Shamus Locklan

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A male Irish Wolfhound and British Columbian wolf hybrid, Shamus is a gentlemanly carpenter with who doesn't talk very much and closely follows his religion, Creideamh (cred-uo). He hails from Tatla Lake on the British Columbian Coast. He has a female Golden Eagle companion call Rós he loves very much, who can understand and speak some limited High Speech.

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  • Date of Birth: 22 Jan 2017
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Residence, Packs
  • Mate: None

Pack Information

Plot Potential & OOC Assumptions

  • Shamus is brand new to the area and eager to meet new people!
    • He is always up for trading

1.  Appearance

1.1  Essentials


Shamus is tall for a wolf dog, broad-shouldered with a narrow waist. His build is lean, similar to that of a runner, but still heavily muscled, particularly through the shoulders and upper arms. With a broad, noticeably long snout, the male’s sighthound heritage is immediately evident despite his wolfish pricked ears and noticeable stop. His coat is thick and shaggy, particularly around the throat, and chest, which becomes even more obvious when in his secure form. Shamus’ coloring is mostly made up of various shades of black and gray, lighter on the underside of his body, across his chest, stomach, throat, and the bottom of his jaw. The only break in this monotone coloring is his bright forest green eyes and the scarred fur-free marks of his branding. On his right shoulder is the simple crude image of a pair of antlers, the lucky mark of Herne, and over the left side of his chest, in fact directly over his heart, is the sacred Cross of Eight.

He is almost always in Optime form, only rarely using his others to hunt. In this form his mane is kept in a long thick braid down his back, a half dozen golden eagle feathers woven into it. The braid is divided into three sections with gold rings, the end bond up and covered with the fourth ring. The rings are plain beaten metal, otherwise unadorned. His clothing is also simple and plain, always in rather dull shades. In summer Shamus goes shirtless, only protecting his legs with plain black trousers of rough spun wool. In cold weather, he replaces these with thick waterproofed deerskin pants and adds a dull green shirt, also of rough spun wool. In particularly harsh weather a waterproof leather hooded cloak fastened closed with a bone broach. Regardless of the weather though, a long sword with a simple square crossbar, leather-wrapped hilt, and solid steel pommel hangs on the left side of his belt. On the right is a plain dagger, perhaps two hands in length that doubles as a hunting knife.


 JACKO BEAN (#2F1706)
 EL PASO (#1D1007)
 DOVE GRAY (#626262)
 MINE SHAFT (#292929)
 COD GRAY (#131313)


  • Fur: Primarily COD GRAY
    • Underbelly: MINE SHAFT and DOVE GRAY
  • Optime Hair: COD GRAY
    • Nose and Paw Pads: JACKO BEAN
    • Brand Scar: EL PASO

130 lbs (59 kg)
36 in (91 cm)

190 lbs (86 kg)
47 in (119 cm)

260 lbs (118 kg)
7 ft (84 in / 213 cm)


  • Speech: A smooth baritone voice with a slight Irish brogue can be charming in the right circumstances, though often he is more brusk and buisness like.
  • Scent: Avian notes color his scent, dominated by evergreenery and leather.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: He tends to stroak Rós' breast when she rests on his shoulder, even if he is speaking to someone. Gesturing with one hand and resting the other on her sword hilt.
  • General Posture and Body Language: His posture around women is always highly respectful to women, keeping his gaze averted and subtly bowing in greeting.

1.2  Images

2.  Personality

Usually calm and somewhat reserved, Shamus is a male of few words, only saying enough to get his point across most of the time. Though he generally says exactly what he means and avoids outright lying, instead he omits certain details and gives alternate (but still honest) explanations when he wishes to hide things. Because of this, he can often come off as cold and abrupt to strangers. It’s not hard for him to be charming when he tries, he just doesn’t unless he is really interested in a person. Shamus does strive to be a gentleman at all times however, going out of his way to make life easier for the females around him in small ways. This is not because he thinks that they aren’t perfectly capable of caring for themselves, but rather because they are too busy dealing with more important things to bother with the little things, which he is perfectly happy to do.

This focus on providing for and heling others seeps into all aspects of his personality. Shamus is hardworking and dedicated to whatever task or goal he is undertaking at the time. This can make him oblivious to the actions of those around him, to the point that it takes quite a bit to upset him or make him angry. When it does happen his temper can be explosive, even violent when harm to those he loves is involved. This is likely because of his normally tightly controlled emotions, always shoving things down so that when they do come out they can be extreme.

