Qara Erdene

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    2.   1.2  Miscellaneous
  2.   2.  Personality
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  3.   3.  Relationships
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  4.   4.  Skills and Inventory
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  5.   5.  History
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Occasionally cannibalistic, with a ritualistic flair (full moons, good luck, prey has a chance to escape if they find a certain object, etc.).

Experienced falconer, specialising in Golden Eagles.

Sent by father, a ruler under severe pressure from his people and a growing opposition party, to find sources of slaves/followers, and scout out possible places to conquer/establish trading routes in... WORLD DOMINATION FTW.

Also: deer, particularly stags, are holy and should not be eaten.

Previously named "Qara Oghul-qaimish" (meaning, 'Next time a man').






  • Date of Birth: DD Mon YYYY
  • Gender: Cis-Female* (it's seriously complicated. TBA.)
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Halcyon Mountain
  • Mate: Some Dude (26 Jan 2013)
  • Pack: Loners (DD Mon YYYY)
  • Former NPCs:
  • NPC Name (fox)
  • NPC Name (stallion)



  • None at the moment, sorry!

Packs members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • A'somethin'
  • Butts

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Pureblooded Tibetan Wolf
  • Fur: Wooly and shaggy coat with a silky textured mane. Parts of her fur feel more wiry, for instance around her legs and spine.
    • Optime Hair: Formerly long and often tied back with a simple braid, but now cut short in a rougher, messier cut; think a badly done pixie cut.
  • Facial Features: Large ears. Long, relatively thin muzzle.
  • Build and Size: Quite tall for her species, bordering on the upper range of their usual height, but actually has a more middle-sized build and remains notably smaller than most grey wolves. She is lean and well-muscled, with especially strong arms due to her lifestyle. Like all Tibetan wolves, she has smaller legs in proportion to her body (in comparison to a Eurasion wolf, for instance).
    • Lupus: 164cm (64.6in) long from her nose to the tip of her tail. 76.5cm (30.1 in) high. 31.5kg (69.4lb).
    • Secui: When shifting to Secui, Erdene tends to lean towards a bulkier and more humanised form and boasts a large, shaggy mane. Around 115cm (45.3in) tall and 70kg (154.3lb) heavy.
    • Optime: Relatively short limbs but a clearly strong and lean figure. Walks with a straight, humanised posture. 182cm (71.7in) tall and 75kg (165.3lb) heavy.
  • Humanization: Extremely humanised and fond of cloaks. Almost always wears Accessories.


  • Fur:
    • Primarily Golden Sand
    • Raccia and Primrose undertones
    • Satin Linen and Raw Sienna highlights
  • Markings:
    • Tuatara stripes on forelegs
    • Nugget rimmed ears
  • Eyes: Twine
  • Optime Hair: Sandwisp
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Mondo


Raw Sienna (#D18F47)
Golden Sand (#EED472)
Sandwisp (#F4E59A)
Primrose (#ECE8A1)
Raccia (#E9DAB9)
Satin Linen (#E3E2CE)
Tuatara (#2C2B26)
Nugget (#C19625)
Mondo (#493E2C)
Twine (#BE8E5B)

By Despi + Katie!

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Scars: Something.
  • Piercings:
    • Maybe your character
    • has a lot
    • of piercings
  • Tattoos: No.


Fond of gold. you can stick more description about their humanization and how they practice it here. or don't! by the way, you might want to adjust the cell widths here: 33/33/33 gives you even columns etc. do the math out of 100% of course :D

Jewelry and Accessories

Golden ring Golden Eagle feather Gold ear piercings
  • something


Shouldered Cloak
  • something
  • something
  • and another something


xx lbs (xx kg)
xx in (xx cm)


maybe describe how often they use the form

xx lbs (xx kg)
xx in (xx cm)


maybe describe how often they use the form

xx lbs (xx kg)
xft xin (xx in / xx cm)

Optime (Preferred)

maybe describe how often they use the form and don't forget to change their form preference


  • Speech: how does your dude talk, son?
  • Scent: i hope you have a smelly, smelly coyote~~
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: oh man what a weirdo
  • General Posture and Body Language: do you have an imposing bro? or a meek and mild mouse?


