Storm Valley

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Storm Valley

Table of Contents
  1. Overview
  2. Lifestyle
  3. Culture
  4. History
  • Location: North America
  • Demonym: Stormfast
  • Languages Spoken: English
  • Archetype (Group): Feral
  • Foundation: 1995
  • Population: ~x (x%+ Luperci)
  • Species: Wolves, wolfdogs
  • Luperci: Mixed, mostly Luperci
  • Leader: someone
  • Creator: Silverfrost
  • Status: REQUEST.
    • Contact Silverfrost
Description Species
The Stormfast family comes from a place called "Storm Valley", a lush, green valley hidden in the mountains. The Stormfast family claimed it as their land and they protect it fiercely. Storm Valley is home to many prey species such as elk, moose, and deer as well as other critters. A river cuts through the land that gives the place life. Forested with coniferous and deciduous plants, it is a sort of paradise both in the spring and winter months. Primarily wolf, typically of northern species, many of which large. There are many wolfdogs, but no full dogs. Most dog breeds are large, mountain breeds.
Luperci & Shifting Humanization & Technology
  • The Luperci virus was contracted by Faolan whom unknowingly infected Lovetta when she was carrying her second litter. Several other formerly Non-Luperci have been infected. The children of Lycidas and Lyall may still be Non-Luperci. All Stormfasts understand infection vectors and know to avoid infecting Non-Luperci.
  • The Stormfast wolves primarily shift from Lupus and Secui. Some rarely shift out of their preferred form though there are few that regularly shift between different forms. Lupus is often utilized by the members that regularly hunt or simply prefer the form for everyday tasks. Many of the males and fighters typically stay in their Secui form. Many of which rarely shift out of their feral forms. Optime is utilized for only if tasks that require dexterity. It is rare for one to spend most of their time in Optime form.
  • Very feral. They reject humanized behavior.
  • Weapons are unheard of in Storm Valley and rejected. Stormblade brought his knowledge of weapons and has other knowledge of humanized aspects. He doesn't share it with many due to some of the other's disbelief or outright disapproval.
  • Maera left the valley and picked up healing arts that involved the use of ointments and mixtures using a mortar and pestle. Wood carving is rare and Graymalkin is the only one to practice it and does it out of sight.
  • They do use the pelts of their prey for bedding. They skin their prey using their claws and can treat the pelt though only Katria knows this since she was taught by her mate, Anakin. Their knowledge is rudimentary at best and their pelt are not very good.
Structure Relations
The Stormfast family sleep in a communal den and live a feral lifestyle. They are led by Faolan and Lovetta and the large family runs patrols and hunts like a normal pack. Storm Valley is made up of Stormfasts and their mates. Once the children are of age, they may leave the valley to find a mate but are expected to bring their mate back to the valley and are told to only chose those that are like them. Former inhabitants of Basatiak find this place home as well.

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