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1.  January

19th January: Please check this sticky for information on the newest changes to our Pack Formation Rules.

1st January: The yearbook's up! Happy New Year! The staff bulletin for December has been posted, and a big congrats to Cwmfen, the Spotlight Soul for December!

2.  February

26th February: A murderer is on the loose! But how? What? Where?! It's up for YOU to find out who murderered the creatures in the Lighthouse. More clues will be added as time goes on! Check back to the topic and the rumours page for rumours as they become known!

9th February: If you're interested in helping out 'Souls, check out our Writing Mentorship Program! See the thread for details. Applications are due February 24, and are quite short, so worry not! (Thanks to Lin for this idea!) 1st February: Congratulations to Catherine, our Spotlight Soul for January!

3.  March

4th March: The Fast Reply feature has been turned off for the moment while we try to work out bugs. Sorry for the inconvenience. :(

6th March: If you are in need of a thread, we have a number of open threads in need of replies. Why don't you take a look? :)

9th March: A belated congratulations to Dawali Amara, the Spotlight Soul for February! (There is also a new icon for the SS!)

17th March: Happy St. Patrick's Day! There's been a quick addition to the rules: there is now a four-week wait period between additional character requests after the second character. Thanks!

19th March: The map has been updated!

22nd March: New skin! Also, some minor updates to your board profiles: added a personality section, removed all character/word limits from large sections, and now unfilled sections won't show up in the profile. Enjoy!

24th March: We're going to have 20-40 minutes of expected downtime on April 1st. Don't panic! ALSO! A new clue has been posted for the murder plot! Lastly, all of the packs have had their news/ announcement boxes updated. Enjoy!

28th March: Please congratulate our new Writing Mentors: Libri, Requiem, Lin and Marit! Thanks to all who applied; we had a very tough time narrowing it down to four people! More information will follow, so stay tuned!

30th March: What Would you do with a Drunken Sailor? It is a question well-deserving of a game -- a drinking game, in fact! Check it out! (Thanks to Shannon for this idea!)

31st March: Congratulations to Lin, our newest Pack Moderator, as well as Mel, who was promoted to the position of Senior Moderator and Erin and Kris, our newest Junior Moderators! Please give all of our Mods a round of applause for keeping the forums so clean!

4.  April

3rd April: The pack rules have been slightly amended. Pack leaders are allowed to change one of their pack colours one time as long as it does not change the status of their icon.

5th April: Congratulations to Alexey Koios, the Spotlight Soul for March!

7th April: Hurrah! The Writing Mentorship Program is up and running!

10th April: Another clue has been posted for the murder plot!

12th April: Happy Easter! Here's a present for you!

13th April: You can now modify your profile! Check the topic for instructions. (And please remember to use valid code!)

17th April: WWDS? has been extended until April 24! Also, please send the SA your nominations for the categories: funniest drunk, morning after, beer goggles, and driving under the influence. You can see a list of the threads here!

23rd April: Please get your WWDS? nominations in! Any member can nominate any pairing, even if they did not participate! Thanks! Also, congratulations to Jazper Rhiannon and Mahlouk, our winners for the Morning After category!

25th April: WWDS polls are up! Voting closes on April 28, so make sure to get your votes in!

30th April: Congrats to the winners of WWDS?! For DUI, Anu and Colibri Haki; for Repeat Offender, Lysander and Deuce Rhiannon; for Beer Goggles, Firefly Sadira and Catharsis de Sadira; for Funniest, Sankor Koios and Ril'o; and for Morning After, Jazper Rhiannon Mahlouk! Thanks to all who participated! Winners will receive their prizes shortly.

5.  May

2nd May: Congrats to James (Naniko D'Angelo, among others), the Spotlight Soul for April! Also, welcome the return of an updated Staff Bulletin!

3rd May: Another clue has been posted for the Murder Plot! There is also an accompanying IC thread that all members are welcome to join!

7th May: Congratulations to Alli (Anu) and Libri (Haku Soul) for correctly guessing the murderer in the murder plot! They correctly deduced that Conri Church was behind the murders! You can check here for a summary of clues as to how Conri was implicated as the murderer, and why other possible suspects were not!

6.  June

28th June: New skin! You might notice that there are a bunch of HTML changes around the board as well. Most of the old skins will be unavailable while we update them to work with the new HTML template. Sorry for the inconvenience. :3 Also note that all game information is now contained on the board and the website is just a splash page. (The RP Guide is still a separate site, however.)

