Jinora Watters

Jinora Watters

Jinora Watters, by Raze
Date of BirthAugust 3, 2013
Age15 months
Subspecies50% Akita'
50% Husky
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeAlaska
Current packAniwaya

Current Pack


Joining dateNovember 26, 2014
Joining RankItse
Most Recent RankGata Hineyu
SignificanceFire tender

Jinora is a friendly akita-husky yoga dog who resides in Aniwaya? and joined 'Souls November 2014.

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  1.   1.  Pre-Souls History
    1.   1.1  Early Life
  2.   2.  'Souls History
  3.   3.  Personality
    1.   3.1  Initially
    2.   3.2  Currently
  4.   4.  Relationships
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    2.   4.2  All Acquaintances
    3.   4.3  All Enemies
    4.   4.4  Love Interests
  5.   5.  Abilities, Talents and skills
    1.   5.1  Strengths
    2.   5.2  Weaknesses
  6.   6.  Appearance
    1.   6.1  Luperci Forms
    2.   6.2  Scent
    3.   6.3  Stature
    4.   6.4  Eyes
    5.   6.5  Voice
  7.   7.  Aniwayan Residence
    1.   7.1  Blue Prints
    2.   7.2  Hut Details
    3.   7.3  Yoga
    4.   7.4  Garden
    5.   7.5  Additional information
  8.   8.  Notable Threads

1.  Pre-Souls History

1.1  Early Life

Zurri Asami met Aspen Watters during her journey around the globe. Though she originally came from Japan, her intentions were always to get back home and never to settle any other place. After a meaningless love affair with the husky she found herself pregnant. She was forced to settle in Alaska territory where she married Aspen. Weeks later, she gave birth to Jinora.

As days passed and Jinora grew, the puppy was forced to watch her mother regret her birth and was called a burden. Her mother became fond of drinking and began a come-and-go method of parenting just when Jinora needed her most. Soon, Zurri wound up pregnant with a wolf's puppies and Aspen left his unfaithful mate.

Jinora's attempts to follow her father brought only failure. Soon she was on her own and headed in a general eastern direction. As she traveled farther east she stumbled upon a sweet elder yogini, Rosemary. As they traveled together she began to learn the art of yoga and at their parting she was given a side bag full of books on the knowledge of yoga, crystals, and rocks. Unsure how exactly she knew, she became very aware that it had come time for Rosemary's passing from the world at their goodbye.

Jinora journeyed on, becoming more aware of her spiritual self through meditation and seeking to carry on Rosemary's legacy to those she met along her way.

2.  'Souls History

To come c;

3.  Personality

3.1  Initially

Despite a horrid beginning, Jinora is and continues to grow into a peaceful young Luperci. She is overall a very friendly and approachable person, with the same curiosity her mother had. Whether or not this curiosity will be her end like that of her mother is unknown. She tries to bring her focus back when she catches herself straying far from the path she has accepted as her own but also believes strongly that her wandering could bring her to the next step in her journey.

Despite her spiritual maturity she is still very much a playful creature who enjoys mystical things such as dancing, hooping, smoking and drinking, and having an overall amazing time in the company of good music. She also finds herself a bit too much of a talker at times and can be incredibly pushy when it comes to making friends.

Because of her pup-hood she has a soft spot for abuse victims and a hatred for any kind of bully the world offers. Being ignored or shown violence in anyway can cause Jinora to break out into either a fierce rage or an anxious, mental breakdown. Despite her overall cheerful personality she still deals with slight trust issues and a small amount of depression when dealt rejection from others.

3.2  Currently

Jinora is a friendly, happy dog. Her curiosity is still as strong as ever and her quest for mastering both yoga and spiritualism continues. She is now happily abiding in Aniwaya.

4.  Relationships

  • Zurri

Jinora's mother is a touchy subject due to the abusive relationship and rejection of love received on the puppy's end. She still is sensitive about it today. Unknown to Jinora, her mother committed suicide after she left.

  • Aspen Watters

Her father was the "nice" parent when she was smaller, making it hard for her to believe that he abandoned her. Abandonment by her father made her believe it was her fault, causing her to still be clingy and extra sweet in current relationships. She has no idea where her father is.

