Cere Trojan

'Cere Trojan

by CC

NameCere Trojan
Date of BirthFebruary 18, 2014
Age2 years
Subspecies40% Mackenzie Valley Wolf
60% Border Collie

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Cere Trojan was the companion and former slave of Bryan Zachary Fletcher. She was killed by a bear in 2016.


Born to a passive aggressive family they saw a chance and took it. They wanted land, and traded to the seller. He was an old fisherman, but very wise. His family was not the mother was jealous of Cere's looks, and abused her constantly. The sons of the fisherman were flirtatious, and constantly tried to take advantage of the young girl. One day while out trading in town she was helping stock fish when a man, who moments ago was talking with the fisherman, grabbed her, and was told she was going to work for them. The fisherman was ashamed, but he needed the tools for repairs to shed, and the boats.

The man she was given to wasn't the nicest of fellows, and constantly harassed her, and allowed his friends to abuse her as well. They did unspeakable things to the girl, and she hated it. While drunken the man was killed in a fight he picked with a woman who was being harassed as Cere was often and everyday. One of the friends of the man took Cere on a trip with his thinking he could use the hands. The friend was surprised when he was offered two bucks in exchange for the beauty to be called Cere. He graciously accepted the trade it was more than he would make the whole day.

From there he traveled with a mysterious man who called himself Zack. Zack had a great companion of a bobcat that she would feel safest around, and the least confused around.