Misfit Yatagarasu 八咫烏

Yatagarasu is the product of a complicated relationship between Misfit Suzaku, leader of a group of warriors in Japan, and Harpie, captain of a pirate ship thats circuit ran passed Japan. Wanting to escape the past rather than accept things, Yatagarasu fled from his father's care to Nova Scotia, along with his brother and sister, Totoro and Natsuko.

Yatagarasu suffers from Xeroderma Pigmentosum, which causes him pain when exposed to sunlight for an approximate amount of time. Whilst he doesn't have a severe case of it, direct sunlight still causes pain to Yatagarasu's eyes and burns his skin in the places his fur is thinnest. Because of his condition, and past experiences, Yatagarasu also suffers from Heliophobia, a fear of sunlight or bright lights.

Misfit Yatagarasu

by Jazzy



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Date of Birth

15 September 2014




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Coydog hybrid 50% Dog, 37.5% Coyote, 12.5% Wolf

12.5% Canis lupus nubilus (Wolf)
50% Canis lupus familiaris (Dog)
37.5% Canis latrans lestes (Coyote)


12.5% Arabian Wolf
50% Shiba Inu
37.5% Mountain Coyote




Mate None
Pack None
Rank N/A

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1.  Appearance

1.1  Build and Species

Yatagarasu can only be described as small. On the spectrum of a combination of his two most influential subspecies, he still remains on the short side. From Lupus to Optime this remains the case. His colouration, like all his siblings, takes much of it's inspiration from Yata's father, Suzaku. Yatagarasu takes on more of Shiba Inu colours than his brother and sisters. However, in terms of his fur thickness and build, Yatagarasu is rather lanky and Coyote-like. His fur around his arms is incredibly short, and in some places lost and replaced with patches of burns. His tail remains curled in all forms, from his dog heritage. Yatagarasu's ears are large and pointed, and along with other features, takes a lot from his coyote heritage.

1.2  Coloration

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  • Optime Hair: Cod Gray (#131211) Hardly visible, very short and slightly spiky in places. Mostly destroyed by skin condition.
  • Eyes: Ripe Tide (#8DE8CF)
  • Fur:
    • Primarily Cod Gray (#131211).
    • Westar (#E7E3DE) Lower mask, covering muzeel below the brow, and cheeks, stops at neck. Large patch of white continues from chest down the stomach to the tip of the tail. White socks extending from toes to elbows. Inside of ears.
    • Tacao (#F3BE82) as small spots above eyes on brow, and as rings around the end of each white sock.

1.3  Forms




18 lbs (8 kg)
18 in (46 cm)

100 lbs (45 kg)
31 in (79 cm)

135 lbs (61 kg)
4ft 11in (150 cm)

Small, with a coyote build. His fur is rather thick, apart from an abnormal difference in thickness between his body and limbs caused from Yata's condition. Yatagarasu doesn't use this form often.

Considerably bigger than his lupus form. The pattern of fur lengths remains the same in this form, and Yatagarasu shows little to no evidence of a mane or growth of hair around his head or neck. Yatagarasu doesn't use this form often.

Yatagarasu's almost exclusive form is his Optime form. He is small but strong, build for climbing and fighting. His fur begins to thin out in this form, and Yata's optime hair is just a short, spiky mop of hair that is missing in places.

1.4  Other


  • Piercings: None.
  • Tattoos: None.
  • Scars:
    • Patches of burnt skin around Yata's arms and legs, with obvious damage to his fur and skin at an early age.
    • Across Yata's temple and head there are similar burns, stopping near his neck.


  • Yatagarasu always likes to wear a bronze Bird skull helmet he got as a pup. It's weight means he doesn't wear it often, but Yata has some sort of emotional bond to the skull. It seems to calm the boy down when he's upset or in pain, he claims that the cold metal soothes him. It offers some protection from the sun, though not much. When it's not being worn, it's being carried around in Yata's hand, serving as a weapon which Yata can use, the sharp point of the beak making it usable in combat. However, since to Yatagarasu, the skull is more than an accessory, but a friend of his, he doesn't attack with it often, in case of damaging it, and only uses it in combat when he thinks, emotionally wise, the skull should be used.


