Delphine Cruorem


Delphine Cruorem was a coyote-dog hybrid. Her mother, Sibylla, was a mixed-breed dog who was captured by the Cruorem Coyote clan, led by Vasilik, and bore him a litter, of which only one, Delphine, survived. Dephine was raised completely in sex and violence, and upon finding herself ejected from the coyote clan, she turned to the only thing she knew--prostitution. Andre Lykoi fell for her, however, and had several liaisons with her, causing her to become pregnant.


Delphine was heavily coyote in appearance, with creamy brown fur that grew very light, off-white along her belly. She had bright yellow-gold eyes, not so different from Andre Lykoi's own, but several shades lighter.


Please see the Lykoi family page for more information.

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