Charlotte Laroux

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Charlotte Laroux

by Lauren



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Date of Birth

1 January 2012




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Dog hybrid

89% Canis lupus familaris (Dog)
9% Canis Lupus Dingo (Dingo)
2% Canis Hallstroni (New Guinea Singing Dog)




Mate None?
Pack None?
Rank Omega


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Omicron, Phi, Beta, Delta

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1.  Appearance

Charlotte – preferably called Lottie – seems to take most of her form from her dog roots, which make up a large portion of her genetic inheritance. Her fur reflects the strong Siberian Husky ancestry that both of her parents held, carrying a thick, plush red coat with rather typical husky markings consisting of a white face, stomach, legs, and tail underside. The red color of her fur is only further enhanced by the distinct reddish-orange coloring her dingo and singing dog genetics hold, also bringing a somewhat wilder look to her markings in the lighter ticking along her back, thighs and shoulders. Her fur is a bit above average in thickness and keeps her well insulated in the winter-time, though she brushes it regularly in the summer to keep her coat free from any excess furs. Her coat is soft and carries a very subtle wave to it in some parts where it grows longer, namely along her cheeks where it droops downwards with a very slight curve away from her face.

Her eyes are a very light blue, as were her mothers, though very clearly not light enough to be mistaken for blind. Her nose is a liver hue that nearly matches the darker shades of red that line her white chest and face markings. Between her eyes lays a patch of a peachy color that carries throughout her pelt along her back in two almost v-shaped patterns, the first ever so slightly brighter than the second. The inside of her ears as well as her paw pads are a soft pink.

Lottie's size is considered a tad on the small side for a husky, leaning more towards those subtle dingo and singing dog roots which have kept her stuck at a shrunken height of just under 6 feet in her optime form. However she still manages to carry herself with pride and a certain feminine authority easily giving others reason to believe she packs more of a punch than one might think. Her way of dressing only aids her typical tom-boy attitude, on average dressing in modified hunters shorts along with a corset-top and skin-tight sleeves that give her both a feminine curve as well as the mobility needed for travel. She often has a slingshot formed from a deer antler with her for protection, though she occasionally instead carries a knife on her, strapped to her ankle in the form of a leather anklet and sheath.

Typically Lottie chooses to keep her hair grown out long, enjoying the way it looks when it is down but often forced to pull it back since it tends to get in her way. Occasionally she will crop her hair short to keep it out of her face, though she often has to do such haircuts on her own with her knife, leading her to rarely cut her hair since she isn't much of an expert hair-cutter. Her lupus and secui form both are lean and fit, lupus form around the size of an average dog, if not slightly smaller. In her lupus form she is thin and trim, though when shifting to her secui form, far more muscle is pronounced. Even still, her secui form is considered fairly small and slim, though she dislikes the form since she believes it makes her look fat.

1.1  Build and Species

Lottie most closely resembles a husky in her build, somewhat muscular though mostly fit and trim. Her undercoat is thick given her husky heritage, though her size is somewhat stunted due to her dingo and singing dog ancestry. Considering she is mainly dog, the majority of her build reflects this. Her dingo and singing dog genetics are primarily reflected through color and pattern, having little effect on her build say for her slightly small size.

1.2  Coloration

  • Optime Hair: Brown Rust (#a76936)
  • Eyes: Charlotte (#c7f6fb)
  • Fur:
    • Primarily Tussock (#c3854d).
    • Lighter CCherokee (#f9c588) ticking along pelt, primarily along back and shoulders.
    • Cape Palliser (#ae7342) lines lighter markings on face and chest.
    • Appricot White (#ffffeb) on face, stomach, legs and underside of tail.
    • Paarl (#97542b) nose.
    • Pawpads and inner ears are Manhattan (#f5bb92) with the innermost part of the ear ear as My Pink (#d29f7e)

1.3  Forms




80 lbs (36.2874 kg)
30 in (76.2 cm)

140 lbs (63.5029 kg)
40 in (101.6 cm)

190 lbs (86.1826 kg)
5ft 8in (68 in) (172.72 cm)

In her lupus form Lottie most resembles a husky dog. Her dog genetics are very predominant in her appearance and her size reflects that greatly. Her tail is typically lying down like a normal wolf's, though it often curls up slightly over her back when happy or anxious.

Lottie views her secui form as large and bulky, finding it makes her look 'fat' and not often choosing to use it. She merely looks like her lupus form ate a few big meals and put on its winter coat.

