Cammen Whitestrider

Cammen Whitestrider

by Alexis

Date of BirthSeptember 10, 2012
Age3 years
SubspeciesCanadian Eskimo Dog/Arctic Wolf Mix
Current packNone

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Cammen Whitestrider is a bright canine with an affinity for adventure and making others smile.


- His mother has a one-night fling and gets pregnant - September 10, 2012, he is born - He and his mother travel from place to place and live relatively carefree lives - His mother discovers she has Huntington's disease - His mother's symptoms grow troublesome and they move in with his aunt - He meets the daughter of his aunt's best friend, falls in love, and takes her as his mate - His mate becomes pregnant, but she and the unborn pups drown in their attempt to escape the Spring flood - He returns home to check on his mother and deliver the news of his deceased mate - His mother encourages him to live independently again, so he travels south and lives in a tent -


  • happy - Cammen is an optimist by nature and loves to smile. He also loves making others smile. Sometimes there is no reason for the big grin on his face, but his love for life and his ability to "find pleasure in the little things" is usually the cause.
  • selfless - There is a reason Cammen's mother calls him "Angel" [whether he likes it or not]. Especially when it concerns his loved ones, Cam always puts others first. If he can help someone out, he will, and then he will worry about himself long as no one else needs anything.
  • playful - Cammen has a childish side that comes out when he is with close friends, love interests, or family. He enjoys harmless teasing and goofing off, and he is not afraid to look a little silly. He rarely ever causes mischief or plays pranks, however - he would hate to see an attempt to make someone smile cause problems.
  • creative - Cammen carries with him his grandfather's knife, and while he does use it for hunting, it is more often used for satisfying his artsy itch. He likes to carve things into and out of wood, and sometimes he gifts his creations to others. He imagines he would enjoy painting, too, but it is much easier to acquire a broken branch than painting supplies.
  • active - Sitting still for long periods of time is something Cammen can only do if he is carving. Otherwise, he is always on the move. He is by no means a hyper canine, but he always has to be doing something or going somewhere or talking to someone. There is just too much to see and do - he is always ready for an adventure.



  • Parents — Father - unknown, Mother - Leila Whitestrider
  • Siblings — None





by Owl

  • Height
    • Lupus - xx
    • Secui - xx
    • Optime - 6' 2"
  • Weight
    • Lupus - xx
    • Secui - xx
    • Optime - 180 lbs
  • Pelt - white with russet mask, russet middle and ring finger on left hand/paw
  • Scars/Tattoos - none
  • Eyes - blue
  • Nose - dark pink
  • Hair - ginger, medium-length, parted in the middle
  • Clothing - hooded poncho
  • Accessories/Items - wrist wraps, heirloom hunting knife on belt, small wooden fox
  • Pets/Mounts/Companions - none

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