  • Sybil and Drake

Her half siblings

4.1  All Friends

A strikethrough implies death

  • Rosemary - her most loved and missed companion, Rosemary was an elderly wolf dog found during Jinora's journey from Alaska to 'Souls. Rosemary is the direct influence that lead Jinora into a spiritual path and regular yoga practice. Her fondest memories usually involve her master. Jinora idolizes the fae and believes her spirit is still guiding her as she continues her own quest to be a yoga master.
  • Raoul Dubois - Jinora met Raoul and his duckling friend on November 24, 2014 before she joined Aniwaya.
  • Silverfang greeted Jinora upon her arrival at the pack's border and they later met up again in her temporary home which was made up of a fire pit and area for her to sleep on the ground outside of the tribe's town.
  • Gemma Rhiannon Sawtooth found Jinora at the Great Fire where Jinora was inspired to later become Gata Hineyu, a fire keeper. They later saw each other after Gemma's pups were born.
  • Ibycus found Jinora fleeing the rain inside the horse stables where she helped him brush the horses off.
  • Aniwaya's leader, Olivia Tarasova met and flirted with Jinora soon after her arrival.
  • Marrok Amarok, accompanied by his spirit guide, found Jinora beginning to build her new permanent address in Aniwaya just outside the town and lent a paw to the effort.

4.2  All Acquaintances

4.3  All Enemies

4.4  Love Interests

5.  Abilities, Talents and skills

Jinora is extremely creative and imaginative. She adores jewelry and hand crafting her own(OO, shiny). She also is great at singing harmony and a high melody, as well as dancing and hooping to music. The akita hybrid enjoys old literature, carrying about the books her master gave her as some of her favorite possessions. The fae also has great knowledge on yoga, meditative crystals, and herbs. She practices yoga daily and continuously works on spiritual meditation.

5.1  Strengths

  • Spirituality - Jinora's spiritual wisdom and maturity may be surprising but is also one of her biggest strengths. She is in love with practice in meditation and uses the ideals of it to both relieve stress and anxieties and keep herself a positive person. Because she is well informed on such things, she is a friendly person who is rarely ever seen upset in any way and hard to take down.
  • Creativity - The puppy's creativity ranges from jewelry to literature to music to dancing. Jinora uses all of these things to her advantage in order to spread "positive energy" to others by trade or gifts. Likewise she is also extremely gifted with being able to make something out of nothing and always finds a way to occupy herself.
  • Curiosity - Curiosity is one of Jinora's greatest qualities because it helps lead her off to finding new friends, packs, crystals, meditation areas, and many other things. Any time curiosity rewards her with new findings she believes it to be the work of the universe or her master's spirit leading her. Jinora's need to find things out makes her a much more bold luperci than some, giving her some courage and determination in all she does. She also has a great thirst for knowledge because of her curious personality which is greatly rewarding in helping her skill set become broader as she grows.

5.2  Weaknesses

  • Curiosity - Jinora's over curiosity can often times get her into trouble before she can even realize it.
  • Lack of focus - The pup, though she tries her hardest, is easily distracted and has to force herself to focus many times because of it. She constantly has hundreds of things going through her mind causing disorganization and selective memory.
  • Too trusting - Because of her past with rejection and abuse, Jinora finds herself extremely clingy to those who treat her well. She often times trusts too quickly and too much which gets her hurt by many. She also expects the exact same kind of trust in response to her's and when she does not get it she finds it hurtful. This can cause small bouts of depression, though it's nothing serious, and a period of avoiding the person who hurt her.

6.  Appearance

Jinora has the same colors in her coat her mother had because of the more dominant Akita traits, though her body is more closely shaped to that of a husky. Her snout is an Alabaster (#FAFAFA) white and is shaped like a husky's with a round black (#000000) Akita nose. Coming down from between her ears and outlining her nose and eyes, she has a Zues(#30281D) colored mask. The same color is also in her ears. The rest of her head, body and tail is Quill Gray(#DAD9D7), turning back alabaster, the same color of her nose, in her paws and getting the same darker Zues coloring in the center of her back.

6.1  Luperci Forms

Jinora prefers her optime form, though she will hunt in both lupus and secui form and use lupus form for "adventures." She is always seen wearing a hand crafted necklace of some sort,(probably the newest in her home made collection) and from time to time carries a bag of books and poetry that were a gift from her yoga teacher.


