Figaro Alastor

Figaro is a lone hybrid from Southern England. He travels with little goal, and is dangerous. He has no wish to be in a pack.

Figaro Alastor

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6th January 2009




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50% Canis latrans (Coyote)
25% Canis lupus (Wolf)
25% Canis lupus familaris (Dog)


25% Northern Coyote
25% Mountain Coyote
25% Grey Wolf
25% German Shepard




Mate Emerald Crystal

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  1.   1.  Appearance
    1.   1.1  Build and Species
    2.   1.2  Coloration
    3.   1.3  Forms
    4.   1.4  Other
  2.   2.  Personality
    1.   2.1  Demeanor
    2.   2.2  Ideals
  3.   3.  Relationships
    1.   3.1  Key Relations
    2.   3.2  Family: Alastor
    3.   3.3  Minor Relations
    4.   3.4  Former Relations
  4.   4.  Interaction
    1.   4.1  Old Residence
    2.   4.2  Abilities
    3.   4.3  Inventory
  5.   5.  Achievements
  6.   6.  History
    1.   6.1  Timeline
    2.   6.2  Threads

1.  Appearance

No-one who meets Figaro will forget him. It is impossible. On first glance, he looks like a walking corpse, and he is, in a sense. There isn't much fur left on Figaro's body, only a few tufts on his elbows and patches on his abdomen and back. Fig's skin is pink and raw, in some places burns are still visible. From infections poorly treated, Figaro's eyes are partly covered by swollen eyelids, but under them Figaro's eyes are a fresh forest green. There are signs of infections all over Figaro's body, all treatable but yet to be done so. There are a few fleas that scurry across Fig's arms or neck, confused from the lack of fur. Figaro's tail, rarely seen since he tucks it into his pant leg, is like a rat's, fur-less and wrinkly. Scars also litter Figaro's body, since it's very easy to catch his delicate skin. Most are accidental, and caused by Figaro himself. But one scar conflicted by another during a fight is over Figaro's top lift, going back to Figaro's lower eyelid. The skin didn't heal well, lifting up all of the right side of Figaro's muzzle, meaning his teeth on the right are always exposed. Figaro is also sickly thin, but strong for his physique. Relying on speed rather than strength, Figaro's thin and skeleton appearance hardly makes other weary of him. Even the kindest of hearts can recoil from looking at Figaro, his appearance, and smell, is enough to scary anyone away. That is why Figaro covers himself, head to toe in clothing. Fig wears dark pants, and a dark sweatshirt. His head if covered by a cloak, that extends down to the ground. The most significant piece of clothing Figaro wears was something he created himself. It is a mask, inspired by the dress-up clothing Figaro found in Southampton. Made first by carving the shape onto wood, Figaro then covered it dark leather. Use mostly to cover the most horrific part of Figaro's physique, it also doubles up as a way to keep Figaro's face warm. The mask covers from over Figaro's nose to the top of his temple. From the 4th degree burns Figaro received, he also has lost some fingers/toes. In Optime, on his right hand, he is missing most of his middle finger and the tip of his pinky. On his left hand, he is missing the tips of his middle and index, but the damage isn't as great as his right hand. Figaro's nose is blotted with pink from burns, and his face in places is swollen. Damage as such to his face makes his senses weakened accordingly. Swollen eyes make it hard to see clearly, and mucus build up weakens his smell and voice. Hearing is what Figaro relies on the most.

1.1  Build and Species

Being mostly Coyote, Fig's ears are larger as well as his muzzle being longer. His size is from his large breed of wolf and dog, and these two parts of his heritage would affect his fur color, if he had one.

1.2  Coloration

No fur, so there is no pattern to Figaro.

  • Skin: Dark Salmon (#E9967A).
  • Eyes: Forest Green (#4E9258).

1.3  Forms




60 lbs (30 kg)
35 in (88 cm)

100 lbs (45 kg)
46 in (116 cm)

150 lbs (68 kg)
6ft 10in (67 in) (209 cm)

Very thin, ribs exposed through skin. Skin is tight around limps and skull, but looser around neck and stomach. Least used form.

Long legged, walks low to the ground. Skin has become looser, especially around head. Only form used if four legs are needed.

Almost always in this form. Long and thin, branch-like limbs. Skin is slightly looser around arms and legs.

1.4  Other


  • Piercings: None.
  • Tattoos: None.
  • Scars:
    • Large scar from lip to lower eyelid, exposes teeth.
    • Many scars on arms, self inflicted from simple scratching or rubbing.
    • Littered scarring all over, most visible on face and back.


