Revan Rajanikant

Revan Rajanikant

Date of BirthOctober 23rd, 2009
Age3 years
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeUnited States
Current packLoner

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Rajanikant Pack

Chief packRajanikant Family
Joining dateOctober 23rd, 2009

Revan Rajanikant is a current Loner.


A short time before the great plague hit, there lived a small pack of Jackals living together in a somewhat harmony in an unknown part of Africa. This pack of Jackals wasn't really technically a pack at all, since they only banded together to take down animals that were too big to hunt individually, breaking back up again into pairs or individuals and fighting amongst themselves for food and territory rights. There were only 10 members in this little "pack", each of the same species and each equally as aggressive as the last. Of these 10 members, there was a pair that seemed to be the outcasts to the rest, the pair most independent from the others. These two were eyed most by the watchful eyes of the humans hiding a short distance away. They were from an unknown research company, studying the effects of certain promising medicines and vaccines for some very demanding governments. These two "promising" jackal candidates were designated with code names, A-51, or Adam for the male, and E-54, or Eve for the female. It was unknown if these names were picked for a certain reason or if they were simply nicknames to single them out from the rest as in a short time none of it would have mattered anyway.

The day the pair would remember would be the worst in their entire lives had started just like any other. A lack of food in the general area had forced them all to band together once again in a temporary team, working together to take out the large gazelle they had picked out to share between them. All but the pair lined up in a loose wedge formation, the outcasts having to wait until the hunt was finished and everyone else had their turn. All was not lost for Adam and Eve however. They had managed to find a strange food object that smelled absolutely wonderful. They had never experienced such a wonderful aroma before in their lives and within moments they were captured in the live trap and hauled away from their home, unknown from the rest of the jackals.

Adam and Eve were hauled in a large rumbling creature they had never seen before, then passed by several strange smelling creatures who made odd howls and barks and growls before being cast into another even larger and louder rumbling creature. As the creature seemed to get louder and louder, Adam's stomach started to free fall and Eve threw up, luckily having it land outside of the cage. The two mates entwined in the small cramped cage, their eyes equally showing the frightened wonder of just what the hell had they gotten themselves into.

The next time Adam awoke, they were being loaded into yet another creature, this one similar to the first and mercifully not as loud or vomit inducing as the last. After traveling many miles, staring out at all the strange trees and creatures they would have never imagined existed, they looked at each other, seeing the worst in each other's eyes. They knew what awaited them, when they finally reached wherever it was they were going, was most likely not going to be good and so, with Eve currently in her heat cycle, they made a mental agreement as Eve stood up, allowing Adam to mount her under the stars, right in the cramped cage in the back of the truck.

They were interrupted before he even got a chance to wrap his paws fully around her hips by a hard tapping noise which almost literally scared the crap out of both of them. A muffled, "Hey, knock it off back there! This ain't a hotel room on wheels." followed by, "Aw leave them alone. They're research animals. They're about to go through some pretty hardcore stuff, let them have their time. I'm sure we'll get more money for them if the female is pregnant anyways." With a grumble and a clang, the creatures disappeared from view, leaving Adam and Eve alone for the rest of the trip.

Adam mounted her again after waiting for a bit to make sure they would leave them alone and after successfully depositing his seed into Eve's awaiting body, they curled up together in the cage, nuzzling each other in warmth and love. It was a loud screeching sound that woke him up this time, the large creature swaying on his feet. Too late did he realize the truck was going to crash and he wouldn't have known what to do regardless, smacking his head into the cradling blackness. He awoke with the sun beating down on him, the fresh air making his nose twitch. He opened his eyes to the wonderful scenery surrounding him. Was he back home? The familiar sand and shrubbery was there, yes, but those large things in the distance seem new. He didn't know it but he was currently in the Nevada desert, though he had more pressing matters to attend to first. Where was Eve?