2.  Personality

A brief (1-3 paragraphs) personality description goes here. It'd probably be best to write this last, since you should pull key traits out of the rest of your information and then put it here. This section is good to stick in your forum profile as their "Personality" section.

2.1  Ideals


Anxious, dramatic, hot-headed, controlling

  • Outlook: Realistic
  • Sociability: Introverted, dominant
  • Expression: Dominant
  • Alignment: True neutral


  • Proving herself
  • something


  • Something: something something
  • Something: something something


  • Packs: If your character has a bias against a pack?
  • Species: Wolf supremacist. Non-wolves are treated the same as prey.
  • Non-Luperci: Luperci Ortus is the norm. Has a hidden fear of non-Luperci and Luperci verto, whom she believes must be cursed or demonic, if they were born without the capability of shifting.
  • Gender: Misogynist. Brought up to believe that females were inferior, and that males are the only fit rulers. Very strict ideas of gender roling.
  • Color: Black-furred wolves are masculine, and stronger and braver than others. White-furred wolves are feminine. Male white-furred wolves are weird, and vice versa.
  • Sexuality: Homophobic. Believes that mateships are not about love but simply for the creation of children. Males should take up multiple mates, but females should be much more selective.
  • Age: The elderly are wise and should be given much respect. The young are useless, but should be apprenticed and worked hard so that they grow up to be strong, capable adults.


Heterosexual - attracted to men. High libido. Only attracted to wolves and wolf-hybrids. Non-wolves she finds disgusting.

Describe your character's sexuality here -- sexual orientation (e.g., heterosexual) isn't enough of a descriptor, by the way! How about their libido (their desire for sexual activity)? How promiscuous are they? Are they monogamous or polygamous? How do they go about obtaining sexual partners (are they a nervous approacher, or a giant flirt)?


  • Likes: Running, falconry, horse-riding, fighting,
    • Art: She has a passion for art, particularly three-dimensional art. Stand-alone two dimensional works she finds less impressive. Her favorite weapons boast intricate engravings.
  • Dislikes: A list of single or few-worded dislikes
    • Maybe a BIG DISLIKE HERE


What substances has your character tried? Are they highly experimental or not at all inclined to try? Do they have an opinion on those who do indulge in "illicit" substances?


No fixed religion, but believes in gods on earth and mythological creatures. She also believes in the paranormal (e.g. ghosts), but has little fear for them, as she believes that adult wolves are perfectly capable of defending themselves against paranormal attack. Supersticious and strongly believes in certain good-luck rituals.

3.  Relationships

* Does not know this person by name.

3.1  Family: Families

3.2  Relations

Key Relations


Positive Relations

  • Characters is also your character's buddy-old-pal-old-friend-of-mine

Neutral / Negative

Minor Relations

4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: how'd your character learn this?
  • Skill (Master): describe skill
  • Skill (Master): describe skill
  • and over here go some weaknesses~

Skill 2

  • Education and Learning: how'd your character learn this?
  • Skill (Master): describe skill
  • Skill (Master): describe skill
  • and over here go some weaknesses~

4.2  Inventory


blah blah blah

  • Offering: what kind of stuff does your character trade?
  • Accepting: what do they want?


Hunting knife Ceremonial Dagger Crude spear Slingshot Bow Quiver with arrows


  • info


  • info
  • info
  • info

Weapons and Similar

  • Hunting knife (preferred weapon, well-maintained)
  • Dagger (purely ceremonial, blood-stained blade, polished hilt)
  • Bow (broken)
  • Spear (crude, self-made, replaceable)
  • Slingshot
  • Old, red, leather quiver
    • Red arrows (primarily ceremonial)

5.  History

5.1  Achievements


go get yo' catacombs template, son

history overview here



  • DD Mon: your character was born hooray!


  • DD Mon: they turned a year old hooray!


Eagles known as "berkut"

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