Soleil Fluer

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  1.   1.  Appearance
  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  History

Soleil Fluer is currently a Loner. Brother of Luna Fluer.







  • Date of Birth: 20 Nov 2012
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: —
  • Mate: —
  • Pack: Loner
  • Rank: Loner
  • Pronunciation: —
  • Nickname: —
  • Epithet: —
  • Etymology: —
  • Family: Fluer
  • Birthplace: ??
  • Species: Coywolf (5% Wolf x 25% Coyote)
  • Subspecies:
    • ??
  • cNPC:
  • yNPC:
  • Companion Animals:

1.  Appearance

Soleil is a wolf-coyote hybrid. Wolf dominates his genes, clearly apparent in Soleil's physique, giving him a capacious upper torso (evident from his deltoids down to abdominals) while the quarter coyote is seen in facial structure. While large in stature, Soleil is not as broad in shoulder length as a full-blood wolf, which coyote genes downplay this measurement. At this time as a Loner, Soleil is muscularly defined yet does not hold significant 'bulk' compared to his healthiest, most nourished state.

  • Fur – More mottled themes seen on coyote pelt than consistent hues in wolf fur. Blends of russet dominate the base coat from both the dark and light spectrum, while alabaster white mottles the saddles of his torso, left paw, and ears. Charcoal black adorns Soleil's hocks, mane, outline of his tail, and throughout his under chest. He wears a mask of jet black from muzzle, to the apex of his forehead
  • Eyes – Piercing bright turquoise. Eyes sit deep-set, reclined back into the sockets that hold an intriguing inscrutability to them. Can mirror flashes of agitation when in flux of such emotion
  • Facial Feature – Chiseled in coyote symmetry, a shorter muzzle length and large, wide set ears. As of late, slightly weather beaten
  • Scent – Not readily identifiable. Combination of heavy bodied and robust Balsam Fir, Red Spruce, and Sumac.

2.  Personality

Mysterious, passionate, libidinous, and vindictive. As these traits were largely suppressed during adolescence due to the Omega mentality Soleil was required to adapt to, they have recently became more consistent during Soleil's time as a vagabond. Incredibly curious in learning about everyone and everything now that Soleil is his own independent, however is common to figure details out on his own terms and prefers to remain secretive about personal aspirations and emotions. Tends to stay out of limelight of matters, preferring to orchestrate behind the scenes while still having capability of "pulling the strings". Easily attracts and is attracted to power, although rarely craves to be at the forefront of attention. Passionate not only of having a lusty libido, Soleil is amourous with whatever endeavors he is currently pursuing as a better Luperci or for responsibility. Starting life as a lowly serf of his birth pack, any set of knowledge or skills for the improvement of self reliance and resilience catches his interest. Willing to experiment with new ventures, whether through trading, business, or personal discovery pursuits. Loves passionately or hates passionately, there is no middle ground. Everything about the stereotypical Scorpio male: having an abundant lustful appetite. Sensuality is a language, a tool of communication. More of a holistic sense used to collect the metaphysical, psychological, sensual, emotion things from an individual. Often used as a bonding mechanism for lasting friendships, only if the opposite sex is understanding of this (which tends to get Soleil in predicaments with females if they are not complying with this understanding from the beginning). Tendency to overindulge in life's pleasures when an abundance is on his side with anything, as such things were much deprived in his younger years. Vindictiveness is infamous for Soleil, having no troubles coordinating a swift revenge when seen appropriate. While hush about deeper emotions beneath, holds a significant soft and attentive place for his sister Luna that can't help but naturally express itself. More beautiful than any female Soleil would ever meet in this lifetime, he makes sure to remind her of this every single moment together. Their bond is inseparable and doesn't mind occasionally getting belittled as her "bigger but forever always little" brother. The true essence of his adoration, sensitivity, and playfulness is usually witnessed in the presence of Luna.

3.  History

Sol was born alongside his elder sister (by a few minutes) into a traditional wolf pack that was failing. He was the second born, and there were no others besides him and Luna. His mother was a low ranking female within the pack, and due to the more ‘ traditional ‘ values the pack upheld, his mother and her two young puppies were driven out of their home soon after birth. The Alpha pair had not consented to the pregnancy, but had no wish to harm his mother while she was pregnant. There was not enough food available to keep the extra pups, and prey was migrating during the late season birth. Sol and Luna were the result of a one night stand with a dark hued coyote hybrid that their mother had never seen again and had no wish to see again. She viewed the pups as a burden and secretly hated them for getting her kicked out of the only pack that could offer safety in the area, and completely disregarded her own responsibility in the matter.

This behavior was evident as they grew up - their mother was distant and mean, frequently ‘ testing ‘ Luna and her brothers fighting skills against each other when it was thinly veiled abuse as she tried to drive them away from her. Upon her first shift, Sol’s sister ran away in the night and stole weapons and a belt from her mother. Sol didn’t see her after that for a long while, but she gave explicit instructions on where to go and wait until the time was right to follow. Their mother was furious that Luna had stolen the only means of protection that she had, and took it out on Sol for weeks, making him hunt for her and depriving him of the food that he had caught. This went on for months until Sol was very thin, and it just so happened a band of loner wolves came through their area in the night and killed his mother for a reason unknown to him, so with nothing holding him back Sol trailed off after his sister to the nearby land of Souls.