will give their lives in defense of their community, but will also pull back to protect something they've been tasked with protecting if ordered or expected to do so
  • Uses wealth to help others who are less fortunate, but puts the needs of their family and any charges first and foremost

3.  Talents and Faults


  • Calm: Taimavar has an even temperament and finds it difficult to get angry or upset. She doesn't easily show fear and can keep a cool and level head in stressful situations.
  • Independent: despite wanting to fit in, Taimavar does best when working alone. She is able to figure out creative and complex solutions that require only a single person to work. She knows how to hunt, survive, hide and thrive without the aid of a pack or any animal companions. She doesn't get lonely easily and is used to surviving by the skin of her teeth. If there's only one person for a certain job, Taimavar is likely to fill it.


  • Infallible Mindset: Taimavar will never admit to being wrong or incorrect. She may realize she's made a mistake, but she'll never say it out loud. She may find it difficult to apologize to others if her mistake hurts or harms someone else. Some may perceive the character as arrogant, and others may not trust the character's judgment as being unbiased.
  • Unpleasant Smell: Since she was raised in a soap-maker's house, Taimavar smells pleasent. Overwhlemingly pleasent. Though the scent is starting to fade in her recent travels, it is still quite noticable. People may want to avoid her for the smell, and she are easier to detect when tracked by scent or trying to lay an ambush.

4.  Skills

Talented Perfumer :: The knowledge of how to create scents, sprays and perfumes for one to wear or adorn the air with

Beginning Toxicologist :: The knowledge of poisons, their effects, their antidotes, and their uses. This skill might also be known as "Poisons" or "Poisoning". It differs from Alchemy or Herbalism in that, while Alchemy is used in the brewing of non-alcoholic liquids in general and Herbalism is all about plant uses, Toxicology concerns anything that might be poisonous. Poisons made by a character with good Toxicology may also be more potent than if Alchemy was used.

Student Sculpture :: The knowledge of how to create items and goods through shaping techniques such as casting, chiseling, or carving. Carving wood and stone falls under the "Carpentry" and "Stonemasonry" skills, respectively - everything else goes here. Blacksmithing differs from Sculpting in that it uses a forge and tools to shape metal, while Sculpting might be used for pouring molten metal into molds to create figurines.

5.  Relationships

This character has been a guardian of some sort from a very early age. They may have been born into a protection-based or shepherding-/livestock guardian family. They may have strong protection instincts compared to potential siblings or other family. They may have been born in a tumultuous time or family situation, acting as a guide or protector to peers or youngsters. Whatever the history written, the urge to guide and protect colors all the canine's relationships. They are extremely devoted to their friends and family, loving any mate (or mates, if polygamous) intensely. They will take a bullet for anyone they care for, their quiet and aloof nature hiding their true feelings. Though level-headed, they aren't afraid to bare their fangs in defense of family and home. With this said, they have enough self-respect to walk away from dysfunctional relationships, even if it means they miss their kith or kin.

There are a number of open territories you can use as a place of origin for this character, or create backstory and ties to. Good examples for this particular character include Beirut, Budapest, Rome, or Portland. The on-board settlement of Freetown may also be a good option.

6.  Family

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Immediate Family

7.  History

  • Will expand on later and in RP

Taimavar was born to a soap-maker and a women of the night in Rome, Italy. Her mother was a devoted women to Taimavar and raised her hand in hand with her father, though the two never married and her mother never setteled down with her father in any offical capasity. Taimavar knew little of poverty as a younger pup. She was taught how to make soap and the skills that came with it from her father, and her sliver tongue from her mother. At the young age of ten, Taimavar and her father would sell soap together. Her father did not have much of a bussiness mind, nor a strong body, so Taimavar helped make the soap and sell it while her father watched on. They would run a successful bussiness until her father grew ill and passed in the winter. Taimavar left Rome after much hestiation, looking now for her mother at age 15.

7.1  Timeline



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