2.1  Traits


  • Sociability: Extroverted, eager to meet new people
  • Expression: Submissive, particularly to females
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    • "Acts as law, tradition, or a personal code directs him."
    • "Believe in order for all and favor a strong, organized government."
    • "Whether a law is good or evil is of no import as long as it brings order and meaning."
  • Tropes:


  • Skilled workmanship, growing wealth, finding love again.


  • Humiliation, disability, poverty


  • Likes: Golden eagles, horses, swords
  • Dislikes: Thieves, playboys, rats


  • Packs: None, though he has fond memories of Tatla Lake
  • Species: He hasn't met many coyote so they make him slightly uncomfortable, though he doesn't outright dislike them.
  • Non-Luperci: Shamus views non-luperci and even those who chose to live a feral lifestyle as silly, naive fools who don't know a good thing when they see it.
  • Gender: Having been taught all his life that females are more important and indeed better than most men, he accepts this without section.
  • Color: None
  • Sexuality: He is broadly accepting, but views male homosexuality as slightly odd and doesn't understand why its wanted.
  • Age: The elderly worthly of the upmost respect purely for surviving so long, and have much to teach those willing to listen.


Broadly heterosexual, he experiences only minor, incidental attraction to men that is easily dismissed as foolish absented minded daydreaming. Shamus is very monogamous, particularly after learning of his father's adultery, and would never cheat on a partner. He is a bit of a romantic though and enjoys the process of courting a female, using all of his charms to do so.


Highly religious, he is very dedicated to following all the tenants and beliefs of his religion, called Creideamh by the Tatla Lake community, and regularly makes offerings to the gods around important occasions.


Shamus has drunk alcohol before, and even enjoyed the experience, but he firmly believes that one's consumption must be tightly controlled or they will waste their life away. He is broadly aware of drugs, but would never use them himself, believing them to be too dangerous.

2.2  Skills


  • Carpentry (Master): A skilled carpenter, he has trained most of his life to build furniture and carve decorative objects, but though he knows how to build a home, he doesn't have much experience at it.
  • Sword Fighting (Journeyman): Well trained in defending himself, Shamus' offensive skills are somewhat lacking and could use work.
  • Archery (Apprentice): Though he can hit a target, the wolf-dog is better at hunting larger prey because there is more to aim at.
  • Sheep Management (Accomplished): While he is able to shear and castrate sheep, he is not very knowledgable about their care and does his best to find them good grazing, though he isn't entirely sure what that entails.


  • Cooking: A horrible cook, he has taken to eating his meat raw because anything he tries to make comes out burnt and tasting of ash.
  • Self-consciousness: Desperately afraid of embarrassing himself, Shamus struggles with trying new things.
  • Females: Because he is so respectful and even submissive to females, he is prone to following their advise and directions even when he knows better, which has gotten him into trouble on a few occasions.

3.  Connections

3.1  Family

  • Mother: Moira Fitzpatrick
  • Father: Lyle Fitzpatrick
  • Littermates: Margaret Fitzpatrick
  • Half-siblings: Jenni O'Byrne, James Locklan

3.2  Relationships

Key Relationships

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Positive Relationships

  • Characters made a big happy impact because reasons
  • Characters is also worth knowing and here's why you should know lalala

Poor Relationships

Notable Associations

4.  Property

4.1  Residence

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Residence Inventory


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  • Clothing
    • Roughspun wool trousers and shirts dyed in dull colors.
    • Waterproof deerskin pants
    • Waterproof leather hooded cloak
  • Weapons
    • Simple, plain steel sword
    • Steel dagger
    • Bow and two quivers of arrows
  • Various foodstuffs, mostly dried meat
  • Raw sheep's wool in roughspun bags
  • Moosehide blanket
  • Horse tack
    • Simple hackamore bridle
    • Plain western saddle
    • Saddle blanket
    • Saddlebags
  • Old worn fishing net
  • Bag of carpentry tools
  • Steel shears
  • Wooden figurines of the gods, carefully wrapped in wool and packed into an elaborately
 carved wooden box.

4.2  Trade

Offered Goods

  • Raw sheeps wool
  • Woodcarving of any kind
  • Construction of furniture (chairs, tables, beds, etc)

Requested Goods

  • Food
    • Bread
    • Hay
  • Willing to trade for brandings
  • Blankets and pelts

5.  NPCs

Character NPC

Youth NPC

Minor NPCs





Can be Referenced...

