Tala Djose

Tala Djose

Tala, by Kelsey
DOBMarch 21, 2008
Age2 years
PackPhoenix Valley
'Souls Profile

Current Pack

Phoenix Valley

Joining dateNovember 17 2010
Joining RankLoas
Current RankSavant

Tala Djose was a former member and subleader of Phoenix Valley.

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1.  History

Born of pure grey blood lineage Tala was born in a time of turmoil, civil war had broken out within her pack. It was now alpha against pack, hierarchy against lower class. It was a childhood of fighting, yelling and blood. Though her mother had managed to keep her as far away from it all as she could, her father was not so lucky. Killed in battle, leaving Tala's mother heartbroken and weak. Tala at this point was still very young, though nearing the age to fend for herself. As those months went on and Tala reached the maturity of 7 months, she knew that this was not her place, seeing as her mother was still in a frail, desperate situation. Her mother bid them to leave, so she would never have to live through the loss of her beloved daughter. Being the only survivor of a little with 2 stillborn pups, she was all she had left.

So the two ran, they ran as far as they could before the two felt safe. Though such happiness of the thought of a new life was short lived. Winter came and the frail body of Tala's mother decayed in the cold, leaving her weak to illness. By spring's break Tala was alone. Heartbroken by the loss of her mother Tala left her haven to seek a new life once more. By the age of two she had mourned her mother, though the pain of the loss still lingers in her heart.

That had all been in the highlands of New Brunswick, it was upon crossing the border into Nova Scotia that Tala had come across the lands of the Souls Territories. Whether or not she could create a home for herself here, or even a new life within a pack was highly unknown to her. She just hoped for the best, for at least a short period of happiness. Some new friends. A family.

2.  Personality

Tala was never known to be much of a fighter, she is rather idly tempered or 'chill' and prefers to go with the flow of things rather than pick a fight or take a beating. Once broken out of her anal 'respectful and quiet' bubble she's a bit more energetic and friendly about things. Not known to make enemies, though that does not mean she can not make them, and stand up for herself when she must. She is also the type to forgive but not forget. The wolf can hold a grudge until the day she dies.

Because of her body type she is quite the agile runner and a key attribute to any hunt. When living on her own this was a key factor to her survival.

She knows what respect is and believes all others should as well, especially to higher ranks. Though she will put an omega in its place with a snap or snarl or two she would never go to far with it, to utterly be mean unless absolutely necessary.

If Tala could do one thing everyday, it would be to scope out the territory as a scout. Both the running and the exploration of it gives her a kick.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

  • Parents: Fell Margarete, Rotorro Djose
  • Siblings: --

3.2  Friends

  • Noah Sawtooth: -- One of the first members Tala met after joining Phoenix Valley. They met on the beach where the male's stuttering speech and her understanding of his emotion even with the lack of words caused them to grow close almost immediately. The two share a birthday and often refer to each other as 'Brother' and 'Sister' despite note being actually related.
  • Alaki: -- Meeting the erratic wolf on the Quartz Shoreline the male was quick to break down in emotion after the loss of a precious necklace. Tala showed him friendly kindness yet a stubborn determination to calm him. Standing up to him caused Alaki to grow a soft spot, and likewise to him on her part. The two are extremely close and protective of each other, despite Alaki being part of Anathema.

3.3  Acquaintances

3.4  Enemies

4.  Appearance

-The first thing you notice is the stunning amber eyes, though large with a constant look of curiosity, they show a soft soul. Her eyes are outlined by black, like many of her brethren.

-The fur is thick, ideal for a harsh winter, yet thins gradually in the spring and summer. A pale grey undercoat with near streaks of a charcoal black and faded red copper throughout the body. Both ears and nose are completely black. The muzzle just behind the nose fades from an ebony to the same copper of the body, though this time it seems more chocolate, the rest is grey like the body. The paws are white with light copper between the toes but fade out much more quickly and in a less dense pattern than her body. Her tail is black, though it was docked at birth because of an infection (picture an Australian Shepherd tail just slightly longer).

-Her body is small, weighing close to 70 pounds for a female. She has a narrow head and muzzle, both typical to the anatomy of her species. Her shoulders are slender, though her tail is smooth and long. Her body stretches to 125cm from nose to tail.

-Tale has both strong teeth and claws, her claws are black to match her nose and her teeth have a hint of yellow to them from ware.

-Tala is always in Lupus form unless stated otherwise.

-In Optime form she is 5"11 168lbs

- In Secui form she is 33" 140lbs

-In Lupus form she is 27" 62lbs

-In Secui she doesn't change much other than her size, her fur gets a tad bit thicker.

- In Optime form, Tala's hair grows out into snow coloured curls, they reach about her shoulder blades, and she had bangs that fall above one eyebrow. Considering she doesn't spend much time in this form, she's awfully well kept.

5.  Notable Threads

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