Linquilea De La Rosesanglante

Linquilea, by
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Date of BirthMarch 4, 2006
Age7 years
Subspecies0% Canis species subspecies
50% Canis species subspecies
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"You cannot know me without knowing my past.

Each day, each hour, each minute - I am reminded of the blood that has been shed in my name. It started with two children, young and beautiful and innocent, and has since spiraled out of control. Every drop of blood I spill is in their name as much as it is his: I want nothing more than for the race of wolves to suffer as my children suffered, and I am not afraid to admit that. The hatred and anger that fuels my soul is not darkness; rather, it is a blinding light that only I can see through and understand."

The dark woman looked down at the page, her elegant and terrifying face rather blank as she considered the words she had just penned. Her handwriting erred on the side of clumsy, and the spelling was imperfect; it was a result of training stopped too soon and a good chunk of life spent solely on four paws. But it was a good beginning to the story she would eventually leave for posterity, a mark that began the tale of Linquilea de la Rosesanglante, born Linquilea Yae, which would not disappear.

Time would not erase her deeds. This ebony monster had found her key to eternity, and she would take it without remorse.


In reality, there were three lives taken the day Shandom Qi’Vaex stepped out of his own body and let something darker take over. Xyvi and Kora Dy’Nix stopped breathing and shed their blood upon the dark ground, but Linquilea Yae disappeared in an equally finite sense. It was a strange sensation, being able to remember to remember death and birth in a reversed order, but the monster supposed it gave her a greater sense of things. She remembered seeing their bodies on the ground, broken and bleeding as they locked innocent eyes with her and drew their final breaths in the same moment, and then everything squeezed in a most uncomfortable way. It was as if everything were pushed from her insides forcibly through her ears, mouth, eyes, anus – any orifice through which it could escape, it did. Moments after they drew their last breaths, Linquilea Yae drew hers, and that was that.


It is easy to sum up Linquilea with one word: evil. Unfortunately for those who would like to do so, that word is not entirely applicable. Certainly, she has committed many evil, heinous deeds, and her mind is certainly much closer to evil than it is to anything that slightly resembles good, but Linquilea is not pure evil. However, anything that resembles something besides evil has been buried by years of pure, unadulterated hatred and bitterness.

Linquilea is a study in what can happen when a wolf in possession of delicate mental state is pushed to the brink and beyond. The female has a broken and rebuilt mind; she is not who she once was. In her youth, Linquilea was slightly volatile but easily placated by those she loved. Her heart was, for the most part, pure; she did not want to be a killer. Still, there was always a shadow of something in the back of her mind, and this shadow would come forth when the female was feeling particularly emotional. She's always had a quick temper and been fiercely proud, but it was not until her children were murdered and she was blamed that everything went to (for lack of a better word) shit.

Now, Linquilea is almost the textbook definition of a psychopath. She has no moral compass or conscience, and holds herself accountable to nobody but herself. In her eyes, she is a diety - a supreme being above all other creatures. The female is incapable of loving anything or anybody, though she will occasionally act differently in order to achieve her ends. Linquilea spends her days plotting murder - the death of another wolf at her hands is the only thing that makes her feel alive. It gives her a rush incomparable to anything else, and, in recent times, has taken to arranging the canine teeth of those she kills on a necklace she wears around her neck.

Despite all this, she maintains an air of charisma, elegance, and grace that is inexplicably compatible with her madness. Before they know her for what she is, wolves are drawn to her, fascinated by the aura she emits.



  • Parents
    • Mother: Kora Yae
    • Father: Gyek Yae
  • Siblings
    • Brothers: --
    • Sisters: --
  • Step-Siblings
    • Step-brothers: Shandom Qi'Vaex-Nightslayer, Odin Qi'Vaex
    • Step-sisters: --
  • Children
    • Sons: Xyvi Dy'Nix
    • Daughters: Kora Dy'Nix
  • Adoptive Children
    • Sons: Halaki Qi'Vaex, Twensu Qi'Vaex, Abelard Ryn'hax, Niccolo Ryn'hax
    • Daughters: Zeneca Qi'Vaex





In all three forms, the woman is extremely conspicuous: her excessively large size and handsome sort of beauty are impossible to miss, though she had spent many years struggling to become more easily shadowed.

Linquilea's most noticeable feature is her immense size: in all three forms, she is an abnormality and a giant. Upon her natural four paws she measures 42 inches at the shoulder and 145 pounds. The she wolf is thickly covered in large muscles, easily noticeable under her dark pelt. Shifting to her halfling form, and the one she most prefers, the now Secui woman becomes the monster that embodies her mind. She grows to 59 inches in height, though her now lengthened fur cast the illusion that she is larger. Lea's muscles grow with her, bringing her to a formidable 190 pounds.

Unlike many who are not born with the virus, Lea is not completely uncomfortable in her Optime form. The monster has spent many moons acquainting herself with the strange realities that come with moving on two legs, and though she is not as proficient a fighter, has made herself comfortable in this form. Here, Linquilea towers above most at a staggering 8 feet, weighing in at 290 pounds. She is not blessed with the traditional curves that so many females of her race have; instead, she is muscular and built for strength and brute fighting. Her muscles are obvious and shamelessly larger than the traditional female's - she is not often looked upon as a sexual object, but instead a strange hybrid between the masculine and the feminine. Lea keeps her mane long, enjoying the shining luster that accompanies well-kept hair. It is often left to sit around her shoulders or down her back, and long, uncontrolled bangs frame her rather masculine face.

Her pelt is, for the most part, of deepest midnight black. When hit with the sun it does not adapt a lighter brown color, as many similar coats do - instead, an almost blue-like hue emits from the female, reflecting its truly inky nature. Linquilea is vain and a staunch believer in appearances, and thus is extremely conscious of the condition of her coat. Through careful cleaning procedures, the woman maintains a soft, luxurious feel in all three forms: touching her, though dangerous, is akin to touching lengthened velvet. The black of her fur is broken in only two places: first, her left fore-paw, or hand in Optime form, is entirely white; second, the strange marking upon her chest that resembles a rose. Her eyes, permanently radiating cold disdain mated with blatant hate, burn like angry gold against her dark coloring. The female's eyes stand out and appear to emit a glow at night, though this is directly caused by the staunch contrast between the two colors. Linquilea's eyes are often narrowed in irritation and concentration, and are rarely softened by any kind emotion. The woman's anger and bitterness clearly seeps from them, and those who meet her eyes are also met with direct danger. She views eye contact as an insult to her assumed dominance, and is not afraid to lash out at any creature who makes that particular mistake.

While the female currently radiates health, it is an unavoidable fact that such large creatures do not have as long a life-span as those who are bestowed with enviable averageness. Lea is lucky to have a heart and internal system that has done her well over the years; the nearly six year old woman has had few health related ailments. Unfortunately, this is something that will, unavoidably, change as she ages. Her heart must work doubly as hard to pump blood through her excessively large body, and her joints will soon tire, though she tries quite hard to maintain their health.

Despite her size, the woman is able to move rather silently in all three forms, though it takes immense effort and concentration to do so for any extended period of time. She prefers to exist at night under the cover of darkness; while she is able to be stealthy, it is hard to not be noticed when she is so large. Lea is not an exceptionally quick runner, but instead very durable: she can move rapidly for long periods of time without facing too much exhaustion. She uses this to her advantage, able to pursue opponents for a long while without needing as much rest.