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17 June 2010











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100% Eastern Timber Wolf




Pack Loner
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Leichi is a lone wolf who came to 'Souls to find someplace he belonged.

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  1.   1.  Lifestyle
    1.   1.1  Speech
    2.   1.2  Abilities
    3.   1.3  NPCs
  2.   2.  Appearance
  3.   3.  Personality
  4.   4.  Relationships
    1.   4.1  Family
  5.   5.  History

1.  Lifestyle

1.1  Speech

Leichi speaks mostly in a Canadian accent. He is mostly an outspoken wolf, but he likes to talk, a lot. He usually doesn't like to start a conversation, but will if he is very intent on talking to the person. He usually is nervous to talk to people, because of fear for them to make fun of him, so he usually says 'um' a lot when first talking to someone. Leichi gets very sidetracked often when in conversation and seems to mumble a lot.

1.2  Abilities


Hand-to-Hand Combat

Leichi was first taught how to fight by his old father, who was an important wolf in their pack. He used to practice his fighting with some of his few old friends back in Canada. This skill proved decently useful to him a few months later when new wolves joined their pack and bullied him. He's used to fighting with other wolves in their Luperci form, so on all fours he's not as good with his teeth.


When Leichi was younger, because of his restricted sight, his pack sent him on simpler tasks like gathering for them. He had to learn which berries and plants were poisonous or not, so he didn't accidentally poison anyone with "healing herbs". This was his main job for the most of his time in his old pack, except for when he was a pup. A knowledge of gathering helped him when traveling to 'Souls to survive.



Because of his wall-eye, he has some restricted eyesight. He can mostly overcome this, but sometimes it gets in his way. Everyone underestimates him or thinks he's silly because of it.

1.3  NPCs


Timmy is a female red-tailed hawk who met Leichi in the forest and led him home when he was lost. When Leichi left his pack, she went with him to find a new one. She is very bossy and insults Leichi a lot, but she is also very protective over him. She can use broken High Speech, with a very thick accent.

2.  Appearance

Leichi has sort of a tall, built stature. His coat is mostly dark brown with some black streaks on his back. He looks pretty much the same in all of his forms, but he mostly prefers his optime form. He has a few distinct scars from harsh fights. One of his scars runs along the side of his stomach, stopping close to where his hind left leg is connected to his body. Another is a fairly large scar running down his right hind leg from a large gash made by a wolf. He also has a few indistinct scars here and there as well. His eyes are a light, almost icy, blue color and are slightly off-centered.

3.  Personality

Leichi is a very curious wolf. Not very many wolves can grasp most of his reasons for doing something very strange, and he usually doesn’t have a reason. That’s just Leichi. His hawk, Timmy, however tries to keep him out of trouble. His eyes give him the sort of appearance of silly, but he is actually a very skilled fighter. He is very sensitive about his eyes, because in his old pack some wolves used to make fun of him for it. He is pretty friendly, but is usually timid and quiet to new people unless spoken to first. He mostly keeps to himself, but will speak if spoken to. Because of his past experiences, Leichi mostly tries as hard as he can to avoid arguments. Overall, Leichi is a kind of curious, friendly wolf.

4.  Relationships

4.1  Family


5.  History

Leichi came from a family who mostly believed in fighting. His mother and father were fighters for their pack, and the highest ranking at that. Leichi had been born with slightly off-centered eyes. This had caused him to not be able to see as well as a normal wolf, but his duty later in life was to fight for his pack. Therefore, his mother and father taught him the ways of fighting. It was a much easier fighting tactic than with a weapon. One day when he had to go collect food for the long winter ahead of them, he had gotten lost. He tried to find his way back, but couldn’t. He could smell them, sure, but it was much harder with his eyes as he ran into trees and tripped over logs and stumps.

Soon an animal had found him. As his eyes adjusted back into focus and he saw a hawk standing before him. Soon after the hawk had led him home again, he decided to name it Timmy. Soon after the two animals had formed a friendship, one of his friends told him that “Timmy” was actually a female. Leichi was extremely shocked at this truth, but that didn’t cause their friendship to disappear.

Soon some new comers joined the pack. Leichi tried to make them his friends, but they kept making fun of his eyes. Out of embarrassment and hurt feelings, Leichi and Timmy left his pack. Now he and Timmy wander the lands as loners, trying to find someplace that would take care of them.

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