The cage had busted open, the back of the truck in similar condition. The truck seemed to have flipped over after it lost control, the strange creatures leaking blood and various body fluids out of the cab of the truck, but Adam had no care nor notice for this. A single furry leg was sticking out from inside the back. He ran to her, crawled inside the back and stood in shock as he saw her. Eve was lying face up, the expression on her face a look of pure surprise. It was only right as a metal bar from the cage jutted out of her chest, her lifeless eyes breaking his heart. With a sadness only a mate could experience after losing his love, he closed her eyes and licked her muzzle once, telling her he loved her in his own way before leaving, heading off down the road in a direction that would take him far away from the truck and the death inside it. Unknown to Adam, the truck had sprung a leak of gasoline, a spark being created engulfing the truck and his love's body in a fiery inferno, taking her on to the other side.

Months went by as Adam walked along the strange smooth rock, stopping only to rest and hunt. Several weeks after he had the truck behind, he met Sadie, a coyote who had been traveling alone as well. Over time they fell in love and before long a litter of 3 pups was born somewhere far north from his mate's final resting place. In his entire life time, he never forgot her, but he loved Sadie just as well. She understood this, having lost her mate to one of the same creatures, so they lived together in harmony, passing on their knowledge and beliefs to their pups. They adopted the name Rajanikant, meaning Lord of Night, and passed that name on to their pups as well. One in particular, Bella, who looked so much like her father compared to the others, seemed to be the dominant of the group of herself, Samantha, and Malak. Though she was the smaller of the group, she let none of her brother or sister pick on her, and it made Adam laugh every time he saw that. Time passed and the pups grew while the adults grew old, and when the time finally came, the two mates said their goodbyes and sent their pups off into the world, smiling as their life's work was finally finished. They never heard from their pups again, though that wasn't a bad thing as it was their time to return and they were so happy. As they laid in each other's arms, they looked into each other's aging eyes, smiling as they remembered all that they had been through. "Thank you so much for everything." They said in unison and laughed until it was time, their last breath wheezing out a last simple sigh as they return to their long lost mates again on the other side.

Bella had been the smallest of the group, having taken on a more jackal like appearance than the others, but that didn't necessarily mean she was the weakest. The small pack of coyote/jackals had traveled quite a distance together before meeting up with a coyote pack and joining their ranks happily. The coyote pack had just discovered the ability to shift into 3 different forms and passed this knowledge onto the young pups, who were born luperci thanks to their Father, Adam, who was exposed to the virus through the humans who were driving the truck. Over time Bella found the love of her life in her new coyote mate Kallo. Time passed and Bella did her part to pass on the Rajanikant name. A short while later, a litter of two was born, Kodi and Aleu, and those pups grew and lived fairly well amongst the coyote pack. As the pups began to get old enough to fend for themselves, the pack welcomed a new set of arrivals into the lands, apparently arriving on a large creature or as some of the dogs called it a boat. Among those who arrived were a small group of Jackals and among these was a rather gorgeous female named Krystal. It was love at first site for Kodi and when he was old enough, after falling in love with her, they left the pack, starting their own lives much farther north.

Things progressed quite rapidly from there, the winter chill keeping the two mates from starting a family just yet but they were happy to be with each other just the same. Spring came and with it news of Kodi's parent's death by a messenger sent by the coyote pack. They went peacefully, as all should be given the privilege to do, and shortly after that the couple sealed their mateship with a mating dance. Pups were born in the summer, only 2 again, Revan and Rose Rajanikant. Revan was the bigger of the two, always protecting his little sister from harm. His father taught him well in battle, though he never really got much challenge from just his older father to practice on. As time passed, Revan and Rose grew older, they learned all that they could about surviving, knowing the stories of the tall creatures who walked on two legs and captured his great grandfather.

Over the months Revan spent with his mother, father, and sister, he began to grow apart from them. He wasn't quite sure why but he had an overpowering urge to explore. So at the age of one year old, Kodi gave him detailed instructions about a place he had heard from his time in the coyote pack. This place was Nova Scotia and there he would find what he was seeking. Revan left his family eagerly, giving them all his love before heading out on life's journey, head held high and eyes focused on the road ahead. It was only a week after he left the safety of his family before he received a life lesson he would never forget. Don't get too comfortable with your surroundings.

He had been walking along a seemingly tranquil wood line when he was stopped by a strange looking coyote. This coyote was foaming at the mouth and had glowing red eyes. The fight hadn't taken long but it had left its mark on Revan's body, or more accurately his ear. The tip was missing, a permanent reminder of the dangers of getting complacent. He had extracted a tooth from the beast as a souvenir and using some string his sister had given him, he made a necklace out of the tooth. A simple trophy to mark his first kill, his first battle, one in the many that would surely come in his lifetime. He passed the first scent markers with an ease of mind. Surely this had to be the land of Nova Scotia.