  • When he can, Yata wears as much clothes as possible, all to cover up his skin from sun exposure. However, when he's needed to work and fight, Yatagarasu's prefers to simply wear his helmet and green dyed leather braces around his arms and legs. He usually wears a dark hood during the daytime when he is found out and about. Though this isn't often.

2.  Personality

Anti-HeroThe CynicThe NapoleonBerserk Button

See the world for the crappy reality it is, that's Yata's main view. He know life sucks, he's seen enough of it first hand to be done with the world, but that doesn't stop him from moving forward. He does carry the blood of warriors, although Yatagarasu prefers to forget his origins. Like any stubborn warrior, Yata lives on, and plans to keep living on. He lives on for his sister's sake, and because Yatagarasu is just too head-strong and stubborn to give up. Yatagarasu first and foremost, hates everyone. Others annoy him, their opinions just make his fur stand on end. He also thinks talking takes too much effort, especially since others don't speak fluent Japanese like Yatagarasu does. Yatagarasu has an attitude with little reason, blaming other for his temper breaks and hating his height. Yatagarasu hates being the smallest of his litter, and the smallest of anyone he knows or comes into contact with. Teasing or even mentioning Yata's height is a sure-fire way of making his usually quiet demeanour dissolve and unless the tiny, snappy mess that is Yatagarasu deep down. He gets stressed easily as well, due to being in constant pain when exposed to sunlight, and is annoyed if his condition hinders him, as it does often. Yatagarasu avoids this by being almost exclusively nocturnal, but it doesn't stop him from getting annoyed at himself for being so handicapped.

However, the little brat isn't all yap. He's aware of honour, and is incredibly loyal to the few he thinks are worthy of being trusted by him. He cares for his siblings, and remains in belief that his father is a fool and selfish man who never cared for the four pups. And it's commonly confused to think that hating others means Yatagarasu wants to see them dead. But he's not that big of a brat. He knows not everyone in the world is to blame for his curse or his shortness, or Yata's life in general up until this point. If he sees someone in trouble, he'll help them out, even if he considers them weak for even needing help in the first place. What Yatagarasu even desires in life is a mystery. He wants a home and family, but doesn't trust anyone enough to get that close, nor will the tough little guy accept that being loved is what he's truly after. On the outside, Yatagarasu fights for the sake of fighting, and lives for the sake of living. On the inside, he carries on walking in the shadows, hoping one day to reach the light.

2.1  Demeanor

Quiet and always with a frown hidden under his mask. Yatagarasu doesn't do 'smiling' unless he's amused himself with a snarky comment or thought, and he usually looks at others with a glare in his eyes. If he looks at them at all. As a preference, Yatagarasu doesn't like looking up to others, but at his height, that's almost impossible to avoid.

2.2  Ideals


  • Likes: Silence, Night, the Moon, Fighting, Winning, the Strong.
  • Dislikes: Lies, talking, sunlight, his father, losing, being weak.


Quiet, Stubborn, Conflicted, Temperamental, Loyal, Honourable.


  • Being trapped in direct sunlight, it was used on him as a method of punishment as a pup.
  • Pirates or groups of violent individuals.
  • Being disloyal to his pack.
  • Becoming like his father.


  • Finding a pack and family.
  • Living.
  • Proving that even a little, Misfit like him can keep on going.


  • Packs: Although he doesn't like others very much, Yatagarasu would respect whatever pack he was welcomed into. He'd respect their laws, and judge others packs by how they judge them.
  • Species: Although he's a good deal Coyote, Yatagarasu fears them, as they remind him of his cruel mother.
  • Non-Luperci: No bias.
  • Gender: Yatagarasu is fearful of Woman, at first he'd be uneasy around any female, and then it would reach the point where Yatagarasu's usually personality takes hold, and he holds them at as much a distance as he does anyone else.
  • Color: Bright colours, like dyed fur or pure white fur, makes Yata a little on edge. He gets along better with darker coats.
  • Sexuality: Yata sees all relationships as something special, well aware that in the case of his parents, there was no love involved. Any kind of sexuality is respected by Yata.
  • Age: No bias.


