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Wolf/Dog/Coyote, smoke, pine, etc. etc Rapsodia.

Hailing from Santorini, a small island off the coast of Greece, the sisters of Rapsodia have come to Canada with the intention of spreading culture and assembling Patrons to their cause.

The all-female group is intended to be a melting pot of cultures with an emphasis on characters who are artists and dreamers who possess a mixture of ambition, whimsy, and loyalty. Artists seek out Patronage from neighbouring groups in an attempt to boost their wealth and connections.

Though many Rhapsodes are storytellers, this is but the front or ‘head’ of a singular coin. Flip it and you will find the ‘tails’ underneath, which is to say that many Rhapsodes have found an additional calling as mercenaries. These individuals make up a sect of the pack called The Vounos (The Mountains) and protect the family from outside threats.

Rhapsody will be a group that regularly interacts beyond its base and will be known for trading not only goods and services but also songs and stories.

1.  Notable Threads

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1.1  Membership

2.  Current Members

  1. Cressida Rapsodia, The Sostá
  • Players: 1 / 7
  • Played Characters: - / 10
  • NPCs: - / 8
  • Total Characters: - / 15

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