Karloff Chalice

Karloff Chalice

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Name OriginBoris Karloff
Date of BirthJanuary 8, 2004
Subspeciescanis latrans
Birth placeSomewhere, Someplace

'Souls Profile

Previous Pack


Joining date~2006
RankGladius, Octavus, Novem, Subordinate, Rogue


Joining date~2004?
RankPuppy, Scout, Prime Guardian

Longtime member of Inferni[1]



Dam: Miramar
Sire: Alazais
Siblings: Nielsen [m], Keaira [f]
Enemies: {Treqton [m]-}


For a coyote, Karloff is very large and bulky, standing several inches above your average coyote. If not for his pelt, he could be mistaken for a juvenile wolf on steroids. His pelt is tan and sandy, resembling the beaches that are his favorite environment. Both eyes are vivid green and narrow-set. His muzzle is very long, though with oddly short whiskers. His are large, sharp triangles, of which he is very proud, although the tip of his right ear has a square notch from a fight. He has a black scar in the shape of an X on his left thigh, symbolizing his exile from Artuis.

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