Kinsey Scale 3 - Equally heterosexual and homosexual

Yatagarasu has never experienced strong feelings for another. But due to his past, he may lean more towards liking males, as he trusts them easier. For Yata to love a female would have to be after a long while, in which Yatagarasu was at ease around them. He'd love a male equally, but for females, he'd be very submissive.


Yatagarasu has never drunk alcohol or taken any other substance. He's unaware of alcohol's properties other than to clean wounds.


Believes in the same Japanese myths and legends that his father does. His belief isn't strong, but he sometimes calls to certain spirits for help or just as support during hard times.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

  • Misfit Suzaku: Their relationship is a complete opposite to one another. Yatagarasu truly believes his father is a scum-bag and a coward, that gave up his children out of fear to be raised by their terrifying mother. And when Yata returned to him, he hated the man too much to hear the truth.
  • Misfit Totoro: Yatagarasu is closest to his brother, the bigger Totoro always being there for Yata during hard times. He's one to see Yatagarasu's smile, along with his sister.
  • Misfit Natsuko: Yata's sister, who Yata is still close to, if a little more distant just due to his nervousness around women. Natsu's also cherished.
  • Harpie: A witch deserving of her name. There is no way Yatagarasu can hold any love for his mother. Other than seeing her as the one who unfortunately gave birth to him and his siblings, Yata really loathes her.

3.2  Family: Misfit

3.3  Minor Relations

  • Boop.

3.4  Former Relations

  • Misfit Neko: Yatagarasu's lost sister, who died during their escape from their mother. She gave up herself for the others, playing the role of the older sister in protecting them all. Yata really respects her for what she did, and her sacrifice keeps him living through hard times.
  • Basara: An old blacksmith and one of Harpie's many workers. The old wolf was one of the only people Yatagarasu tolerated when under his mothers 'care'. Most significant was Basara's gift to Yata, when he gave the boy a handmade, bronze bird skull to wear. The old wolf liked to comment on how Yatagarasu's name was that of a legendary crow of help and fortune, and that the boy spent so much time wandering around at night and talking to his pet crow that he thought of Yata as part-bird. Yata wears it now in respect to the old man, and how his gift served even more purpose by helping to keep Yatagarasu's temper down, and comfort the boy when he was upset.

4.  Interaction

  • Speech: Strong Japanese accent, with a usually quiet voice. Yatagarasu speaks with a lot of snap to his voice, making it sound like he's always annoyed. And when he gets into a burst of rage, the yapping Shiba Inu really kicks it up a gear.
  • Scent: Bronze, trees, sea water, fresh herbs.

4.1  Residence

  • Currently a loner, The world.
  • Boop.

4.2  NPCs


  • Species: Jungle Crow
  • Age: Unknown, looks to be around 4.
  • Description: Large for his kind. Jet black and impressive. Remains hovering about Yatagarasu at most times, if not resting on his shoulder or arm.
  • Personality: A confident bird, aggressive and cunning and yet smart enough to stay out of dangerous situations. Borudo is loyal to Yata as his master, and follows instructions well. He knows a few scattered words of High Speech, and vice versa for Yata with Low Speech, which give the two a very simple level of communication with one another.

Misfit Totoro (Temporary)

  • Whilst looking for a home in Nova Scotia, Yatagarasu is also accompanied by his big brother, Totoro.

4.3  Abilities


  • Sword Fighting (Journeyman): Yatagarasu would be a master at this if he wasn't taken away from the warrior family as a pup. Under his mothers 'care' there were fewer opportunities to train, that being said, Yata self-taught himself to fight and hasn't stopped training since.
  • Sailing (Journeyman): On his mothers boat, Yata was one amongst many to maintain the ship and keep it sailing. He can handle life on a boat without question, and although he performs better on larger ships, his skills can condense down to help Yata sail on any boat.
  • Crafting/Blacksmithing (Apprentice): A skill Yata picked up on the ship just to please his friend, Basara. He let the old man teach him about blacksmithing, and also how to craft simple weapons and arrows.
  • Stealth (Journeyman): Whilst there weren't many places to hide on a boat, Yatagarasu's natural skills in remaining silent and stealthy helped him get his siblings away from their mother. It could be said that because he's so small, Yata is easy to miss, but don't actually tell him that.
  • More? (Badass): Reason.


