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  1.   1.  Location
  2.   2.  Trade Information
    1.   2.1  Trade Pricing: Poor to Fair
    2.   2.2  Items Wanted
    3.   2.3  Items for Trade
  3.   3.  About
    1.   3.1  Data
    2.   3.2  Appearance
    3.   3.3  Personality
  4.   4.  History
  5.   5.  Threads

1.  Location

A former fire-tower, seated upon a hill, marks Ivers's residence. Though the wolf does not enter the room at the top of the tower, he lives at its base. Several plywood boards, plants, and sheets of metal were wrapped around the base of the firetower to form Ivers's home. No one is allowed inside Ivers's home; trading with him requires catching him while he's home.

The tower is surrounded by a sprawling meadow rife with orderly plant life: Ivers's garden. In summer, it is an explosion of color and scent -- but it yields in all season, thanks to the cold-weather and evergreen plants Ivers tends. The surrounding forest around the meadow yield much of Ivers's wild-gathered stock, as well.

A massive flock of chickens surrounds Ivers's home. A coop keeps them safe at night, but during the day they are allowed free roam of the surrounding meadows and gardens. Though Ivers lives alone, he has also made friends with the locals: among his "wild friends" he counts a cougar, three lynxes, two hawks, three owls, and innumerable other small mammals. He has a decent grasp on several low speech tongues, at least enough to get his wants across.

2.  Trade Information

2.1  Trade Pricing: Poor to Fair

  • Ivers's trade pricing is good in that he accepts some very odd items (e.g., a pile of manure crawling with worms) and will give good trade for it. Ivers's trade pricing is bad in that it's really important to give Ivers precise quantities, otherwise he'll just give you whatever he feels like giving!

2.2  Items Wanted

  • Food
  • Seeds
  • Chickens
  • Worms
  • Compost, fertilizer, manure

2.3  Items for Trade

3.  About

3.1  Data

3.2  Appearance

3.3  Personality


Ivers is a deep gray in coloration, almost black. His underside is paler, with the lightest color -- a silver-gray, middling between white and black -- along his muzzle and throat. His right eye is a pale, eerie purple; his left is a stark off-white.

His hair is very long and stringy, often with leaves, vines, and flowers woven into it. His hands, arms, and knees are always streaked with dirt. He is sometimes seen in his Lupus form, though this is rare as he needs his hand to tend to his plants and forage in the wild.

Ivers is very much a hippie. He only values things that he can use in his gardens: his excessive pleasure in a heap of dung crawling with earthworms marks him as a very odd bird. He is nonetheless an extremely pleasant man, if a little socially odd and at times impolite (though he is never rude, he will not hesitate to inform another canine their customs are silly and unwelcome in his camp). Although he himself is non-violent, he doesn't have any problem encouraging his "wild friends" (namely, Om) to chase after those who cheat, steal, or otherwise disturb him.


  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Cougar
  • DOB: 10 July 2007

A sleek animal, Om is dull brown with a pale white underside. Her eyes are deep green-yellow. She has a scar on her left shoulder.

Om is sometimes seen around Ivers's camp, though she is quick to disappear when traders come calling. She is not Ivers' pet and does not respond to command (not that he'd command her). She does not stray far from Ivers's home, and is always watching out for her friend. Ivers saved her when she was injured, and she feels she owes him her protection.


Ratiram is small, though brilliantly colored. His feathers are deep chocolate brown interspersed with cream, charcoal, and off-white. His tailfeathers are a brilliant rust red, and his eyes are the piercing, brilliant yellow of the raptor.

Ratiram is a flightless hawk -- one of his wings was broken and did not heal correctly, despite Ivers's care. Ratiram is invariably perched up on the fire tower above Ivers's home. He is capable of gliding to the ground and climbing, parrot-like, back to his perch, but otherwise never leaves and is absolutely dependent on Ivers for survival.

4.  History

Ivers may have lived in the outskirts of the Fundy National Park for years -- nobody's really certain. All anyone knows is, sometime in 2013 canines began talking of the weirdo in the woods, and beginning in 2014 they brought tales of the woodsman trading for valuable plants.

5.  Threads

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