Andre Lykoi


Andre Lykoi is Kaena Lykoi's father. He was raised in the Lykoi pack beneath his mother, Amarante Lykoi, and his father, Arsen Vereor-Lykoi. His sister, Morgyn Lykoi, and his brother-in-law, Scurr Navitas-Lykoi, were the beta pair of the pack. His cousin, Brennen Lykoi, Kaena's second cousin, showed up at Bleeding Souls very briefly. He was killed by Sabryne Vicis-Lykoi after killing their son, Kairo Lykoi for raping Kaena.


Andre was mostly red wolf, with a dash of coyote from several generations back. He had completely black fur, with brilliant gold eyes, passed along to Kaena and many of her children.


Please see the Lykoi family page for more information.


Andre was never actually roleplayed, he just exists in Kaena's history. :3

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