  • His 'curse': Having sensitivity towards sunlight puts Yatagarasu at major disadvantages during the day. From being in direct sunlight, his eyes will begin to sting and water, and Yata will easily tire from the stinging pain around his body in the areas of thinnest fur. The fact that he could face deadly defeats or blindness in sunlight is one of the reasons Yata is almost only ever active at night. Whilst Yatagarasu doesn't have many weaknesses, it can be assumed that his condition makes up for a lot of cons.
  • Anger: It might be triggered by friendly jests, but one could easily use Yata's short temper against him, as when riled up, he tends to not think straight and act more rash than usual.

5.  Achievements

Pack Game

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6.  History

Yatagarasu was born on a boat, surrounded by a crew that looked down at the pup and his three siblings with distaste. His mother was exhausted, but also annoyed and irritated. It was motherly instinct and hormones alone that allowed Yatagarasu's Coyote mother to allow the four pups to feed from her, and remain healthy over the next four weeks. Once they could survive without her attention, Yata's mother brought the pups to shore. They were brought to Japan, and their journey brought the pups further inland until they reached a house made of bamboo and wood. The house was owned by a group of similar looking dogs, and although still young, they looked a lot like the pups as well. One particular dog, who required the help of crouches to walk, was given the four puppies, with only a few statements given by their mother. She said that the pups were his, and that she was tired of having useless whining creatures aboard her ship.

Despite their father being so handicapped, he did a good job in raising the four pups. Yatagarasu was a clear runt of the litter, so small compared to the others. However, he was loved no more or less by his father, and all four were taught and loved equally. The Misfit family wasn't small, Yata was also cared for by his grandparents when Suzaku was too weak to go about helping them. It was clear however, even with all the care he was given, that Yatagarasu was suffering. It wasn't understood at first why the pup would squeal during the day as he played, or why he'd get a rash around his back and neck after a day outside. It was his grandmother that realised Yatagarasu might also be cursed, like many in the family. His curse was that of the sun, and as soon as it was realised, Suzaku made sure Yata was always covered up, and remained outside for as little time as possible. His siblings grew outside, learning about all sorts of things the family grew and traded. Whilst Yata was shut inside, his father being his only company as Suzaku too needed to remain inside to rest. Whilst spending so much time with his father, Yatagarasu began to notice small details to Suzaku's behaviour. He'd sometimes have a look of pain on his face, not of injury but of memory, and often went quiet around the pup or made excuses to go elsewhere. He cared or Yatagarasu, saw to the pups needs, just like his siblings, but there was no... real love or desire in their father.

Yatagarasu was worried their father was getting worse, that his legs were causing him a lot of pain. So Yata discussed it with his siblings, at the age of 6 months, Yata and Totoro decided to help out more with the family trade, and try and get their father a horse or mule, some sort of animal to be his legs for him. Their grandparents thought the idea was sweet, and the boys were allowed to be the ones to meet the traders to make the swap. Yatagarasu was still trotting on four legs, but Totoro had already shifted, the earliest shifter of the pups, possibly due to him being the largest of the siblings. They carried the goods to the meeting spot, only to meet the horrific sight of dead bodies, the traders had been murdered, and in their place was a familiar woman, of red fur and eyes of wicked hatred. Yatagarasu may have grown a lot, but he and Totoro recognised their mother's face. She knew who they were, but even so, their mother greeted the pups as if it was their first meeting. She gave her name, Harpie, an alias the coyote woman went by, and asked the pups how they were. Fearful of the state Harpie had left the traders in, they both tried to run away. Totoro was soon tackled by Harpie, the woman driving a knife across his chest until it left a line of red. With Totoro at her mercy, Harpie ordered Yatagarasu to come back, as running away would mean his brother's death. Reluctantly, Yata returned, and with a sinister grin on her face, Harpie asked Yata to take her to his father and the rest of the family. A family reunion was in order.

