2008 Board Announcements

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  1.   1.  January - September
  2.   2.  October
  3.   3.  November
  4.   4.  December

1.  January - September

  • Lost to history!

2.  October

20th October: Congratulations to Erin (Savina Marino), winner of the icon hunt! She was the first to find all 10 icons! And a shout out goes to Shannon (Iskata Sadira) for finding all 10, but not quite in time! The icons will be left up until the ending date if you'd like to keep hunting for them. We'll announce the locations when the contest ends!

19th October: 'Souls is back! Sorry about that, looks like a syntax error ate the board because we use a single quote in our name. D'oh! But it's been fixed!

16th October: The last icons for the icon hunt have been hidden! But where are they?! You have until October 24 to find them, or until someone else finds all of them, so hop to it!

15th October: Ack! Sorry for the unexpected downtime. Kiri thought things could happen more smoothly, but bleeding-souls.com should work again soon! However, soulsrpg.com should be our main domain now. The old domain (once it comes back) is still good until May, but it will be a good idea to start going through postlogs and profiles and changing your URLs. ^^ (Hint: Find and replace is your friend.) Once again, KIRI APOLOGIZES PROFUSELY FOR MESSING UP. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN. D8

14th October: GAAASP! Another icon for the icon hunt has been hidden! Can you find it?! Also, there is another non-default skin, selectable in your UCP: These are the Chains that Bind Me! (It precedes Just Smile as a selectable). Enjoy! 13th October: Hurrah! A new default skin! As always, Just Smile, Little Child is now a selectable skin in your UCP.

11th October: The Staff Bulletin for September has been posted! And if you haven't replied yet, please check out the 'Souls Survey Sep. 2008. OH, BUT WAIT. THERE IS MORE. We have a Halloween Icon Hunt! Whooo! :D

5th October: The 'Souls Survey Sep. 2008 has been posted! If you could please reply with your thoughts, it would be greatly appreciated! (Note: members in the process of joining and past members are welcome to reply).

2nd October: Hey look! The 'Souls Store is back! Kinda!

3.  November

11th November: Okay, so 'Souls's official birthday isn't until the 18th -- next week -- but we figured we may as well get things started a bit early. Here's a new skin for you! It's non-exclusive this year, so it'll still be available after birthday shenanigans are over. ^^

6th November: Congrats to Jefferson Soul, the Spotlight Soul for October!

4.  December

30th December: Two Superlative categories tied in voting, so here's a second round super fast! Also please, please remember to finish filling your information for the yearbook! A lot of people are still missing pictures, quotes, and/or threads!

23rd December: Superlative nominations are over! The polls are up and will run until the 29th!

16th December: Fifteen Superlative categories for the Yearbook have been chosen! You have until the 24th to submit your nominations!

11th December: Just a reminder that yearbook superlative suggestions are due at the end of the day tomorrow. This auction also ends tomorrow. There are currently no bids!

8th December: Yes, it's yearbook time again! Sorry for the lateness!

7th December: HAY GUYZ! Haz sum sekret santa! 8D

1st December: Hey... what's this? An auction to help 'Souls pay its bills? New skin! Header is courtesy Akumu! CSS and macros by Tammi and Kiri, as usual. :3 The 7th birthday skin is still available from your UCP though. Huge congrats to Stockholm, the Spotlight Soul for November! A fresh member and doing so well already! Also, the staff bulletins for both October and November have been posted. Sorry for the delay!