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Emz Warren

Alternate Names

Emz ~~ Mal ~~ Malhyanth ~~ Ros ~~ Roszo ~~ Roszomak

About Me

Hello, and welcome to my Wiki Page!

My name is Roszomak, and I joined Souls in 2015, alongside my good friends Aurrie Beaues, and Feather, also known to me as Renekai. I started writing back when I was 13, in 2002. I started out with MSN RP, then moved on to forum RP, and then found my way to Gaiaonline, where I stayed until the age of 18, roleplaying in multiple worlds in the Breedables/Changeables forum. I spent most of that time in a fantasy world called Dreyrull. It was based on a race called Aershaa, and Furrs, and I helped that world develop for a long long time. When it left Gaiaonline, I left with it. Gaiaonline is a world of young people with small issues, and when you start to have to learn to be an adult, it can become quite restricting. The other issue was I had become what one might call and 'Elite'. It doesn't mean I'm a snob or anything, I would hasten to add, it simply means that in RP I find myself getting lost as a character, and can power out 4-6 paragraph posts or more with ease, and can find myself a little lost if the person I am to RP with is not at the same level. It doesn't take much to lose myself in the details, and I hope that this is what makes me a thoroughly enjoyable person to roleplay with.

Alongside my writing, I enjoy a vast array of hobbies, including art, tattoo art and design, shooting 'games' known as Airsoft, steampunk, scare eventing, reptile and exotics keeping and computer gaming. I'm a bit of an all around geek, but am a master of none!! I hope to always have a range of interests that keep me an interestng person to know!

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