Upon returning home, both Yata and Totoro held at the sides of their mother, knife to Totoro's throat and the scruff of Yata's neck violently gripped, Harpie yelled for Suzaku to show himself. Their father appeared, along with Neko and Natsuko, who rushed forward to try and help their brothers. Suzaku ordered the girls back, in a voice so weak and broken, it brought fear to all four children. If this woman had Suzaku looking so much weaker than usual, then she must be a demon woman. Harpie found the little gathering of fearful dogs amusing, but got straight to the point. She claimed that her ship needed more hands, and she wasn't willing to pay for new crew. So, she was taking the four pups back. All were shocked by the claims of a woman that not 5 months ago had abandoned the pups here. Yatagarasu thought the life raised by his mother would be close to hell, and he was terrified. So the boy put his faith in his father, pleading to Suzaku to stop their mother, defeat her or keep them from her. But, the man that raised them, that have proven despite his condition to be a natural in sword-fighting and the best of the family, turned away his gaze. In a soft mumble, Suzaku told Harpie she could have the four children, whispering his good-byes and apologies to them all.

Yatagarasu showed his first moment of heartbreak and anguish then, staring to his father in disbelief, misunderstanding why Suzaku didn't even resist to give away his children. Harpie dragged the two boys, calling back to the girls with a similar threat that she'd give Yata earlier, that she'd kill the two mongrels she was holding if the girls didn't follow her. It was an inevitable change to Yata's life, but one he refused to believe was the only outcome. In the days to come, as the pups were introduced to life on a pirate's ship, Yatagarasu thought on what his father could of done. What he should have done. Protected the pups, stand up to their mother. Even if he perished, Yata would have loved his father for defending the children, and it would have proven that Suzaku did actually care for them deep down. But, as it happened, Yatagarasu was now in full belief that his father despised him and his siblings, thought of them as dirt he had to look after for morality reasons. So, rather than mourn on the past, Yatagarasu decided to hate the world he'd known. Hate his father like he believed the man hated him, and care only for himself and his siblings. Yatagarasu's time on the ship was full of grief his mother gave him. The boy would take the heat for a lot of failed work, and his punishments brought Yata to a state where he was easy to upset. He'd do something wrong, and Harpie would punish the boy by locking all the doors, and forcing Yata to stand out in the mid-day sun until his skin cooked and his eyes watered excessively.

His only sanctuary was at night, when Harpie slept and Yata was most active, talking to his siblings or spending his time watching the moon bounce off of the ocean. He'd met a crow, whilst observing the night, and fed it from the small scraps the workers were fed. Eventually, Yatagarasu had earned the avian's trust, enough to have the large crow stand on his arm. Borudo, Yata called his new friend, and the crow remained ever flying over the ship since Yatagarasu had adopted it. Yata matured on the ship, his temper and attitude didn't change, but he was more open to the other sailors, others he knew were slaves to Harpie just like he was. Yata met Basara, a craftsman on the ship, and the old wolf taught Yatagarasu all he knew on simple blacksmithing and crafting. The boy became closer to Totoro, though they worked on different parts of the ship, Totoro on the heavy lifting, Yatagarasu on the masts and crows nest. At night he'd introduce Totoro to Borudo or talk about stories or train against one another with the sword. From time to time, their sisters would join them, the two kept close to Harpie as the wicked woman was teaching them how to use their gender as a way of encouraging bargains or toying with men. Neko expressed the deepest concern for the two boys in their harder labours, and began to secretly discuss plans with them. Plans for her and the siblings to escape the boat and return home. She was certain of her plan, and Yatagarasu decided to take it steps further.

