Myrkr Villieldr

Reference © Soldaten/Aschenblute

Myrkr Villieldr is a Loner born into the Stormbringer family.


Myrkr's build can best be described as small and willowy. Her stature takes more after the coyote heritage on her mother's side of the family, though her pelt is littered with the shades of black and grey commonly found throughout her father's bloodline. The dark fur surrounding her light silvery-blue eyes makes her gaze a bit unsettling to some, while light wisps of grey fur coat her shoulders, back, tail and face. Near-white markings cap her shoulders, forehead and nose, giving her a look reminiscent of a permanent dusting of snow. Myrkr tends to keep her posture as nonthreatening as possible, preferring to go unnoticed rather than drawing attention to herself.


Shy, reserved, quiet, aloof, cautious, untrusting, bitter, introspective

  • Likes: Music, astrology, rain, night-time, winter, fall
  • Dislikes: Heat, arrogance, fake niceties, conflict

Being both a hybrid creature and a bastard child of a vagabond father, Myrkr has developed a distinct lack of self-worth in the overall grand scheme of things. Also being the runt of her litter, she learned early on that throwing her minuscule weight around accomplishes very little. Myrkr's personality usually ranges from extremely shy to an emotional Fort Knox. Very rarely, with those few who manage to gain her trust, she can reveal the dreamy, gentle soul hidden behind her walls.

With regards to how she carries herself, Myrkr will usually make an effort not to be noticed, especially in group settings. Due to her ability to blend into the background, the dark coy-wolf sometimes finds herself privileged to information many individuals would wish to remain quiet. This information is seldom picked up intentionally: she just can't help but catch snippets of conversations when others don't realize she's there. Of course, this little talent can often prove itself to be very useful.

Family Relations: Stormbringer, Villieldr, Oriel

  • Paternal Grandparents: Vedr Stormbringer (m) x Hiti Stormbringer (f)
  • Maternal Grandparents: Brandr Villieldr (m) x Astrid Villieldr (f)
  • Parents: Ivarr Stormbringer (m) x Eira Villieldr (f)
  • Full Siblings: Tordis (f), Signy (f), Vedr (m), Reykr (m)
  • Half Siblings: Vidarr (m), Lifa (f), Bjorn (m)