Dalimil Kovachev (Svantevit / Freetown)

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1.  About

Dalimil Kovachev is a wolf and member of the Svantevit family. Originating from Freetown, she has an extensive knowledge of horses and trading, which encompasses her work. Regarded as a "black sheep" of her family, she has spent most of her life trading and traveling on the road. For many seasons she was a fixture at The Outpost, though she has set her sights elsewhere in more recent times.




1.1  Dalimil

  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Wolf
  • DOB: 2007

She is pitch black in coloration with fiery orange eyes. Athletic of build and tall, with narrow hips and a boyish build. Her fur is very thick and long, giving her an especially feral look -- she does not cut or style her mane. She wears a long leather duster and utility belt, looking every inch the Luperci "cowboy."

Essentially a Farmer's Daughter -- aggressive and tomboyish, she knows everything there is to know about horses. Though her family didn't intend Dali be the one to leave the pack on trading, she insisted. She has come to expect others think less of her, and plays into the stereotype by pretending she's all innocence.

1.2  Guards

Dali is accompanied by two guards:

  • A burly, scarred wolfdog woman -- Lenka.
  • A stick-thin, grim-faced male wolf -- Mtri.

2.  History

  • From Svantevit.
  • When Dali was just a year and four months old, she began accompanying an uncle on the trade route. She spent three years riding the routes with him.
  • She travels from one trading post to the other with her black Svantevit mare, Iveta. Dali is well-received wherever she goes: she sleeps beneath a roof when within a trade outpost, and eats very well.
  • As trade slowed in the North, Dalimil and her family set their sights elsewhere. While she continues to roam and trade, both she and her companions are currently doing so in New England -- it is unknown whether or not they plan to return to Nova Scotia.

2.1  Threads

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