Leg's Character Adoptions

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  1.   1.  Adoptables
  2.   2.  Future Adoptables
  3.   3.  Adoptables Key
  4.   4.  Adoption Process
    1.   4.1  Pre-Adoption Changes
    2.   4.2  Post-Adoption Changes
  5.   5.  Re-Adoption
    1.   5.1  Specifics
    2.   5.2  Shinies
  6.   6.  Contact
    1.   6.1  Adoption Form
    2.   6.2  Forewarning


So, you're interested in adopting a character from the Majestic Leg, hmm? Well, you're in luck! I always have some new character idea floating around somewhere, and I make sure to keep this page updated often to make sure I have everyone in order. Below, you'll find my available adoptables, pre- and post-adoption changes, and the official adoption contract.

So look around! I'm sure you can find someone that catches your eye. If not, you can always check back later to see if the lineup has changed.

Adoption Key

Player Contact




  • Private Message: Crimson Briar
  • Discord: Legacy #8962
  • E-mail: kyrathehuntress@gmail.com
  • Strict adoptables have a red tag
  • These characters generally have more thought put into them than others, so I will be looking for a player who is onboard for long-term plots and relationships.
  • I may ask for an example post or LASKY test-drive thread to get a feel for how you will play one of these characters.
  • These characters are usually tied to or are obligated to join a specific pack.
  • Moderate adoptables have a orange tag
  • These characters are ones that might have a back story or plot opportunity that would require a bit of beforehand discussion, but are generally rather open for interpretation and don't have to adhere completely to the suggested points.
  • These are good characters for if you want a potential back story or plot to work off of, but not complete commitment.
  • These characters may have some connection, but players are not obligated to follow them.
  • These characters can join the pack specified, although players can discuss other options.
  • Freeform adoptables have a green tag
  • These characters are ones that have only basic details; I'm not very picky in adopting these out, and most characters come with a ton of creative freedom!
  • These characters are for those who want to essentially make "their own" character but with ties to a particular family and opportunities for plots.
  • These characters do not have to join a specific pack.

Other Adoptables

Sometimes characters of mine aren't listed here, but might be available for adoption; if something catches your eye, don't hesitate to ask! This includes any of the following:

  • Siblings or relatives of my existing characters which do not have players or wiki pages, which will be marked with a Δ
  • Creation of a new character in the Haven, de Alva, or Forrester families living in Mount Desert Island.
  • NPCs of my characters may be available, even when they are not listed for adoption.

1.  Adoptables

Adrien Lesov
Summary: A troubled artist with a heart of gold and a bad past. Also has River as a cNPC.

Samantha "Sam" Castilla

Summary: A tomboy of a girl born in Spain alongside her two older brothers. Rough around the edges, but is a nice person (usually) and cares a lot for her siblings.

2.  Future Adoptables

Saraphine Langois

Summary: A Louisianan coydog with a penchant for witchcraft and mischief. Born of a one-night stand between Travis Barron and Annabelle Langois.

Rose Briar
Summary: Soon-to-come smol maned wolf child.

Vermilion Briar
Summary: Future smol maned wolf pup.

3.  Adoptables Key

  • indicates the character is onboard as an NPC.
  • indicates an offboard character.
  • indicates a character that identifies as female.
  • indicates a character that identifies as male.
  • indicates a strict adoptable.
  • indicates a moderate adoptable.
  • indicates a freeform adoptable.

4.  Adoption Process

4.1  Pre-Adoption Changes

  • I am not picky when it comes to changes before the adoption process. All ya need to do is ask!
  • For moderate and strict characters, I usually have some personality and history laid out, and I expect players to stick to them at least partially. It's one thing if you want to take a "dark" character in a more light-hearted direction, it's a completely different matter entirely if you completely derail their characterization.

4.2  Post-Adoption Changes

  • Generally, don't be afraid to change the character you adopt! It's your character who you can do what you want with.
  • I am not controlling or demanding when it comes to interactions when it comes to characters who are connected to my own. Some characters I may be more strict on (as in immediate family to one of my own characters) but that's it.

5.  Re-Adoption

As a general rule, I tend to re-adopt the character if a player has gone inactive for about six months after they join the board (NOT after they adopt the character). However, if you go on hiatus or need a break (because life stuff happens), then feel free to message me and I will hold off on re-adoption.

5.1  Specifics

I will reclaim my character if:

  • The player has gone inactive for more than six months after joining and has not replied to my contact within three weeks.
  • The character was dropped or NPCed for longer than six months.
  • The character was dropped with only brief play (only ~3 weeks of play or >100 posts by the player).
  • The player has broken a contract term and has no plans to change them (i.e., the character has to join Pack A and the player has them join Pack B with no intention of leaving later in the game and join Pack A).

5.2  Shinies

  • All baubles (art, titles, icons, etc) acquired before the adoption process returns with the character.
  • Gift art and graphics (i.e., requests or, well, gifts) can be discussed. However, if the player is unresponsive to my contact about this, I will reclaim all gift baubles with the character.
  • Bought and commissioned art is the player's property and does not have to be returned.
  • Titles and icons bought via pack game points can be transferred to another character or reclaimed with discussion from me, the player, and the pack's leader(s).
  • Titles and icons bought from the 'Souls store are property of the player and will not be reclaimed.

6.  Contact

If you're interested in adopting one (or more! :D) of the above characters, please PM my primary character with the form below: (NOTE: if you're a non-Souls player or want to get into 'Souls via my adoptable, I can also be reached via e-mail)

6.1  Adoption Form

  • Your preferred nickname: (or OOC name if you play at 'Souls)
  • Character you're interested in:
  • A RP or other writing sample (e.g., from a previous game): (If you play at 'Souls, you can just link to a thread with your character)
  • Your interpretation of the character: (You don't need to be long here, just a few points will suffice)
  • Any plots or ideas you've gotten for the character: (OPTIONAL!
  • Have you read, understood, and agree to the contract terms as well as the individual contract terms for this character?:

6.2  Forewarning

I usually look for players who are willing to be patient with me (as I figure all this "adoption" stuff out ^_^') and are active (or returning) players and who will adhere to the terms stated above and with each individual character. I will not accept players who:

  • Fall inactive frequently or for long periods (6 months or more) at a time.
  • Constantly pick up, drop, switch, or NPC characters.
  • Constantly pester me about an adoptable when I have already rejected their offer and they have not made a change to their cause for reclaim.
  • Cause harm or drama with any other player in the board or do not follow board regulations.
  • Do not join with the adoptable as soon as possible, or constantly ask for adoptables and subsequently fail to join.

Don't be scared, though! The worst thing that could happen is a polite "no, sorry." I'm not a mean person, I don't bite! Fell free to PM, DM, or email me with any questions you may have about anything shown above.