Zenith Wros

Zenith Wros is the son of Melody Rath and Lago Wros, born in the eastern Rocky Mountains of Colorado. He is currently Gatlvska of AniWaya.

Zenith Wros

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Date of Birth

13 Jan 2011




Birth place

Colorado Rockies




100% Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf (Canis lupus irremotus)




Mate none
Pack AniWaya
Rank Gatlvska

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1.  Appearance

The first thing anyone notices about Zenith upon first sight is his size. Zen is huge, both height and weight are well above average and he is practically all muscle. His pure Northern Rocky Mountain wolf lineage is apparent. Unless he is smithing or otherwise performing a task that requires the dexterity of Optime, he prefers Lupus form. Otherwise Optime, and to a lesser extent Secui, are too cumbersome for most day to day activities.

1.1  Coloration

Zen’s coat fades in a smooth gradient from near black on top to very pale underneath. The only disruption to the seamless gradation is a brand on his left shoulder, causing the fur there to grow in white. The mark resembles a fish but the shape is incidental, the burn was received in a fight. Zenith sports a few other scars: a notch in his upper right ear, several small slashes along both forelegs, and a kink in his tail where it had been broken.

  • Mane: Woodsmoke (#050506) worn in a choppy spiked mohawk
  • Eyes: Kingfisher Daisy (#2C0085), left eye is partially heterochromic, as is evident by a crescent of Cornflower Blue (#5EA0ED) along the lower rim.
  • Fur: Primarily Mine Shaft (#262626), fading to Alabaster (#FCFCFC) on underside.

1.2  Forms




170 lbs (77.11 kg)
45 in (114.3 cm)

250 lbs (113.4 kg)
53 in (134.62 cm)

350 lbs (158.75 kg)
7 ft 5 in (226.06 cm)

Zen's mohawk mane is slightly more noticeable in Optime, but he doesn't do anything special with it, just leaves it as it naturally grows in.

1.3  Other


  • Piercings: None
  • Tattoos: None
  • Scars:
    • Back of left shoulder, burn mark received in a fight with a pack mate when he was a mouthy yearling. the mark resembles a fish, and the fur grows in white.
    • various slash marks on both forelegs, received while defending himself from the coyote attempting to kill him during the coup to overthrow his family.
    • notch in right ear, received in same altercation mentioned above.


  • Soft and well worn brown leather belt with loops for his hammers and a thigh holster for his knife.


  • Zen never wears clothing, except while smithing. While working, he can be seen wearing thick brown leather blacksmith's apron and his tool belt.

2.  Personality

The easiest way to describe Zenith Wros is “self-centered”. Zen does what he feels like, when he feels like. He does not actively seek to get out of doing his part or break rules, he simply has a hard time thinking past the here and now. He lives in the moment but fails to consider the effects his actions may have on others. Zenith isn’t a bad guy or malicious in his intent, he’s just incredibly self-absorbed and short-sighted. He freely admits to his mistakes. Simply put, Zen needs to grow up. However, when a crisis arises, be sure Zen will be jumping to action wherever he’s most needed. He is protective of those he considers his family and friends, as well as anyone who cannot defend themselves. Bullying is Zen’s biggest pet peeve.

Zenith is a shameless flirt. He will go to bed with anyone he finds interesting and attractive, but the encounter often means more to the other party than it does to him. Again, he’s not looking to hurt anyone or cause problems, he just doesn’t think about his actions from anyone else’s point of view. The right woman (or man) may find Zenith to be an ideal partner, as it is easy to manipulate him with flattery to do almost anything.

As luck would have it, Zenith greatly enjoys smithing and leatherwork. If not for this, Zen would likely be near-useless and spend his time laying around drinking and making lewd comments to passers-by.

2.1  Ideals


  • Likes: smithing, sleeping, drinking mead, exploring, making new acquaintances
  • Dislikes: bullies, lack of pride in one's work
  • Outlook: Optimistic, but doesn't think about the future much
  • Expression: Extroverted and dominant, but has no problem submitting when he knows he needs to.
  • Alignment: True neutral


  • loss of those close to him, powerlessness


  • hedonism, vanity, protecting those in need of it


  • Species: He has a hard time trusting coyotes and coy-hybrids, due to events in his past that forced him to leave his homeland.
  • Sexuality: No real bias, just thinks regular ol' m/f monogamy is boring.
  • Age: loves playing with pups since they like to have fun and do whatever they want, Zen shares this outlook.


Zenith is a shameless flirt. He will go to bed with anyone (male or female) he finds interesting and attractive, but the encounter often means more to the other party than it does to him. He doesn't actively avoid commitment, it just is not something he's thinking about. He tends to be the dominant one in bed, but all participants enjoying themselves is paramount.


Zen loves drinking, and mead is his favorite. he also smokes tobacco. He would try anything once, but doesn't like feeling weak, vulnerable, or dissociated from reality.


Zenith's family believed in spirits, who could aid and advise them. He doesn't know what he believes, and honestly hasn't given it much thought since he left home.