Wears dark clothing to hide in night. Always covers body to hide 'horrific' appearance from others.

  • Dark pants and sweatshirt
  • Black cloak, covers head.
  • Dark face mask.


  • Always worn by Figaro, and is one reason why he doesn't ever really change forms. Figaro tries to never remove his mask or uncloak, unless provoked.

2.  Personality

Figaro was once a man of compassion and loving. He found art in many forms, acting or dancing. And especially in women. Finding love at a young age, Fig once thought it was the best thing in life. After a great fire, something changed in Figaro. His heart turned black and so did his personality. He hates most, leaving England to find better people only to be bullied on the way there, and since. He will never fully trust anyone, and has found a new art in killing. Being the assigned bodyguard in England, Figaro has no fear of death or killing. To anyone, he is a serious male, with a no nonsense outlook. If a conversation isn't leading to anywhere, Figaro is likely to simply drop it and walk away. He's self-conscious, heavily so. Since his appearance is so shocking, any state opinion is likely to be taken very harshly. Sometimes he may joke or act calmly if someone insults him, but on the worst days, he might even try to kill someone who offends him enough. Figaro talks quietly, and mostly in a poetic way. Being part of a dramatic organization of a pack in England makes Figaro dramatic in everything he does, which only adds to his self-conscience and pity. Figaro often suffers Schizophrenia, dropping him into a delusional state where he believes everything around him is trying to kill him. This can result in him going on a rampage, trying to attack things that aren't there, or to hide in a corner, muttering things to himself. He can also turn to possessive behavior. Kidnapping and stalking can often occur if Figaro's eyes catch a particular target. Most targets are female, but Figaro can also follow males if his mental condition takes him there. Having been away from affection or love for so long drives Figaro mad. Some may thing his condition is irreversible. His appearance is indeed so, but there is opportunity to change his personality, should the right person arise.

2.1  Demeanor

Insane, quiet, calculating.

2.2  Ideals


  • Likes: Silence, not being abused, not being judged, not being alone, fire.
  • Dislikes: Others, being controlled/restrained, being defeated.


Angry, dramatic, hot-headed, controlling, shy.

  • Outlook: Pessimistic
  • Expression: Introverted, Dominant
  • Alignment: Chaotic neutral


  • Judgement, being alone, death.


  • Finding...something.


  • Packs: Figaro doesn't really like packs, since as far as he knows, his last one tried to burn him alive.
  • Species: None, Figaro hates everyone.
  • Non-Luperci: A bit weird, but still capable of judging him, so, hated.
  • Gender: More likely to acknowledge women, finds men intimidating since they can hurt him more.
  • Color: Anyone with fur, it makes him jealous.
  • Sexuality: Used to believe loves was for everyone, no believes it's for no-one.
  • Age: Young, such as pups, are better, since their opinions are more amoral than immoral.


Hetrosexual, but presently has no hope to ever find love again. He would be a bit awkward if a woman ever showed signs of liking him. Considering his appearance, any flirting would be given Figaro's utmost caution. If he did in fact find himself in a relationship, Figaro would be a dominant one. He respects women, and deep down in his heart he is a gentle soul. But the abuse of his more current mind would most likely lead to abusive and perhaps possessive relationships.


Alcohol and drugs drive away fears in Figaro's thoughts, so he'd be open to try them if they were presented to him.


Believes in some sort of higher being, one that chooses ones fate. Obviously believes this deity hates him, and those who are cruel to him are labelled as demons, especially during a Schizophrenic attack. (Slight Christianity belief?)

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

  • Emerald Crystal: His mate back in England, he assumed she perished in the fires. Emerald never showed the same level of love that Figaro did. And being as naive as he was, Figaro believed that Emerald truly loved him when she didn't.
  • Ruby Crystal: Daughter, wasn't yet born when Figaro assumed their mother was dead.
  • Quartz Crystal: Son, wasn't yet born when Figaro assumed their mother was dead.

3.2  Family: Alastor

3.3  Minor Relations

  • Any of the Crystal family pack members. All pretty much hated now and attempted to be killed if they ever show their faces to Figaro again.

3.4  Former Relations

  • His mate and her unborn pups are assumed dead.

4.  Interaction

  • Speech: Quiet, hides a powerful voice. Smoke damage causes his throat to seize up, so he coughs a lot and has a general croaky voice. Figaro tends to talk a lot to himself, and also in poetic language. Metaphors and other techniques are commonly used. Being an adopted child to a dramatic family makes Figaro dramatic in all that he says.
  • Scent: Death, rotten meat, genuinely every detested smell is what Figaro smells like. On occasion, when Figaro chooses to wash his cloths, he can smell like flora, such as herbs.

