Alec McCormick

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  1.   1.  Appearance
    1.   1.1  Basics
    2.   1.2  Miscellaneous
  2.   2.  Personality
    1.   2.1  Ideals
  3.   3.  Relationships
    1.   3.1  Family: McCormick
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  4.   4.  Skills and Inventory
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  5.   5.  History
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Alec has recently left his pack with his mare Starling, and is now arriving in Nova Scotia. He's going to be wandering around getting to know the area and meeting new people. He'll be looking to learn about the packs soon and potentially finding one to join.






  • Date of Birth: 19 Dec 2012
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Areas, Packs
  • Mate: Characters (DD Mon YYYY)
  • Pack: Packs (DD Mon YYYY)
  • Rank: Rank (DD Mon YYYY)
  • Family: McCormick
  • Birthplace: Areas
  • Species: Wolf (100% Eastern Timber Wolf)
  • Subspecies:
    • 100% Eastern Timber Wolf
  • Horse: Starling (Friesian Mare)



  • New things!

Packs members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

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  • ---

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Alec is clearly a pure wolf, his features displaying his heritage fully.
  • Fur: Alec has thick, soft fur with multiple layers.
    • Optime Hair: Alec usually wears his hair long, tied back in a ponytail, though a strand of bangs usually hangs in front of his ears on his right side.
  • Facial Features: Alec's face is wolf like.
  • Build and Size: Tall and lean, Alec is moderately muscled and stands tall at 6ft 10in. He is proud of his size and often walks standing tall and confidently.
    • Lupus: Alec's lupus form is exactly what you'd expect of a pure wolf.
    • Optime: Alec stands tall in Optime form, and he is lean and has moderate muscle, weighing in at 250lb, he carries himself surprisingly gracefully and with the ease of a practiced hunter.
  • Humanization: Alec is fairly humanized, often wearing a jerkin and fur-lined pants (as well as a cloak if needed), Alec is able to read slightly, and he also hasn't left his optime form since his first shift. Accessories.


  • Fur:
    • Primary coat color
    • Secondary coat color (tertiary etc. continue below)
  • Markings:
    • One type of marking here: black-tipped tail, black-tipped ears
    • Second type of marking here: white throat
  • Eyes: A deep forest green. (#1A3C0A)
  • Optime Hair: Optime hair color
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Skin color


Deep Forest Green (#1A3C0A)

By Despi!

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Scars: NONE.
  • Piercings:
    • NONE
  • Tattoos:
    • NONE


Other than Alec's clothes, he simply has a small bag and his bow, quiver, and arrows.

Jewelry and Accessories

Kharma necklace Vesper necklace
  • Bow & Arrows
  • Quiver
  • Small bag worn at his hip


  • Leather Jerkin
  • Fur-lined Pants
  • A Fur-lined cloak


95 lbs (43 kg)
35 in (89 cm)


Alec has yet to use this form since his first shift (So VERY rarely as of now)

155 lbs (70.3 kg)
46 in (117 cm)


Same as Lupus. Hasn't used it since his first shift to Optime. (VERY Rarely)

250 lbs (113.4 kg)
6ft 10in (82 in / 208 cm)

Optime (Preferred)

Alec is pretty much constantly in this form as of now.


  • Speech: Alec has very clear speech that flows well.
  • Scent: Rain, Smoke, leather, forest, mint.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.:
  • General Posture and Body Language: Alec is usually very relaxed, though he holds himself tall, and does not have an aggressive nor a submissive posture generally.


2.  Personality

The biggest part of Alec's personality is his free-spirit and desire to always be in control of his life. He loves learning new things and trying to better himself, and is constantly wishing that he knew more. Especially now that he realizes just how much is out in the world and how different somethings can be than from what he was raised to know and believe. He is wild and crazy sometimes, partially due to his insane naivety for his age. But he is also prideful, almost to a fault. He hates admitting how little he is familiar with. Sometimes he's even too proud to admit how much certain things interest him, but underneath that exterior is an excited, knowledge hungry soul that will eagerly throw himself into something.

Alec can have a very strong sense of his own idea of justice and what is right and wrong. He promised himself that he will never stand by while someone who he can help or who needs him is in trouble. He has a good heart and despite being cautious and guarded at times, he's extremely loyal. His upbringing was not exactly loving. His parents suffered from his personality, and while they did nothing that would harm him, especially as it would be against their beliefs, they also did not support him or truly accept him. Loving is not something that he knows, however he can still be very sweet and friendly at times.

2.1  Ideals


Free-Spirited, Passionate, Curious, Cynical, Guarded, Loyal, Mischievous, Naive, Kind, Inquisitive, Intelligent, Observant, Stubborn, Proud, Dominant when the need is there.

  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Sociability: Extroverted, Relaxed, but can be dominant
  • Expression:
  • Alignment: Alignment?