NPC Rós (Golden Eagle) Rós

  • NPC Type: Minor NPC
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Golden Eagle
  • Date of Birth: 4/16/15
  • Onboard?: Yes
  • Appearance: On the large size even for a female Golden Eagle, she weighs about 6lbs with a large wing-span that lets her soar for hours. Her plumage is fairly normal, save for intensely gold eyes and head plumage.
  • Personality: Sweet and affectionate with Shamus, she is very wary of strangers, to the point of being shy. She spends most of her time either perched on his shoulder or soaring above him, scouting out the danger. She can understand some limited high speech commands, but can only speak a few words (danger, prey, water, and luperci).
  • Presumably born somewhere in British Columbia, parents are unknown.
  • Captured as a juvenile and trained by Shamus, she has accompanied him everywhere since.

Around Packs:

  • Location, doing a thing
  • Location, with So-and-So





Can be Referenced...

NPC Blue (Horse) Blue

  • NPC Type: Minor NPC
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Horse
  • Date of Birth: 3/27/08
  • Onboard?: Yes
  • Appearance: A tall, heavily muscled palamino of cob type descent, her light golden coat is broken up by four white socks and a white blaze.
  • Personality: Calm and mellow, she spends most of her time eating and ignoring anything else going on around her.
  • Presumably born somewhere in British Columbia, parents are unknown.
  • Trained to pull carts and ride.
  • Traded to Tatla Lake
  • Shamus traded 5 sheep for her, then traveled with her to 'Souls.

Around Packs:

  • Location, doing a thing
  • Location, with So-and-So





Can be Referenced...

NPC Sheep Flock (Ewes and lambs) Rós

  • NPC Type: Minor NPC
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Sheep
  • Date of Birth: Various
  • Onboard?: Yes
  • Appearance: 3 ewes of varing size and two lambs. All had been sheared a few months ago and are now growing back their wool for winter.
  • Personality: Stupid, fearful creatures, they tend to stick close to Blue as they trust her judgement.
  • Presumably born somewhere in British Columbia, parents are unknown.
  • Traded for by Shamus, the lambs were born shortly after their journey began.

Around Packs:

  • Location, doing a thing
  • Location, with So-and-So

6.  History

Shamus and his sister Margaret were born January 22, 2017, to Moira and Lyle Fitzpatrick. Life is fairly similar for both pups up until they stop relying on their mother for food, she turns her attention to her daughter, leaving Shamus to his father. The only real attention she shows him is the occasional hug or pat to the head before she turned back to his sister. His education from this point on is almost entirely handled by his father and the other males of the pack. Seeing even the most important and highly respected males avert their gaze and bow their heads to even young females whose status comes only from their families forever affected the way he viewed the world. To put it simply, females are on top with males below.

His religious education becomes all-important and is intensely focused on once the male reaches about four months old and can follow along and understand exactly what he is being taught. As his understanding deepens, so too does his belief in the gods. Because the Word (the spiritual text of his pack) is heavily used in these teachings, he also begins to slowly learn how to read, though adults still have to turn the pages for him. Shamus also began to help the shepherds of the group herd their flocks into the best grazing grounds. This is his first true contribution to the group, the first and most important responsibility of a member. Unfortunately, it also marks a further separation from his mother and sister as Moira begins to teach the family hunting traditions to Margaret.

The male is just over six months old the first time he shifts, officially marking his transition to public life. While his sister is introduced to the head of the family, their grandmother Cleera, he gives up his family name, taking Lochlan instead. It is also the same time he moves into the unmated male quarters of the settlement with the rest of his age group. Shortly after this change major change, Shamus goes through yet another. Heavily encouraged by his father, he undergoes the right of membership by proving his knowledge of DlÍ, the 8 key tenets of the group's faith. This is rewarded with full member status marked by a brand on the left side of his chest, just over his heart, of the sacred Cross of Eight. The pain is intense, but he knows his father’s respect and approval depends on him staying still long enough for a clear brand to be made, which he just manages to do.

Once he is a full member of the group, Shamus’ education becomes truly intense. His days are divided into two parts, the first half being taught to write and the basics of parchment making, which is also the only time he sees his sister more than in passing. The second half of his days are spent learning to shoot a bow accurately and hunt well from various older males. His father is a skilled fighter and takes over his education of swordsmanship. Lyle is completely unsympathetic to any complaints and pushes his son as hard as possible, relentlessly. After the boy has mastered writing to a legible level, he is handed over to the more agricultural side of the settlement. Shearing season starts soon after, so he is quickly taught the basics of handling sheep, as well as how to shear and castrate them along the way. After this important, all-consuming work has been finished, he is taught how to ride and drive horses. He learns quickly and is soon being taught how to hunt and fight from horseback as well.