4.1  Old Residence

  • Washed out from floods, the theatre is in the heart of what was once a great docking city, (and where Jazzy wants to live). But it's previous use is all but lost, and the luperci family, Crystal, only chose to live there for the sheer size and protection the building would offer them. Unfortunately, the great building was burnt down after an attempt to kill Figaro.

4.2  Abilities


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Master): Used to be strong enough to strangle and lift others clean off the ground. Now, Figaro relies on his swiftness to cut his claws into someone's flesh. Can sometimes rely on knives or ropes to do the job if he can't.
  • Tailoring/Carving (Journeyman): Created his own mask with useless wood from ship, and mends or creates his own clothing.
  • Guitar/Singing (Journeyman): Was taught the strings from Emerald, it was what sparked their 'love'. Figaro also used to have a very good, harmonic voice. He hasn't sung since the fire, believing the smoke damage to his throat makes him unable to do so.


  • Figaro is prone to delicate skin. His skin was damaged in the fires, making it delicate and very easy to piece. He also suffers from some level of breathing problems, and his general insanity can sometimes get him down.

4.3  Inventory


Doesn't mind trading, would rather just take things from others that he needs. If they look weak enough, he might well do so. But a strong luperci will result in a trade from Figaro, but Fig looks to make a steal even then if he can.

  • Offering: Meat, the chance to keep your life.
  • Accepting: Furs or fabrics, something to keep warm with.

5.  Achievements

Pack Game

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Go get your Catacombs and put it here; else delete this section.

6.  History

Figaro's life starts off as a pup, stolen by the corrupt pack Crystal. His parents were killed or chased off, Figaro can't remember. He was always treated as an outsider, and was really only kidnapped to be the victim of bullying from the other pups. Eventually, coming of the age to be useful, Figaro trained himself to become a warrior and protect the pack and their small area of land. Out of his own naivety, Figaro assumed that the Crystal family saved him as a pup, and truly loved him. Being an adult, and finally feeling as though he was respected in the pack, Figaro once heard beloved pack daughter, Emerald Crystal, play the harp. It was beautiful, and Figaro instantly fell in love with her. Emerald did too, but this annoyed her. Falling for the piece of rubbish in the pack wasn't her plan, nor was having his children. But it all happened so fast whilst they were still quite young. As soon as she was active, Emerald found out she was pregnant. She told the Crystal family, who were in outrage, finding Figaro was the only one to blame for the situation. Their fury at Figaro was so intense, that they sacrificed their own home building to try and kill him. Tricked into believing the pack was to celebrate his and Emerald's mating, Figaro was told to go and meet Emerald in the main stage area of the building. Hearing Emerald's voice telling Figaro to wait, the boy did so willing. Unwitting and gullible, Figaro was shocked as flames licked onto the stage from both sides. The floor was caked in alcohol, and burnt with a wicked speed. Before he could escape, Figaro was caught ablaze, fire covering his fur. In great pain, Figaro took his last moments to try and find Emerald, assuming she must too be burning. Knowing that he would die anyway, Figaro stepped further into the flames, looking for his love before collapsing from pain. Passed out and slowly dying from smoke and burning flesh, Figaro didn't feel anything as the floor beneath him collapsed due to the damage of water meeting the hot pressure of fire. He fell down into mostly dried up waterworks. The small puddles left extinguished the flames that ate Figaro's fur, and the singed man was left for dead. Above him, the world of the theatre burned and died. And the Crystal family moved on, happy in the hope that their troubles were over, none of them with the right heart to mourn Figaro, the boy who loved them like a family. Figaro woke days later, hungry and confused. In the dusty waterworks, the man groaned and cried as he wondered around, hoping to find an exit. When he did, and the light finally hit him, Figaro was able to observe the damage of the fires. He was hideous, and his esteem fell like a brick. The few luperci who lived in Southampton rejected Figaro's approach, some even going to leaves to attack him for pleasure, seeing how weak he was now. Figaro's passion for the world disappeared, and hatred rose like flames. On a last attempt to leave the hated land, Figaro snuck onto a ship. He stayed in this trading ship for a few days before he was found. Upon being taken to the Captain, whom would decide his fate, Figaro killed the man and threw his body to the crew. Seeing as none of them were the fighting type, Figaro soon took charge of the ship out of sheer force and fear. Once the ship found dock in North America, Figaro left the pitiful sailors to their own accord, robbing them of a few objects that Figaro desired for his survival.

6.1  Timeline


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