Korva, by Kaitie.

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Name Meaning"A female variant of Corbin, related to the Latin word corvus, meaning "raven, crow.""
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Date of BirthSeptember 20, 2009
Age1 year, 3 months
Subspecies100% Grey Wolf (Canis lupus lupus)
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeNear Flanders Fields
Current packAniWaya
Spirit GuideFemale Philippine tarsier named Gitlu
'Souls Profile

Current Pack


Joining dateOctober 29, 2010
Joining RankKunikoti (medicine woman)
Most Recent Ranksame

Korva is an aspiring young healer, who joined the AniWaya tribe looking for a new life. Her previous attempts at healing others failed miserably, as her sickly brother died. This was the cause of her running away from home. Although she is shy and is having a rough time adapting to her new life, she is a good person who makes friends easily if they are willing to approach her.

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  1.   1.  History
    1.   1.1  Before AniWaya
  2.   2.  Personality
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    5.   3.5  Spirit Guide
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1.  History

1.1  Before AniWaya

Korva was born at the same time as her brother, who was born with a very low immune system and prone to sickness. Her parents tried their best to keep him sheltered and safe, and rather than travel around they stayed in one spot in the forest. Korva, being generally selfless, tried her best to save her brother. She wasn't very good at hunting or fighting or anything that required survival, but she tried to help improve her brother's health through fiddling with herbs. Her mother and father weakly supported her, but never discouraged her work. Whether it was her brother's sickness or the herbs that killed him, Korva's twin died. Shortly thereafter, knowing her parents would protest, Korva left in the dead of the night in order to find a pack that was rumored to be nearby so that she could find somewhere where she could perhaps learn a trade and be safe herself, tired of the life of a loner. The rumors were wrong - it was very far away, but Korva found the AniWaya pack and was accepted into it as a healer.[1]

2.  Personality

Korva is very reserved and shy, often nervous and jumpy. She has a kind heart and a will to help people, but not very much confidence in her own abilities. She will work to achieve what she wants but often won't ask for it, and expects most other people to be mind-readers. People who don't try or those who don't do what she would want them to do frustrate her, but rarely does she express her anger outwardly. Instead, she is always very quiet, keeping all her emotions inside. Korva won't discuss her feelings or opinions with others, and often simply "goes with the flow." She cares more for how other people feel than how she herself feels, and doesn't like to bog down someone's day with any negativity she might have. The young she-wolf is generally pessimistic, but keeps on an optimistic mask.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

None of her current family are present or significant in 'Souls in any way.

3.2  Friends

(none yet)

3.3  Acquaintances

3.4  Enemies

(none yet)

3.5  Spirit Guide

a tarsier, by ???

A typical part of the AniWayan culture is the spirit guide, an animal creature that guides you through your life. Korva's is a Female Philippine tarsier named Gitlu. Gitlu, much like Korva, is very shy and frightened of several things, as well as very gentle.

4.  Skills

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  • Healing: while Korva has a lot to learn, healing and caring for others is the only skill she has. She is very bad at nearly everything else.

5.  Appearance

5.1  Luperci Forms

Although Korva is much more comfortable in her Lupus form, she is often found in her Optime form because she finds it more convenient in the AniWayan way of life.


Korva is a pain light-brown and white gray wolf with no extra markings. She is small and slim, and obviously built for speed although she doesn't prefer to chase after things. Her glossy fur is full and thick. Korva has a dark brown mane on her neck and back, as well as the top of her head. The toes on her paws are all white. She has piercing lilac-colored eyes. In her Lupus form, she is very small and compact. Most comfortable in this form, she finds herself faster and more productive when she is in her four-legged shape.


Korva barely ever uses her Secui form.


In her Optime form, she is also compact and slender, her brown pelt with white underbelly intact. Her dark-brown mane is short, much like a longer form of a pixie cut, but hangs in her eyes a bit. She has braided in deep brown and white-striped owl feathers into her mane, complete with turquoise beads. Korva wears a deerhide skirt and a strip of cloth around her bust. Normally, while walking in her Optime form, she uses a plain walking stick for comfort. This causes her to stand more upright and also to walk more comfortably. Although she is more comfortable in her Lupus form, Korva has found that it is more convenient to go through the day in her Optime form.

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