He was no conversationalist, or contained any charisma at all, but under the cover of night, Yata spoke to those workers he knew that despised Harpie almost as much as he did. Some of the workers agreed, and Basara gave Yatagarasu a gift the night before their plan. He gave Yatagarasu a bird's skull, made from bronze and fitted for Yata's head. He said that the boy was named after a legendary Japanese bird, that was said to guide people towards hope and their fates. The ship made a run through the south of Japan, a route known to remain close to the docks and land. Wearing his mask, Yatagarasu stormed into the captain's quarters, a place forbidden for him. Inside, Harpie was with his two sisters, and rather than looking scared, they looked determined, for they knew this was the initiation of the plan. Before Harpie could try to punish him, Yatagarasu began openly insulting her, preparing a knife he'd stolen the day before and claimed he was going to kill his mother right there and then. Harpie obviously retaliated, using her own skill and confidence to meet the young male head on. Whilst Yatagarasu fought their mother, his two sisters made a run for the door, getting onto the deck and ordering the others to start the next step. The rebelling crew began tipping barrels and glasses of alcohol onto the ship, soaking the wood in fuel. Neko was the one to wait, ordering the others to abandon the ship and get to land, whilst she waited for Yatagarasu to escape the fight with their mother. However, they mistook the older woman as an equal in skill compared to Yata. Harpie was a master in fighting, and easily overpowered Yata. She'd smelt the alcohol outside, and began laughing and taunting Yata as she figured out their little plan. She began cutting into Yata's sensitive skin, brutally kicking the boy until he couldn't fight back anymore. Harpie was going to take Yatagarasu down, then kill all the other traitors before her precious boat burned. But, she'd assumed the rebels wouldn't light the boat on fire whilst some where still on board. So Harpie was shocked to see flames lick across the deck just in front of her, edging closer towards the captain's quarters. Yatagarasu was too, confused at the flames, but knew if he was the one to die in order to stop their wicked mother, then he'd die in honour. However, a hand reached to Yata, forcing the boy to his feet. Neko came for him, ordering Yatagarasu to run, that the flames she'd lit weren't strong enough yet to stop him from escaping.

Disorientated from the smoke and pain, Yatagarasu did as his sister told him to, he ran through the flames, fur singed as he jumped into the safety of the waters. Yatagarasu didn't stop running until he'd reached shore, looking around for the others. He was relieved to see Natsuko and Totoro unharmed. There were other sailors too, but faces were missing that made Yata's heart drop. The old man, Basara wasn't around, and the others said that the old wolf stayed behind, claiming he was too old to be going on anymore adventures. And then, Totoro asked what Yata's mind was thinking, where was Neko? Their sister was no where around, not on land or in the sea. After wondering where she could have been, Yatagarasu remembered her last instructions, and turned painfully towards the burning ship. Neko had stayed behind to perish for the sake of giving Yata a chance to get away. Yatagarasu was again filled with feelings of despair, and hatred towards the world that continued to be so cruel. Knowing that one of them was gone forever, Yatagarasu wanted to give up himself. But Totoro and Natsuko kept him moving, inspiring Yata with the fact that Neko had died so he could live.

And so Yatagarasu decided to take her sacrifice, and make it the only thing left for the Misfit to stand for. He was determined to live for the sake of living. The siblings were reluctant at first to return home, but all three were curious as to what had happened for their father in the last 3 months. Yatagarasu was sceptic, but the others seemed hopeful that their father would be overjoyed by their return. And in many ways, Suzaku was overjoyed to see them all. He apologised many times over for letting them go, and for their sister's death, and many things. Totoro and Natsuko were more forgiving, but Yatagarasu couldn't listen to a word of it. Every word from their traitor father felt like a new burn on Yata's neck. And when things looked to be going back to normal, Yatagarasu left. His father had just given him that same old look of painful memory and almost disgust, which caused Yata to break and leave. Suzaku tried to stop the boy, promising to explain everything now, but Yata didn't look back. He'd walked away from the Misfit house, despising it like he despised this whole country for all the people who'd done him wrong. So Yatagarasu planned to leave, take a boat east until he hit land. Along the way to a distant but more trustworthy dock, Yata's brother and sister joined him. They didn't hate their father as much as Yatagarasu did, but they also saw him as closer family than they did Suzaku. So all three took a boat together, making their way to America, and for Yata, to a new life far better than the old one.

6.1  Timeline


  • November: The three siblings reach the lands of Nova Scotia at last. Once there, Natsuko broke away from the group. She promised to remain in the area, but wanted to see what life on her own was like. So Yatagarasu and Totoro took off together, planning to find a home as soon as possible.

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