By the time the wolf-dog reaches 10 months of age his attention has narrowed in focus to all aspects of hunting and fighting, he has begun to have more free time. Lyle is well aware that youths left to themselves often get into mischief. Determined to prevent this, he arranges to journey up into the mountains with his son to help him capture and train his juvenile golden eagle. Together, they journey up into the eagle’s preferred mountainous terrain and set up a net trap, baited with the remains of their favorite prey, foxes, Shamus learning from his father as they do so. It takes nearly a week and several very angry hawks, but eventually, they are able to capture a female juvenile golden eagle. Her new young master settles on calling her Rós (Gaelic for rose) as they descended back down to Tatla Lake with her carefully hooded and bound to his saddlebags. From this point on, his every spare moment is spent taming, training, and bonding with her.

A couple of months later Shamus is considered fully trained in the basics required of every youth, and ready to tackle more. Though he is still young and somewhat naive, he is now an adult. While he still trained and practiced regularly, he also went forward with the PrintÍseach and announced his intention to begin training as a carpenter to all. He is readily welcomed into the ranks of the apprentices and begins to learn the basics of his trade. As he becomes more skilled over the next few months, learning to make simple furniture and carve designs, his status starts to rise. Eventually, he is also more involved in the day to day activities of the females of the group. It’s at this time that he becomes more and more aware of a pretty girl of high status with flashing green eyes. Her name is Jenni O’Byrne, daughter of the current Saoiste. His crush on her grows so strong he is eventually determined to earn enough status to court her freely. In the hopes of succeeding in this, Shamus gets a second brand of the lucky antlers of Herne on his right shoulder.

Having trained with unique dedication in the half-year since resolving to raise his status, he had progressed faster than his peers. His skills now included the construction of the communities simple homes from logs, rough planks, and thatch. He had also begun to produce highly carved items, such as chairs, tables, and chests for trade both with other members of the group and visitors. This allows him to build up a small flock of sheep, managed along with the rest by the shepherds in return for a portion of their lambs and wool. Now a respected member of society, he finally felt confident enough to begin trying to court Jenni. It started simply, with pleasant conversation and light flirting, building up more and more steam, until over time the pair began to fall in love.

As Shamus continues to court her, he also focuses on building his wealth and status so that he is in a good position to bond with her. Almost five months later, he reveals his intentions to his father, who had just returned from a long trade journey. Unexpectedly, Lyle grows enraged as soon as his son tells him who he has been courting and punches him in the jaw, breaking one of his canines in the process. Shocked by this behavior, he demands to know exactly what he did to deserve that reaction. His father reveals that Jenni is the secret product of an affair he had with her mother shortly before Moria discovered she was pregnant with him and Margret. Disgusted and astonished by this revelation, Shamus is devastated to discover this and knows that his life in Tatla Lake is effectively over.

Determined to save the woman he loves from as much pain and torment as possible, he begins to think up a way to leave without damaging her reputation or revealing the secret he was resolved to live with for the rest of his life as he prepares to leave. First, the preparations. He traded half the flock he had acquired for a tall, palomino mare of cob descent, called Blue for her eyes of the same color. Various supplies and tools are gathered up, everything he could think of needing to leave. Finally, once everything was ready, he purposely carved a handful of chairs requested by the Council poorly, making them weak and unsteady. When they break during a feast, he is humiliated by his poor workmanship, giving him an excuse to leave and save Jenni’s reputation without telling her what he knew. His only companion as he left was his precious eagle Rós, and the remains of his flock, a ram, and four ewes.

His journey towards a new life and away from Tatla Lake was long and arduous, full of unexpected peril. Having to fight off thieves and predators while herding a flock of sheep by himself was much harder than he expected, but Shamus learned fast. After losing his ram to a cougar, he started to keep his flock fenced in with fishnets and felled saplings whenever he left them alone or couldn’t be completely attentive. Thieves are also a danger, with the wolf-dog even having to kill one to keep his horse. Eventually, while trading the remains of one of his ewes who died giving birth, he hears about an area of welcoming packs called ‘Souls. By the time he reached the area, he had been traveling for nearly five months.

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