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I'm going to start this off with what's really important - RPing with me, IC!

  • Unfortunately, I lose interest easily. If I feel like our thread isn't going anywhere, I'll stop responding. Nudge me if I do this!
  • Please do not meta-game! It is another pet peeve of mine, sadly, and will make me abandon a thread.
  • If you have plot ideas, tell me! I'm usually open for just about anything :)
  • I do not do quick romances. If you're interested in a romantic plot with one of my characters, please understand that I would expect a long term commitment that involves the characters getting to really know each other before making any sort of commitment.


For one thing, I don't know how to edit anything. HTML, CSS, Wiki... yeah, nothing. So this is probably entirely inaccurate and it's going to come out looking TERRIFYING and I'm going to have to go jack code from Sie or something. *shakes head*

Anyway. I'm a 19 year old college kid with a horrible habit of piling too much on my figurative plate and then becoming enormously overwhelmed and throwing impressive temper tantrums. I live in the wonderful state of Massachusetts, where it is normally quite cold and damp. I am an absolutely FANATIC Patriots fan, so if I'm in an irrationally bad mood from the months of September-February it's probably because the Patriots lost. My name is also not really Rosie, it's Caroline, so feel free to refer to me as either! There is another Rose on here who was here LOOOOOONG before this guy, so confusion is, naturally, rampant.

My characters are usually male, typically don't have mates, and have an awkward tendency to be evil. This is the complete opposite of me. I am a girl, I've been dating the same guy for two years, and I like to think I'm a nice person (though I will not deny I'm notoriously short tempered and irritable).

Roleplaying History

I've been writing some of my characters for at least a decade. Linquilea was my first character, and while she has not necessarily always been so evil, she is now :3 Shandom Qi'Vaex was created next, followed by Keliyya, then Zeneca, and then it just all exploded! The story of Lea and Shandom is a long, sordid, violent one, as can easily be seen by Shandom's biography (which is 16 typed pages :D). I first played these characters off-Neopets on Meghann's Shadow Whispers, where I would ultimately serve as an Admin for some time. While on Shadow Whispers, I played...

  • Shandom Qi'Vaex-Nightslayer
  • Linquilea of the Bloodstained Rose
  • Blaise V'Manici
  • Halaki Qi'Vaex
  • Keliyya Dawnsinger
  • Alyshia Nightslayer
  • Aryette Namoris
  • and probably a bunch more I can't remember, for some reason.

I also Roleplayed on Silver Mountain Wolves, though not particularly actively. There, I played...

  • Baciarme Kalita Qi'Vaex
  • Lucius Peverell
  • Naoko
  • Kaleira Daae
  • another character that I cannot, for the life of me, remember the name of.

In 2008, I cut out RPing, cold turkey. I was going through a lot emotionally, and one day, almost totally out of nowhere, left Shadow Whispers and all my roleplaying friends. I felt awful about it, but it had to be done. I basically forgot about RPing completely until September 2011, when I couldn't stop Lea and Shandom from banging on my skull and demanding to be let out. I decided to track down Meghann, found her on 'Souls, and joined with Shandom. A few months later, I picked up Columbine for a plot, and fell in love with IF and the Lykois! Unfortunately, he had to die, but that meant Lea could come in! And now I have lots more characters lined up for the future.