Ronan, once part of Malus's gang of loners, now belongs to Nyx Greyfire as a slave. His group called The Trenches their home before Anathema moved down there and chased them out of their home. Their group was captured after taunting Anathema's borders continuously, and each member was forced to fight in the pack amphitheater for entertainment. Ronan's only option was slavery or death, and luckily he was claimed at the end of his fight.

He has since become a servant of Nyx to do as she says for the rest of his life, or until he is granted his freedom.


Sand Dune (#7F6F62)
Swirl (#CFCAC4)
Zorba (#A49E90)
Rolling Stone (#798185)
Abbey (#505153)
Silver (#C3C3C3)


Player:NPC of Corie
Date of Birth:2012
Subspecies:100% Eastern Timber Wolf
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Ronan tends to be the resourceful one out of the group because he uses his brain during hard times. He's very practical when it comes to problem-solving, and uses an array of skills and resources to overcome obstacles. He is also very self-disciplined and crafty, but can be obsessive at times depending on the item or person of interest. Ronan tends to be pessimistic due to his upbringing. He has seen a lot of negative things, which leads him to assume negative will overcome positve in the long run.


  • Ranged Weapons (Projectiles): Ronan is very good with a bow, and his accuracy is very precise. It is obvious he is well-practiced with it.
  • Tracking/Scouting: Often tasked with being the lookout, Ronan is skilled in tracking and scouting.
  • Bladed Weapons:
  • Poisons & Stealth: It is unclear why he learned about poisons and stealth at a very young age, but Ronan seems to utilize these skills when weapons and blunt force aren't options. Given that he is very low-key, one should worry if they wind up on Ronan's bad side.

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