Grimwell Caverns

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1.  Description

Nestled between Hades Beach and the ruins of the D'Neville Mansion, the Grimwell Caverns were a former residence for Infernians. Many of the caves are flood-prone.

Note: This location was abandoned in fall 2017 -- this page's descriptions remain for posterity for now!

1.1  Images

The land around Grimwell. Why some caves can't be used as residences! Entryways to two caves The interior of your average cave

2.  Caves

2.1  Livable

CAVE Occupant Description Former Occupant(s)


CV04 -- A small, snug cave with a long entryway and a rounded denning area. This dry cave promises to be quite warm in winter. It opens almost directly opposite another cave. Covenant, Virue
CV08 Sophie Horne This small cave is oblong of shape, with a larger rear area. There are numerous rock shelves lining each of its sides. It opens up toward the other caves. Rhys
CV13 -- This is one of the larger small caves; it has two "sections," separated by an outcropping of rock shelf. Gehenna, Candela
CV14 Kharma Asylum This is a rounded cave; it opens facing toward the forest, and no other cave entrances are near its entryway, providing a bit of seclusion amongst the cluster of residences. --
CV16 -- This small cave opens toward CV17 but is otherwise a pretty lonely place; it opens toward the forest, though one can still smell the salt from the beach. Avaiki
CV23 -- This small bayside cave opens toward the forest rather than the beach; though it may sometimes leak and get a little damp, it is generally dry and safe. Its most prominent feature is the dark streaks of stone streaked throughout the otherwise pale limestone. Amariah Eld


CV02 Dry and spacious, with a raised flat area for sleeping. A small alcove in the rear area provides for an excellent storage space. A few deer hides and a small stock of leather work are stored in the alcove from a previous owner. A bear pelt is currently laid down on the raised flat area for bedding. Kaena; Leon; Shikoba, Dorado
CV03 Diego del Bosque This cave opens toward the cental marshes of Inferni, though it also provides a spectacular (and dry) view of the bay. Diego maintains a small campfire in the mouth of the cavern, positioned so that the smoke exits the den but that it remains sheltered from rain. The rest of the cave is chaotic, with goods and tools strewn about the floor near pelt bedding. A rocky "shelf" provides a place for Hocico to perch. Rikka; Messiah, Nephilim
CV12 -- This cave is a bit of an oddity -- it is rounded and bowl-shaped, with a low point in the middle and exceptionally high ceilings. It has a long, curving entryway and is very dry. Marlowe
CV18 Fang Espinoza
This larger cave opens toward CV19 , with a very long entryway. It has a subsection off to the side, more elevated than the main cave, which would be great for storage. Jedidiah
CV20 -- This cave is very round, with several rock shelves lining its walls. Its entryway clusters near to several other caverns. Prodigal and Silence
CV21 -- This cave has a very widened entryway, facing midway between beach and forest. Though the ocean can clearly be heard within this cave, it is safe and very dry. Anselm and Alacrity
CV22 -- -- Sparrow
CV25 Elisabeth de le Poer This cave is fairly large inside, tall enough for an Optime to stand. The main area contains a pit with a small tunnel leading to the underground river; this pit often floods but the water never reaches into the main area. The main area has many stalagmites and stalactites. The actual main living area is accessed through a small, jagged crevice in the wall which leads to a small sub-cave. This sub cave has a low roof and a dry, sandy floor as well as several alcoves. Loki, Sledge, Nex de le Poer
CV26 -- This middling cave is near to the River Lethe and so the babble of the stream can always be heard in this cave. It has a steady drip in a rearmost corner, but does not flood or become wetter than this slow, steady drip. Delilah
CV28 Vesper This cave is right beside the river, but manages to remain dry through its unique feature: it is very low-ceilinged, with the rearmost corner of the den, closest to the river, being only a few inches high. There is living space in this cave, but it is most suited to a coyote who prefers their four-legged form. Antioch, Fang
CV31 -- The cave is sparse and has no decorations save for a floor covered in warm pelts. Havoc, Wraith, Vendetta
CV32 Aether The cave contains a few odds and ends that Lucilla has collected, including some beach glass and some stones. It also has a few crude tools, including some knives and sharpened bones. Lucilla


These caves are typically used for families or groups of coyotes, but individuals are not altogether barred from staking a claim to one of them.

CV05 Goliath, Ichabod In the midst of Grimwell, this cave manages to have a rather secluded entryway. The view from other caves of its entry is blocked by knobby hills and other small landforms. Gypsy, Roman
CV06 -- This cave opens up facing toward the marshes of the clan, with a secluded entryway. Ezekiel, Brumaire, Dartmouth
CV07 Antioch de le Poer
Omar de le Poer
This cave has a subsection off to one side and opens up toward the marsh. With a raised "platform" in the rear of the larger section, it would make a good home for a medium-large family. Ezekiel
CV09 -- This cave splits into three sections, one of them small and cramped, the other two large and open. Max
CV19 -- This long, narrow cave is amongst the largest of the Grimwell caves; it does not have subsections, but does boast a floor of extremely variable heights -- the rearmost end of the cavern pinches tightly, while the midsection is open and airy. --
CV27 -- This cave opens toward the marshes. Its vicinity to the river gives it an everpresent noise of running water, but it is dry. --
CV29 -- Sie probably has the cave map PSD sooomeeeewhere if you want it. PM her about it. Ithiel
CV34 -- A very large, very round cave. --

2.2  Unusable


CV01 -- These caves flooded in the hurricane, and while not permanently flooded, are likely to flood again. Mason
CV10 -- --
CV24 -- --
CV15 -- This cave is in the eastern section, facing outwards toward the forest. A long, narrow tunnel leads to the actual den. Vesper
CV30 -- These caves flooded in the hurricane, and are permanently flooded or too damp to serve as a den. --
CV33 -- --


CV11 -- Collapsed late 2012. --
CV17 -- Flooded during the spring rains of 2015. Willam , Cartier , Versace
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