In her optime form – her most common form – Lottie stands around 5'8”, a rather average height. Her hair either hangs down or is pulled up into a loose ponytail or bun, though it is rarely actually styled, merely tossed up carelessly. She near always wears clothes, feeling exposed and vulnerable when not wearing them. Typically she wears knee-length pants and a corset-top (the middle outfit shown on her reference sheet), and often is found carrying either her slingshot or her walking stick. Her clothing is nearly always a rusted red color or some other hue of red, as it is her favorite color and matches her fur well.

1.4  Other


  • Piercings: None, has no interest in piercings.
  • Tattoos: None, Lottie loves her fur too much to go for tattooing.
  • Scars:
    • Lottie has done a good job thus far in life of keeping out of trouble and has little to no scars. Any scarring would be very minor and not noticeable past her thick fur.


  • Lottie currently has no commonly worn accessoties.


  • Lottie has a total of three outfits. She is often fully clothed, though her clothing choices depend on the situation.
  • Her first outfit is used for traveling, and consists of a knee-length hooded cloak. She also has a cuff she wears around her lower leg that has a sheath attached to it for her dagger.
  • Her second outfit is used for everyday wear. It consists of a corset-top and shoulderless sleeves, as well as a pair of knee-length pants. This is typically the clothing she wears for daily use and for setting up traps/snares and hunting. She often carries around her slingshot or dagger when in this outfit.
  • Her third outfit is both used for casual wear as well as for slightly fancier wear. (it is NOT the third outfit seen on her reference sheet. Rather it is the one viewed in her second, clothing reference). It consists of a top with one sleeve and a furred collar along that half, as well as a tiered skirt and a pair of long pants worn underneath.

2.  Personality

  • Independent: Although Lottie knows very few true survival skills she is reluctant to take on help unless in dire situations. She continually refuses help, insisting she can do things on her own, and is reluctant to admit to the need to rely on anyone.
  • Easily Overwhelmed: Often things seem to pile up too quickly for Charlotte to handle, or something is too important for her to handle. Traveling to new lands and meeting new people tends to leave her a bit nervous and feeling somewhat sick to her stomach. She is somewhat shy upon meeting new people, which often contributes to the feeling of anxiety.
  • Moderately Ambitious: Lottie knows what she wants in life but does not typically seek things that are unlikely or implausible. Though she does dream of romance, the rest of her thoughts dwell on rather simple and humble things, seeking a happy life but not a life of fame or fortune or leadership. She has standards set for her life and intends to achieve at least some satisfaction with herself and her life, but she does not ache for anything further.
  • Determined, stubborn, strong-willed: Lottie is unwilling to back down from something she strongly believes in. She often gets defensive and protective over things she feels passionately about. Typically the most common display of this trait is when someone dares to give a negative comment on her skills (be it cooking, painting, housekeeping, etc). She tends to get somewhat riled up when challenged on these things, or on any other thing she feels strongly over, and is not likely to back down from harsh words.
  • Confident, over-eager: Although she can be somewhat unsure and awkward around those she doesn't know well, once she warms up to the company or the situation at hand, Lottie is very sure of herself and confident in both her actions and her looks. Unless in a situation with someone she admires, Lottie tends to be bold and courageous, willing to try new things and confident in her abilities to succeed in new endeavors.
  • Daydreamer, romantic: Lottie may have somewhat of a tomboy attitude about most things, but she still dreams of some day being swept off her paws. She often wears her heart on her sleeve and is vulnerable to heartbreak since she is so eager to fall for someone. Although she has been warned that she may be taken advantage of given this attitude, she cannot help picturing herself settled down one day with Mr. Strong and Handsome.

2.1  Ideals


  • Likes: Painting, cooking, hair cutting and styling, singing, traveling/exploring, affection, company
  • Dislikes: Being cooped up, ungrateful or rude company, fighting, loners/rogues


Independent, stubborn, strong-willed, confident, romantic

  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Expression: Depending on the situation, Lottie's expression may change. She is typically extroverted though she does like her “me time”. Charlotte often has a dominant side to her, though she will tone it down in the presence of higher-ranking company.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


  • Loneliness, getting lost, rejection, criticism, mockery, failure


  • Love, happiness, self-satisfaction


  • Packs: Lottie doesn't know enough yet about the packs to have formed any bias against them.
  • Species: She is comfortable around a large variety of canines.
  • Non-Luperci: Lottie has actually yet to encounter a non-Luperci. She would likely be concerned for them and wonder why they couldn't shift. She would be more worried for them than anything.
  • Gender: She can be somewhat shy around men at first, though she judges primarily on a first impression and will quickly either warm up to someone or avoid them.
  • Color: No general color bias, though she views dark pelted males as more sexually appealing.
  • Sexuality: Lottie is all about men. She would love herself a handsome, dark, tall and rugged partner to go on adventures with. Though of course this is merely her “fantasy man” and she is open to the idea of a relationship with anyone of the male species.
  • Age: Charlotte absolutely adores pups. She will always have a soft spot for them and aches to have some of her own some day. She does not get along quite so well with the elderly since they aren't nearly as energetic as her own age group and younger.


