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  1.   1.  Winners
    1.   1.1  January 2011 - Shadow
    2.   1.2  February 2011 - Kiki
    3.   1.3  March 2011 - Sunny
    4.   1.4  April 2011 - Sorin
    5.   1.5  May 2011 - Marit
    6.   1.6  June 2011 - Zero
    7.   1.7  July 2011 - Nat
    8.   1.8  August 2011 - None!
    9.   1.9  September 2011 - Eaten ;-;
    10.   1.10  October 2011 - Jace
    11.   1.11  November 2011 - Cait

1.  Winners

1.1  January 2011 - Shadow

Shadow has only been a member at 'Souls since January 5th, but he's already made nearly 100 posts! Not only that, but he's on in the 'Soulschat on a daily basis, hanging out with members and making friends of everyone. Not only that, but he is consistently active in the Thread Requests forum and has posted a ton of All Welcome threads for his fellow roleplayers. Shadow has shown substantial improvement in post length since he first joined, as well -- he's already quite a valuable asset to the community. Keep up the good work!

1.2  February 2011 - Kiki

Kiki has also been a member of 'Souls for some time, but it's only recently as she's picked up Talitha of Inferni and Krystalle of Cercatori d'Arte that she's really started to post prolifically. She's constantly in the chat, thinking up new and shiny ideas, as well as participate in interesting 'Souls-related discussions. Not only that, Kiki is also seen posting in the OOC areas to welcome new members! Kiki, you rock!

1.3  March 2011 - Sunny

Sunny hasn't been a member of 'Souls for an extremely long time, but in the time she's been with us, she has done really awesome things, including co-founding Cercatori d'Arte, which has been a great success thus far. Sunny always makes herself available to help out in any area she can -- not only has she recently volunteered to assist on the Mentorship program, she's always willing to lend a hand or a kind ear! You rock, Sunny!

1.4  April 2011 - Sorin

Sorin is nice and has been posting posting recently in the Help and Questions forum, responding to members' requests for assistance, critique, as well as posting interesting questions of her own. She's also got a Studio running and making lovely graphics for everybody. She makes an effort to offer her characters in the Thread Requests forum and is just generally active OOC and IC, always very polite and quite helpful! Awesome job, Sorin!

1.5  May 2011 - Marit

Marit has been tirelessly working to make the AniWaya pack made of serious awesome, with an extremely informative and easy-to-navigate website along with an extensive culture and traditions system for the pack, among other things! Outside of this, she's also been working tirelessly as a Moderator for some time and continuing to contribute to the Mentorship program with ideas, input, and so forth. Outside of this, she's often a friendly face in the OOC forums while continuing to plot and roleplay her character. Basically -- Marit has been really awesome for a long time, and deserves some recognition! Thanks, and keep it up! <3

1.6  June 2011 - Zero

Zero has been assisting in producing various fun baubles and participatory topics for members, including the Relative Relations chart, volunteering to make the floor plans for Crimson Dreams' mansion, as well as just hanging out and being useful Zero. Additionally, she's worked on surveys for 'Souls characters!

1.7  July 2011 - Nat

Nat is newly returned to 'Souls after many years' absence and has jumped right into making tons of art for everyone who's asked, not to mention being generally active and friendly around the board and having explosive IC activity! She has involved Zalen in various plots and threads with many other members, helping to make 'Souls a more interesting roleplay involvement.

1.8  August 2011 - None!

1.9  September 2011 - Eaten ;-;

1.10  October 2011 - Jace

Jace has been a consistently active member of 'Souls for about a year now -- she plays various characters and makes an effort to put herself out there to plot with others with each of them! Specifically, her leadership in Anathema wished to commend her on excellent member-to-leader communication: recently, Jace and some packmates came up with a plot in the pack, and was not only very forward and communicative with her leadership, she was very receptive to concerns about its realism and came up with something to satisfy all involved parties! She is exemplary in this manner, and all members should also strive to emulate her friendly demeanor. Jace is awesome and we're lucky to have such a member!

1.11  November 2011 - Cait

Cait has proven time and time again she's an all-around star and awesome in general. Since she joined 'Souls, Cait has proven to be an active, outgoing and friendly member in a variety of ways. Aside from being vocal on the forums and hanging out in the chat like a cool bro LIKE A BOSS, Cait has also helped out with 'Souls newest pack, offering assistance and helping with ideas. She's also present in the talents forum, offering gifts to fortunate individuals! Keep up the good work!