Sara Styg

Sara Styg

by Nat
BirthdateMay 7, 2014

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Sara Styg is a medic of the Zion wolves.

History & Personality

The granddaughter of Ragna Styg, Sara is both as sadistic and nasty as her grandmother, though you would never know by looking at her. She is exceedingly beautiful, but the sparkle in her sea foam eyes cannot hide the viciousness lying beneath.

After Ragna's passing, Sara was trained by her mother in the ways of healing, as she had taken up the position of medic among the Boreas as Ragna had aged. Working with bodies is a joy to Sara, and she has learned much about blood letting and the use of leaches, and would rather cut off a diseased limb rather that try to save it with herbs and tonics. If ever a Scintilla coyote, or any disgusting lesser breed would get into her hands, her variety of medical tools would transform into devices of torture.

She is staunchly religious in face only, not so much in practice, and looks forward to the end of days, where suffering and fire will cleanse the Earth. She sometimes sees herself as being witness to these events already coming to fruition, and is more than happy to help the cleansing along in her own way.

Sara has not yet become anyone's mate, and guards her virginity as any good Christian would. She prays for a day when Daniel Dalton himself may turn an eye towards her, she lusts after him greatly, and it is a sin she does not care to ask forgiveness for. She would even become a second wife for him, if he so wished.

Souls History

Sara arrived with the Boreas wolves in late December 2016. She originally stayed in the main camp tending to camp maintenance and feeling pretty useless, but was then moved a mile or so away so that her medical tent would not draw any unwanted attention.

She was able to hone her 'skills' on Vesper when the Inferni leader was captured by the Boreas. She had little interaction with anyone outside of the Boreas save for Sliver Stitch who ran across her outside of camp while she was foraging.

When the Boreas camp was attacked, Sara once again ran into Sliver and managed to kill him before she fled 'Souls territory, most likely to try and return to Zion.



Steely gray -- darker hints along back, lighter undertones. Sea-foam eyes.

by Nat


Healer and medic.

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