  • Being in Control of his life
  • Learning new things
  • Protecting those who need it
  • Figure out who he is and what he believes


  • Failure: Alec fears his own potential for failure, especially if that failure is centered around not acting or saving someone that he could have.
  • Slavery: Alec fears being made a slave. He tells himself that he'd die before he was caught, but he still fears having his life and freewill ripped from him.


  • Packs: None (as of yet)
  • Species: None.
  • Non-Luperci: He is curious of Non-Luperci as he doesn't know that lifestyle is possible.
  • Gender: None
  • Color: None
  • Sexuality: He doesn't understand the concept of homosexuality. With exposure he shall form opinions that might go here.
  • Age: Doesn't like older canines, especially ones that lecture him, since it brings up memories of the ones who ran his birth pack.


Alec is extremely naive when it comes to sex and all things related to it. In his pack there were arranged mateships, and sex was not condoned outside of when a female was in heat. Males were rarely told much about sex, bare concepts, as the instincts brought on by a female's heat were expected to guide the male. Females who entered heat were segregated from the pack from their cycle, and only their mates were allowed to see them, simply for breeding to reproduce. Give all of this Alec knows very little and though he has heard of the powers of a female's heat, he is skeptical and does not believe it would have an uncontrollable affect on him. He does not know his own sexual orientation, just assuming that he can only be attracted to females, and he does not know the concept of flirting. To him courtship or dating isn't a thing, a couple is just paired up.


  • Likes: Horses, Archery, Reading, Climbing, Snow, Hunting, Learning new things, and Cooking .
  • Dislikes: Jerks, being teased about his naivety, feeling weak, losing, and feeling like he isn't in control.
    • Slavery
    • Murder


Alec hasn't tried or been exposed to any substances yet. When he is, it'll be fun. XD


Alec's spirituality is going to be a big part of his development. He does not agree with/believe the teachings of his Birthpack, but he is not aware of anything else out there. And upon learning about other things, he is probably going to be cynical and skeptical. But the biggest part he hated was the requirement to give up his life to his deity and just wait for his life to be silently guided. Beliefs that require action or communicating with a higher power would probably interest him, and some might even call to him. But as of now, he does not really believe anything, just knows what he doesn't like.

3.  Relationships

* Does not know this person by name.

3.1  Family: McCormick

3.2  Relations

Key Relations

  • '''----
  • '''----

Positive Relations

  • '''----
  • '''----

Neutral / Negative

  • '''----
  • '''----

Minor Relations

  • Sex: ----
  • Friendly: ----
  • Enemies: ----
  • Murders: ----

4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: Through his life in the pack and times rebelling from his pack's teachings.
  • Archery (Expert): Alec is extremely good with a bow. He was the best shot in his pack, mainly due to the fact that he would often sneak off to practice using his bow, as he enjoyed using it, while everyone else in the pack frowned upon this and the other hunters saw having to use the bow as a punishment.
  • Tracking (Journeyman): All hunters were expected to know basic tracking skills, and as Alec often like to practice his skills he got good at this.
  • Skinning & Cooking (Apprentice): Along with being able to hunt, Alec also have moderate skills with then skinning and prepping the kill, as his mother was one of the females who had to prepare the hunted animals for pack use.


  • Fighting with Weapons and Teeth/Claw (Weak): Growing up in such an antiviolence pack, there was never any opportunity for Alec to learn how to fight or defend himself. In a close, personal fight, he would be weak and easily outmatched, having to rely on pure strength and wild instincts.
  • Flirting: A new born pig could flirt better than Alec. He wouldn't understand a girl (or male) coming on to him even if a billboard fell from the sky and landed right in front of him and spelled it out for him in giant flashing letters. He has a lot to learn in this regard.
  • Shifting: Shifting was not allowed in Alec's pack, and due to that he is not very good at it. He knows how to and the ability is there, but it would take him a longer than average time.
  • Naive: Having only been exposed to the strange ways of his pack, Alec is very slow in some social situations. He would probably be truly easily to manipulate or to mislead

Other Skills

  • Reading (Apprentice): Everyone in the pack was expected to have good enough reading capabilities to read written religious text or ways of worship
  • Horse care (Journeyman): Alec's father worked in the stables often, and through him Alec learned about caring for horses. Alec bonded with one horse especially, even though it was considered the pack's horse, and would often sneak off to spend time with the horse or to care for the horse. (Starling)
  • Climbing (Journeyman): Alec is very good at climbing, whether it's a rock wall or a tree. During his time exploring the areas around the pack (often when he should have been somewhere or doing something in the pack) he would climb different tree and rock faces.
  • Writing (Novice): Alec would occasionally steal some paper and writing supplies from the pack storage and attempt to work on writing what he could read of the religious texts, figuring that if there was so much power in what was written on the paper, it would make him better if he could write himself, in order to use that.

4.2  Inventory


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  • Offering: Alec will sometimes have furs and other goods from animals that he has hunted.
  • Accepting: Depends on the situation, but could be accepting of most things.



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5.  History

  • Born to Selina and Ermac McCormick two years after they had been mated through an arranged mateship. At the time of their mateship, both performed jobs in the pack that were about midway up in the packs ranks. However soon after they were mated, it was found that Selina had problems conceiving and carrying to term. Given this, Selina's role and status in the pack fell. She was given the lowest rank a female could, the job of handling and preparing the hunter animals for the pack to use. This involved getting bloody and cutting the bodies of the hunter prey, and as such was seen as a bottom tier job in the pack. The second time Selina came into heat and her and Ermac attempted to reproduce, Selina managed to carry Alec to term and give birth to him, along with two pups who were stillborn. But Alec had been born.
  • With in the pack, a deity named Cadomear was worshipped. The beliefs and teachings of the pack were that of extreme pacifism and that you should give up all desires for control and guiding of your own life to Cadomear, who would lead it better and guide your life silently as he saw fit. You were also to stay within the pack and mateships were arranged in the pack. Alec, being born larger and from a young age showing too much of an inquisitive mind, always asking questions and seeking to gain knowledge instead of just allowing his life and path to be chosen for him, was given the lowest position within the pack a male could have, a hunter. This was the lowest position because hunters could not avoid violence, though they were given bows so they didn't not have to be close to inflict the pain upon the animals they hunted. The pack was extreme in their pacifist ways, believing that violence should not even be used to save your own or someone else's life. Alec hated the feeling of not having control of his life, too much of a free spirit, and often would skip out on what were considered important religious events and worship time. This, along with the fact that he was a larger male, which was looked down upon in the pack, often put him in a position where the others in the pack didn't care for him, though nothing was ever said outwardly to him and there was never any physical discipline. But his parents were punished in a way for his apparent short comings in the pack's eyes, as it was decided that his parents would no longer try for offspring, given how Selina had a hard time anyways and the one that did survive was such a lowly specimen. Despite all of this and how Alec felt within the pack, he was a strong spirit and would often walk proudly, embracing his large size, and embracing his differences from all of the like minded canines around him. He was not ashamed that he stood out and didn't seem to fit into the workings and beliefs of the pack.
  • Alec was miserable in the pack but he didn't know any other way of life or that there were truly other options and lifestyles out there, so he stayed. The turning point for him was when he was out with a hunting party. They came upon a group of about 4-5 slavers with a group of slaves (though Alec didn't know at the time that that's what they were). The slaves were in terrible condition, and this outraged Alec. As they watched, a female, who must have been fairly new given her apparent good condition, managed to break away and tried to run. One of the slavers chased her down, and as Alec tried to rise to help her, the hunting pack leader told him not to, as they could not use violence to intervene, despite the fact that they had more than enough hunters, all with bows, to take the slavers. So instead Alec watched as the slavery brutally savaged and mauled the girl after catching her. And once it was done, the hunting party leader told them to continue the hunt, and they left as if nothing ever happened. Afterwards Alec was ashamed and disgusted by what had happened, equally at the slavers and at the apparent carelessness of the pack. He couldn't stand the fact that he had just sat there. He blamed himself for what happened, realizing that if he had disobeyed and helped her, his fellow packmates wouldn't have tried to stop him. Realizing that he could no longer live with himself in that pack, he quickly grabbed his clothes, his bow, quiver, and arrows, stole a small bag to store stuff in and a skinning knife from his mother's tools, ran to the stables and grabbed a medium bag of grain before going to the stall of a mare he had bonded with during his life in the pack. Taking the mare and his supplies (some ill gotten) and set off, leaving the pack behind, not sure what awaited him out in the world.

Various Customs of Alec's old pack in more detail:

  • Mateships and Mating: The pack practiced arranged mateships. Two packmembers of similar ranks were picked and paired up together, usually this involved input from the parents and leaders of the pack. Once a pair was put together, they were only allowed to mate in order to reproduce, so only when a female would enter heat. She was sent off a little bit a ways from the pack, to live in an area specifically for females in heat, and the male would go see her so they could mate. Sex was not condoned in the pack save for reproduction. Females were taught a little bit about their heat and that when the time came they should give in to the males and let their instincts guide them. The males were given a very brief explanation of sex and were told very little of a females heat, the main point that was stressed was that the male's instincts would be all they needed to know what to do. **Note, Due to Alec's behavior and standing in the pack, while he was given the explanation all males received, he never got an arranged mateship because he was so looked down upon in the pack.**
  • Give your life to Cadomear: The members of the pack were taught to devote their life to Cadomear and trust him to silently guide their lives. While they did practice worship of him, and there were texts about him and why you should give up your life to Cadomear, prayer or attempts to commune with Cadomear were not smiled upon or allowed, as this was seen trying to influence him or play a role in your life outside of just faithfully trusting in the deity.
  • Violence and Size: Larger canines were looked down upon in the pack because they saw a large size as a tool that could only be used for aggression. Any sign that would be seen as contributing to violence or aggression (not jut physical aggression) was looked down upon. So scarring is a huge no-no in the pack. Blood is also seen as extremely bad, and to come in contact with someone else's blood, even a creature of prey, is something that is horrible.

5.1  Achievements


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