As soon as Revan got to Nova Scotia, lo and behold the first person he would meet he would develop feelings for. Sepirah Jendayi Lykoi...God she was a goddess..but she had other plans it seemed for poor Revan, though he didn't know how to woo her as well as he should have. Nevertheless, Sepirah managed to get him into Inferni, where he was brought in as a scout. It didn't take long for Revan to realize Sepirah had other plans for her life. At first he took that a little hard, but despite the rejection he felt, he managed to through himself into his duties as a scout, patrolling the borders of Inferni and working out his young body with an almost obsessive compulsion. He even received extensive training from the infamous Kesho Maisha.

Despite living within Inferni's borders for several months, Revan never really felt a part of the pack, which was partly his own fault since he had chosen to be so isolated from the rest. It wasn't completely his fault though. He had grown up only knowing the small pack that was his family, and the only outsider he had met had attacked him, giving him the scar and the trophy he hung around his neck. He had met a few members in his time spent in the pack, each with their own unique perks, some completely different and some very similar, but all in all he had always felt a bit distant from the rest of Inferni.

He didn't complain though. In all honesty he preferred the isolation. It allowed him to do his job at his own pace, and allowed him to leave whenever he wanted as well, knowing he would always have a place to come back to when he needed...until that fateful day. Revan had been returning back to the den from a long day of patrolling when he had noticed something odd. His den was where it was, completely untouched as it remained so, but on top of the roof of his little car den was a small bird he had only rarely seen. Upon closer inspection, the bird flew away, but left behind a small letter obviously addressed to him.

The letter revealed disturbing news, and Revan left at once, making sure he took everything that meant something to him. He didn't think of telling anyone he left, didn't think anyone cared really...All he could think about was something was wrong with his family, and he needed to get there right now. Revan didn't look back as he left the borders, didn't look back as he left the scent markers of Nova Scotia, and with one final swish of his tail, he was gone from Souls.

A year passed...more than a year...with no sign of Revan's return. Finally..finally..only 2 days before his birthday, Revan was seen crossing the scent markers into Nova Scotia again. He had been gone so long though...instead of returning to Inferni..he decided to perhaps try a new pack, or being off on his own. That's what he did when he lived in Inferni anyways..and he had had much training for that very thing..

His story continues..


Revan is a strange one...though generally he is very kind and easygoing to most that he meets. Sometimes he can be a little shy depending on the person, but most of the time he's a pretty fun guy to be around, despite being a bit awkward at times. He has an obsessive need to collect interesting and strange objects, as well as to keep himself in shape, resulting from the attack he had received at a young age as well as the trophy he had removed from his would be attacker. Revan doesn't like to be around large groups, preferring isolation, the company of individuals, or small groups.



  • Parents — Kodi and Krystal Rajanikant
  • Siblings — Rose Rajanikant
  • Mate — None yet
  • ''Children — Przemyslaw Radwańska , Arkadiusz Radwańska , Sylwia Radwańska , Dariusz Radwańska , Kamil Radwańska , Kostrzyn Radwańska. Wojciech Radwańska, Rafal Radwańska, Pawel Radwańska.


Revan is 50% Jackal, 50% Coyote. It is unknown exact what subspecies he is. He's a little on the short side, being more jackal in appearance than coyote, but is only a little shorter than an average wolf. In his lupus form he's a normal size jackal. He has red markings on his face, a tattoo that shows clearly through his black fur because of an ancient and secret technique performed by his father, this tattoo is clearly visible in all three forms, along with the tip of his ear. He wears a necklace with a coyote tooth around his neck, a trophy of his first successful battle. His fur is thick but short. His eyes a light orange and gold.

In Secui form which will most like be rarely used, he gains a good percentage of size and weight. His fur gets thicker in this form and he grows a slight mane on the back of his neck down to his neck.

In Optime form, he's much taller, but anybody would be going from walking on 4 legs to 2. He's on the leaner side, mostly because of his jackal bloodline and his age. His hair is always up in a spiky look with blonde highlights.