Lottie is most definitely straight, though she is not shy with affections and if she has a close female friend she may be mistaken for showing romantic intentions when she is really just openly affectionate. Sexual relations are kept strictly to males, and she is the type to fall head over heels for someone after their first meeting. She tends to get rather carried away, daydreaming over her current crush and making a fool of herself trying to impress them. At first glance she mainly judges a male on looks, quickly falling for the rough and rugged type. She is a bit of a shy flirt when trying to get a man's attention, often relying on the hope that they will make the first move, rather than do so herself and risk rejection.


Charlotte is against substance use and sees no purpose in it. She is perfectly happy with her life and doesn't seek any sort of substance to enhance that.


She is not spiritual herself, though she is very interested in religion. She finds the idea of a higher power comforting, liking the idea of someone looking out for her and guiding her life, though she has yet to be truly exposed to any specific belief system.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

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3.4  Former Relations

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4.  Interaction

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4.1  Residence

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4.2  NPCs


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4.3  Abilities


  • Hunting (via snares and traps) (Journeyman): Lottie has never been a big fan of hunting in the typical way. She finds it messy and can never bring herself to go giving that killing bite to an animal, and so instead her father taught her to hunt with traps and snares so that if she ever was on her own and needed to hunt, she would still be able to feed herself since she refused to learn the typical way well enough to be on her own.
  • Dying and dye-making (Journeyman): While teaching her to sew, her mother also taught her various methods of dying fabric and furs as well as how to make her own dye. She enjoys experimenting with various things to see what all colors of dye she can make, and is well-versed in how to create dyes out of common things, like various nuts found in the forests.
  • Sewing (Master): Growing up, Lottie's mother figured it important to try and teach her some important 'womanly skills' rather than let her go off all day with her father to play in the mud and learn about hunting and campfires and horses and the like. Instead, her mother taught her how to work with fabric, piecing together clothing or items and sewing them properly.
  • First Aid (Apprentice): In order to ensure her safety while traveling on her own, Lottie learned basic first aid skills from their pack's healers. She knows a small amount of medical herbs as well as how to properly bind wounds and set breaks.
  • Massage (Journeyman-Master): While learning from the pack's healers how to tend to various wounds and ailments, Lottie also took up a great interest in massage therapy and treatment. She has spent much time working with a variety of animals, primarily luperci though she also experiments on her horse and rabbits, as well as other animals she has the chance to work with.
  • Food Preservation (Journeyman): Lottie has learned to both dry and pickle meats in order to lessen the number of times she has to hunt to stay alive. She has become decent in these skills and is able to save meats for a few days longer than their normal expiration.
  • Fishing (Journeyman): Fish was a staple food in the pack she was raised in and she has learned a decent amount to do with it. She is knowledgeable enough to pick a decent fishing spot and time of day, knowing also the secrets of ice fishing for the winter months. She can carve her own hooks but isn't yet a master at the task, and so she typically trades for hooks, but the ones she can carve will make do in a pinch. She can identify only a very small handful of fish, since the names of fish never mattered much to her (fish is fish, either way it is food).


  • Trusting : Lottie is prone to trusting people all too easily. She wears her heart on her sleeve which may potentially lead to her being used or taken advantage of, or walked on like a rug. Although she can be slightly awkward and unsure of newcomers at first, she is very quick to warm up to them, and it takes an awful lot to change her first impression of anyone.
  • Defensive : If anyone dares to insult Lottie, they sure are in for it. She is far more sensitive about her looks than anything and is likely to simply back down and feel ashamed if degraded for such a thing, but if insulted about less personal things like her cooking or artwork, she tends to get very aggressive and defensive about the subject.
  • Hunting : Lottie knows how to hunt in the typical way but isn't the best at it. She is so reliant on traps and snares that she rarely hunts in the common sense, which has led to her skills at it being rather poor and unused. She often has to trade for her meat instead if she is unable to catch anything herself.
  • Strength/Size : She isn't the most muscley canine around and is often lead to the option of flight rather than fight.
  • Love for animals : Although this may not seem like much of a weakness, Lottie's love for animals has taken a rather lot of animals off her diet list. If she were able to survive without eating meat, she likely would. As it is, she keeps rabbits as pets and hopes to some day acquire a pet pig, sheep, or cat as well. Of course now that she keeps rabbits as pets, she will never knowingly eat one.

4.4  Inventory


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5.  Achievements

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6.  History

6.1  Timeline


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6.2  Threads


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