9th June: You wanted a book club, so have at it!

3rd June: A nice big welcome to our newest pack, Cour des Miracles! The map has been updated again with their territory.

2nd June: Congrats to Miyu (Slaying the Dreamer, among others), the Spotlight Soul for May! Also, all WWDS winners should post in the Maintenence Thread for the title prizes. :3 Sorry for the delay! ALSO! The map has been updated to include the DDM land claims! Hurrah!

7.  July

1st July: It's that time of year again; Christmas in July! Make sure you sign up before the 8th if you'd like to participate in the gift giving. Also, congrats to Sace (Hemming), the Spotlight Soul for June!

9th July: Assignments for Christmas in July have been sent out via PM! Please have your sets done by the 29th! :)

12th July: The map has been updated with a few territory expansions.

13 July: Some revisions and clarifications have been made to the "additional characters" and "puppy" guidelines in the rules.

15 July: Many congrats to Lin and Libri who have been promoted to Junior Mod and Pack Mod respectively! Additionally, the goals of the Mentorship Program have been expanded to provide one-on-one support to newcomers who want to seek help from specific people. :)

8.  August

1 August: Hey! It's Update Your Profile Day! Also, congrats to Sie (Kaena, Charon), our Spotlight Soul for July!

14 August: A new section addressing trespassing has been added to the Rules. Also, there are four new skulls in both the IC and OOC portions of the Catacombs. Note also that the Emerald skull has been changed from an OOC to an IC achievement.

  • 19 August
    • "Excessive powerplay or godmoding" has been added to the list of bannable offenses because for some reason it wasn't there already! :o

9.  September

1st September: New skin time! (No, it is not too early for Halloween-themed stuff. So there!) Also, congrats to Urma, the Spotlight Soul for August! :3

10.  October

7th October: A belated congrats to Ty Trenton Nasphrite, the Spotlight Soul for September!

19th October: What? A wild contest appeared!

11.  November

1st November: All the entries of the HaLOLween contest have been posted, along with the winners! Congrats! Also -- new skin tiem. :)

6th November: A belated congrats to Meghann (Princess, Vigilante, Lolita), our Spotlight Soul for October!

16th November: 'Souls will be EIGHT YEARS OLD on the 18th, but the party starts now! Enjoy the new default skin for the duration of the week (it'll still be available via selection afterwards though) and check out our new Time Warp Contest! Also, if anyone's interested, 'Souls now has a Twitter account you can follow. :)

18th November: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, 'SOULS! There is a new free Kiritar available for you to play around with!

21st November: Sign-ups for the Time Warp Contest have closed! If you have not yet started a thread, check the list to see who is in need of a partner. Happy roleplaying!

12.  December

1st December: The 'Souls Annual Yearbook is back! Make sure you submit your character and suggest some superlative categories! You have until December 13th to suggest superlatives and until December 28th to submit your characters!

2nd December: The Secret Santa Exchange is here! Make sure you sign up before December 12th to participate in the giving! Also, congratulations to Jacoby (Daisuke, Cotl), our Spotlight Soul for November!

7th December: There are only five days left for the Time Warp Contest!

13th December: The names have been passed out for the Secret Santa Exchange! Drop off your completed sets here and let the gift giving begin!

15th December: Superlative Nominations have been posted ahead of schedule! Go go go and cast your suggestions!

16th December: New skin time! :)

18th December: Voting for the Time Warp Contest has been posted! Go cast your vote for your favourite thread!

22nd December: Please let us know your thoughts in the new 'Souls Survey! And Congratulations to Mel (Gabriel de le Poer) and Alaine (Alaine Winters), the winners of the Time Warp Contest with their thread, "it's hardest hue to hold"! Please post your title requests in the Maintenance thread! Also! Members are welcome to continue their Time Warp threads even though the contest is over. Good job, everyone!

23rd December: We have some new ads for the "Advertise for Us" thread! Many thanks to Sie, who created the new banners and coded the ads for us!

25th December: Voting for the Yearbook Superlatives has begun! Yearbook entries are due on the 28th! Please make sure all your images have been edited in your posts and that they're the correct size! Merry Christmas!

27th December: Just a reminder that gift sets for our annual Secret Santa Exchange are due by January 2nd! Please post your gifts here so that they can be picked up.

28th December: A big fat congratulations to James, the newest member of the 'Souls Assemblage. :) Unfortunately, we also need to announce the removal of Amber as an SA member. :(