Thread Tags

Often, players forget what form their character is in, the time of day or setting of the thread, etc. These tags are intended as quick-reference tables to add onto the first post in a thread so that participants (and readers) can quickly get an idea of what's going on. Inspiration for this idea is owed to Kiki!

These run off of the basic "infotable" CSS class that is set up with each 'Souls skin. They will work regardless of the user's skin choice. You can, of course, modify these codes to suit your needs, but do keep in mind readability concerns. :)

Coded by Sie, Zero, & Tammi

1.  First Tag (Basic) - by Sie

The first one here is basic and useful for most threads, not specifically all welcome threads. This is intended to sit on top of your posting table, if you use one. If you need a mature tag, this tag should go beneath the Mature tag. Remember that your M tag goes first!

2.  Second Tag (Basic - Floated) - by Sie

This one floats to the left of your post table, and is useful if you don't use graphical tables. It can be included inside a wide table, but is not suitable for use with narrow tables.

3.  Third Tag (Complicated) - by Sie

This one is geared toward all welcome threads intended for a random partner and is a lot more detailed. Most of the stuff even might be obvious in the thread, but could still be useful for someone who is just checking out potential all welcome threads from the open threads to consider which they'd like to reply to. Delete fields as needed, of course!

4.  Fourth Tag (Complicated) - by Tammi

This is a DIV version of the previous complicated version! There's not a ton of difference between using a DIV and a table; some players prefer one and others prefer the other.

5.  Location Tag - by Zero

This provides a neat little map slice of the big 'Souls map that shows exactly where your character is. O:

The only things you need to touch are the last couple lines. The pushpin stuff moves the pin, so all values should be between 0-150px. The background-position: % stuff changes where you are in the map. I'd suggest just eyeballing it. Here, I wanted it set around CD, so I saw it was about 1/4 or 25% of the way over horizontally and about 2/3 or 66% down vertically.