  • Height

This is her most basic form. She is small in all forms, but perhaps the most petite in appearance when it comes to her lupus form. A reference picture for her species and lupus form can be found here

  • (I do not own this image).


  • Height

Her secui form is perhaps her most athletic form. She takes on a more akita looking build in this form, but still has great stamina and speed from her husky ancestry.


  • 5 ft 2 inches
  • 115 lbs

In her preferred optime form she is a dainty little thing, shorter and more petite than most other canines. She does not have a thick or long mane different than her lupus or secui form because she believes it takes away from her natural spirit. This in mind she also does not wear clothes. On occasion, most when traveling in colder months, she will be seen wearing a bright turquoise scarf over her ears and around her head.

6.2  Scent

  • Jinora's scent is a mix of Aniwayan tribe scent, as well as herbs and incense from her home and collections. Found of nature it isn't uncommon to smell it on her coat as well, as she wallows around in it from time to time in her yoga practice or random journeys about the lands.

6.3  Stature

  • Jinora is a funny creature, going from shy and attempting to be spiritually wise to out going and excited all at once. Her curled tail is usually wagging as fast as it can when she finds a friend or is visited by someone she knows. She is very spastic and tends to not respect personal space if she is under her hyper spell. A curious person, her ears, eyes and nose are constantly in movement to find out more about whatever it is she's found herself interested in. Because of her practice of yoga she has great posture, and always breaths through her nose to fill up both her lungs and diaphragm with each silent breath.

6.4  Eyes

  • Her eyes are Azure Radiance (#05A6FA) which is a very bright, electric blue that stands out against her Akita mask. They are more narrow than akita eyes, yet still have a rounder shape than a husky would have. Her eyes often enlarge themselves when she is curious and reflect her emotions at all times because she makes no attempt to hide how she is feeling.

6.5  Voice

  • A sweet and gentle soul, her best voice reference might come from that of Audrey Hepburn or close to it. She is prone to being louder than necessary and then quieting herself down upon this realization. She has two stages: curious and philosophical. Her tone of voice changes with each, one sounding more mature than the other. She has a fairly decent singing voice but she doesn't really believe in meeting other's standards so it isn't uncommon for you to find her singing or humming without a care if she's listened into though she could never out beat someone who sang for a career. Her laugh is giddy and playful and can drawl a laugh from others because it is simply contagious when matched with her friendly nature.

7.  Aniwayan Residence

7.1  Blue Prints

  • Jinora began work on her hut just north west of Itse Gaduhv, closer to the lake side of the village center, soon after her arrival. Although it is currently a short walk from the Great Fire, further building onto New Town might put her closer to the center of the village rather than the outskirts.
  • Her blue print features a medium sized gardens for growing herbs and few crops complete with a small fence mainly to keep out critters. She also has her hut right up next to the garden with a front and back porch.

7.2  Hut Details

  • The hut features a notably "hippie" designed. All her decorations or belongings were found, traded for from traveling loners outside the tribe, or made for the use of her hut specifically being as she is quite crafty and creative.
  • Within the hut she has a sort of production set up, with an area dedicated to her jewelry as well as a book case of her herbs ready to use and book collection.

7.3  Yoga

  • Jinora's yoga practice happens daily, usually in the morning. Because of her beliefs in a free, peaceful environment to practice in the back of the hut has an open area with a nice view of nature and the ability to move out onto the porch or back inside in the case of weather.

7.4  Garden

  • The garden is medium-sized, focusing mainly on herbs though it isn't shy of crop plants. Gathered from the garden are medical herbs, mainly, and anything needed to be used later or traded is stored inside for later use.

7.5  Additional information

  • There is a small fire pit for cooking or outdoor warmth just off the back porch a few more floor pillows for outdoor meditation in comfort.
  • A few potted plants might be found along the porches or near the garden or on the windows.
  • Because she is a peaceful creature with little urgency to hunt she rarely keeps meat stored up. If a need for meat arises she chooses to hunt then and not save things for later (aside from bones or hides that can be used for trade or jewelry).

8.  Notable Threads

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