Tanner Stelyan

Tanner Stelyan

Character originally made by Syringe
Name MeaningLeather worker, Tanner of hides.
Name OriginOld English
Date of Birth13 Feb 2007
Subspecies100% Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Birth placeUnknown
Current packLoner

'Souls Profile

Tanner is currently up for adoption. Contact Syringe for more information.


Growing up in a strict, "mess-up-and-you're-dead" army of a pack, Tanner survived, went above and beyond the call of duty. He rose to high ranks and struck down those that dared go against him. They went to war often with surrounding packs. He was the very opposite of a rebel, he knew how the system worked and sought to make it even better. Though when the pack fell apart and disbanded, he calmed and matured. The male is still slightly unforgiving, but much less so as he was in his younger years. After settling down with a mate, plus having a litter,


While he may come off as violent or aggressive, this is only a guard and while stern, Tanner strives for order and peace. He has no problem ripping off someone's head, but knows his limits and if it is unnecessary he will not resort to such ways. He does not think about for low self-esteem, or arrogance for that matter, and focuses on others much more than his own self. This male holds grudges easily. A true warrior at heart, he is neither bad nor good - he does not care for "right or wrong", only what his choice is.







This wolf appears dark and menacing, always carrying a frown and straight posture. Scars cover his body from previous wars, it's a miracle he has not lost a limb or an eye yet. A dark gray covers him, and black is tinted throughout him, most notably on his ear tips and on the entirety of his chest and underbelly. Large and in charge, would be the best way to describe him, in one phrase.