Community Soul

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  1.   1.  Winners
    1.   1.1  July 2010 - Sie
    2.   1.2  August 2010 - Fy'ra
    3.   1.3  September 2010 -
    4.   1.4  October 2010 - Kemo
    5.   1.5  November 2010 - Noelle
    6.   1.6  December 2010 - Honey

1.  Winners

1.1  July 2010 - Sie

Sie has been awarded July's Community Soul. While she is already pretty ridiculous on a regular basis, the sheer volume of work she has contributed to 'Souls in the past month has been phenomenal. In addition to cobbling together a vast majority of the Species guide by herself, she also dug up most of the information for the in-depth Puppies guide, and has been working tirelessly on several more guides that will likely debut soon. Sie has also spent a lot of time talking to newcomers to the board, easing them into the game environment, and making gift avatars and table sets to further welcome them to 'Souls, not to mention keeping up with her characters and general mod duties around the board. How she manages all this despite not getting home from work until past midnight every night, we may never know.

1.2  August 2010 - Fy'ra

Fy'Ra has been awarded August's Community Soul. As a newer member to the board, Fy'Ra has really taken it upon herself to dive into the community head-first. Very outgoing and fun to talk to OOCly, she's tried her hand at making people tables in addition to pumping out very long and thoughtful posts on a regular basis and working towards being even more active through Dahlia da Mai's pack game.

1.3  September 2010 -

There was no Community Soul for the month of September.

1.4  October 2010 - Kemo

Kemo is super new, but I honestly kinda feel like he's the perfect newbie. He has involved his primary character in quite a few plots, and he jumped right into plans to make his second character, who is a relative of another member's character. In general he just seems extremely enthusiastic about 'Souls and the community, and he seems to have thrown himself into the mix without any hesitation. I also really, really like that he has approached newer members of his own volition and has made attempts to involve them with the community, as well. He's also all over the Thread Requests thread, engaging people in their requests and posting requests of his own. If every new person was more like Kemo, we'd have a ridiculously awesome member base. Not that we don't already, but, y'know. XD" -- A Staff Member

1.5  November 2010 - Noelle

Noelle (Malachi, Bangle Guffawri) has really been engaging the community as of late! She's often giving away gifts over in the Talents forum or welcoming newcomers in the OOC Garbage and working to make 'Souls a better community -- her Table Studio is booming over in the Requests forum, producing many pretty tables for people. Noelle is extremely friendly and quite nice to everyone she encounters on the board -- a perfect example of Community Soul!

1.6  December 2010 - Honey

Honey (Saul Stormbringer of DdM; Theodore Stone of AT) received Spotlight Soul November month, and she hasn't slowed down a bit since the nomination! She has maintained ridiculous activity with both Saul and Theodore, and “and she's all over thread requests for her characters, as well as starting a game for Dahlia.” In addition to that, “Honey has, for a while now, contributed a lot oocly with ideas and activities for Dahlia de Mai, and she also volunteers to help [the leadership] do things as well as offering to do the work on her own to spare [the leadership] the trouble.” Awesome job, Honey!