Kaitie, by Kaitie
Date of BirthJuly 6, 1995
GenderFemme :P
Birth placePennsylvania
LocationDisney, Florida - no joke

Hi, my name is Kaitie - with an extra 'i', please :3 I'm quite new to 'Souls, but I love it here xD I live in Disney, Florida - or at least close (I mean, I'm not gonna give away my address!), so if you have requests for me to tell Mickey and Minnie hi, let me know! Well, I actually live in a small cowtown just south of Orlando. Anyways, I'm in 10th grade at an art school and I'm a music major; I play oboe, English Horn, flute, piano, and I sing. I would like to learn trombone, because it's my favorite instrument. Currently I am a member of the International Double Reed Society, and this year I am a member of the FMEA All-State Concert Band (yay! applauseapplause). I'm also the lead singer of a two-piece band called Orlando Streetlights (we are on facebook). I perform music as a "living", and a musician of some sort (teacher or somesuch) is what-I-want-to-be-when-I-grow-up. I write as a hobby, although I have yet to finish a novel. I used to act and do animation, but I don't anymore. I also draw okay-ish.

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1.  Roleplaying History

I've been roleplaying now for four-and-a-half years. I started on Whyville when it was still kid-friendly at age eleven, in a bit of a Warriors chat RP (-like this- or *like this*). I then started making my own forum roleplaying sites where the rules were really strict and people who joined often got mad at the administration (fail). In fact, I made several Proboards forums that I put months of work into that never got more than two members. I first joined a sight called "Warriors of the Forest," which died a few years after I joined, and soon afterwards I joined a Harry Potter RPG called "Magical Purpose", and a fantasy RPG called "Elliona" and a few others that I was very active in during one summer. I became the admin and/or mod of a WHOLE bunch of sites. Over this summer my writing skills improved like - WHOA. And then, my parents got very angry and forbade me from Roleplaying at all, although I still did it secretly, like, at 6am on some mornings even.

It was during this time that I found "The Ashes", a wolf roleplaying site that is now inactive. It was my lifeline for any emotional venting, writing, creative releases. I fell in love with not only the members, but the whole concept of Wolf roleplaying stuck on me. Up until then, I had been doing only cat or humanoid roleplaying. I won't say who I was on Ashes, because I have a feeling some of them might be mad at me because I exploded some time for certain rather stupid reasons .__. I was on Ashes, and only Ashes, for over a year, and then it died. At which point I stopped roleplaying entirely for a few months.

And then, I found 'Souls! (yay!) I'm still working on a bit of a dedication problem, as far as posting in a decent amount of time and such, but I'm working very hard on it. :)

2.  Character

My one-and-only character is a wolf in the AniWaya tribe named Korva.

3.  Contact

You can get in touch with me through any of these ways: