Francine Taylor is a Scout in Lac Sakami.


Originally born in Salluit, Francine was friendly with Barthélémy Aston, and therefore knew of Lac Sakami when Inusiq and her brother Alootook arrived in her pack in 2008.

Francine and Inusiq became fast friends, so when Alootook announced that he would be remaining in Salluit, Francine decided to seize the opportunity and journey to Lac Sakami with Inusiq to find a new life for herself. She bade farewell to her family and set out on a journey south.

In June 2013, when Tayui Aston's daughter Ocèane Aston arrived in Lac Sakami, Francine Taylor found her with her two young daughters, Amorette Aston and Olivia Tarasova and took them in to the pack to raise them. Francine swore to Ocèane to keep her secret until the girls were old enough, and thus Ocèane departed again to satisfy her wanderlust.

In January 2014, Francine broke her promise and told Amorette and Olivia where their mother could be found so that they could reunite. Although Francine was sad to see them leave, she was happy that they would be able to reunite with their mother.

After Amorette and Olivia's departure, Francine spent a lot of time feeling lost. Without the two young girls in her charge, she felt as though she had failed both them and their mother. She spent more and more time scouting farther and farther away from Lac Sakami, hoping that she might run into Ocèane, Amorette, or Olivia. She never did, but she had trouble returning to Lac Sakami.

It was during one of her extended trips outside of the packlands that she met Humbert Weapinicappo. He had left his pack after getting into an argument with the Alpha, who demanded that he leave. Humbert had tried to return many times, but each time, the members drove him away. He had wandered across Quebec, heading farther and father north until he came across Francine. They quickly connected and Francine suggested that he visit Lac Sakami to see how he liked it.

Humbert joined the pack and in June, he became mates with Francine. She gave birth to three puppies: Hyacinthe Taylor, Judikael Weapinicappo, and Orianne Taylor in August 2014.


  • Children with Humbert Weapinicappo: Hyacinthe Taylor, Judikael Weapinicappo, and Orianne Taylor
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