3.  Interaction

  • Voice: low and gravelly
  • Scent: smoke, honey, leather

4.  Relationships

4.1  Key Relations

  • Tayn Silvaire: Zen met the scrawny young coyote with some hostility, but the unlikely pair ended up as friends. (Zenith may have designs on Tayn for more than friendship, but it is too soon to tell.)

4.2  Family: Wros, Rath

  • Mother: Melody Rath
  • Father: Lago Wros
  • Siblings: Melior Wros, Elan Blackblood (Wros)
  • Children: none known
  • Extended: whereabouts and statuses unknown

4.3  Minor Relations

4.4  Former Relations

  • Elan Blackblood (formerly Elan Wros) - Zenith's brother. He was captured during the coup and tortured. Elan eventually broke and swore fealty to the usurper of his own father's throne. He cast off the Wros surname and adopted the name Blackblood, given to him by his new Alpha. Zenith has not seen nor heard from Elan since the night of the attack, and chose to flee the area rather than engage his brother and the traitorous coyotes he now ran with.

4.5  Fights

  • (Win) unidentified coyote: Zenith was attacked, along with the rest of his family, in a highly-organized coup within his home pack. He was two years old, fighting in lupus. likely killed his attacker but he fled the scene before confirming.
  • (Win) unidentified wolf hybrid: attacked by a loner wolf on the road, Zen was travelling alone near the Canadian border between New York and Quebec. He was around two and a half years old, fighting in lupus. after several blows were exchanged, attacker backed away and headed in opposite direction.

4.6  Residence

4.7  NPCs

4.8  Abilities


  • Blacksmithing (Journeyman): can create simple tools/weapons and small items (such as nails, horseshoes, chain, tack hardware, simple jewelry) Nothing complicated or very large. Enjoys smithing and desires to improve.
  • Leatherworking (Apprentice): can create simple items like straps, belts, horse leads/bridles. enjoys leather working and desires to improve.
  • Brewing (Apprentice): reasonably good at brewing mead (if he has the materials, which can be hard to find) Interested in broadening his skill into beers.
  • Fighting, unarmed (Journeyman): Zen is skilled in unarmed combat, lupus and secui particularly.
  • Fighting, dual blunt weapons (Apprentice): in Optime form, Zen is competent in wielding his smithing hammers as weapons.
  • Low speech (Apprentice): comfortable grasp of low speech, especially with birds.


  • protective, fun-loving, charming


  • self-centered, vain, hedonistic, illiterate

4.9  Inventory


  • leather holsters and belt/sling for tools
  • leather smith's apron


  • two smithing hammers
  • smithing tongs
  • utility knife
  • whetstone


  • wineskin of mead
  • pouch of herbs
  • packet of willow bark (medicinal)
  • cigarette case
  • pouch of tobacco

5.  History

Zenith’s moderately sized home pack held an expansive territory in Colorado, along the mountains. The strongest presence in the area at the time and growing steadily. The Wros bloodline maintained leadership of the pack for 17 generations, and Zen was next in line. He relished the idea of being alpha of the pack, sitting atop that amount of power. His father Lago had many years left in him, of course, but Zen was fine sitting by his father’s side, venerating him but otherwise being a layabout prince. Saying Zenith grew up spoiled would be an understatement. Lower ranked families within the pack began offering daughters for future mating agreements when Zen was 6 months old. As time passed and it was clear that prince Zenith was going to end up a sizable man, he could barely walk down to the river for a drink without practically tripping over smaller sub males grovelling at his feet and asking to be an assistant to this or a councilor to that. The pack believed that Zen would deliver them their most prosperous years yet, seeing his considerable height and mass as an omen of health and good fortune.

It was not to be. A few of the newer annexed families (mainly coyote and hybrid) had been plotting to take down Lago the Wros tyrant for years. When the pack was engaged in celebrating Zenith and his siblings' second birthday, the splinter pack struck. With careful coordination, they killed Lago, the entire ruling council (heads of the more powerful families), as well as Zenith’s mother and sister. The attempt on Zenith himself failed, Zen was able to kill his attacker and escape in the chaos. A few loyal subordinates helped Zenith flee the area, and he stayed in hiding. Constantly on the move outside his former territory for several months, Zen was provided information by those still loyal to his family. The pack had been split in two and a vicious bloody battle raged. Apparently, Zenith’s brother Elan also survived the initial attack, but was held by the enemy and tortured until he cracked and cast off the name Wros to support the usurper - Erek Splinterfang.

Heartbroken, Zenith decided he could not bear to see his brother and former home this way any longer. With a small contingent of friends, he headed east, away from the mountains. the group had little trouble in their wanderings and soon found themselves in the smaller mountains of Appalachia. Here Zenith desired to move north, to colder more rugged land, but his companions were tired of travel and argued in favor of making a life in the mid New York region. Zenith left the last of his former life behind and followed the mountains north, into Nova Scotia.

5.1  Gallery

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5.2  Timeline


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