Heritage Retreat

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Heritage Retreat
Heritage Retreat


Near what was formerly the town of Oxbow, Maine. Mostly hills and steppes. Climate is generally cold. A few lush forests have grown up since the humans disappeared. The Aroostook River provides nourishment and a center of community.


Until November of 2010, the largest pack in this area was led by Yakuto, the father of Xeris. This pack is made up of non-Lupercis. Anyone who is or has possibly been exposed to the Luperci virus is not allowed in their territory. The wolves here have banded together to form their own family and tight community; thus, they abandoned any surnames they might have had and gave themselves the surname "de Heritage."

In what was called the Oxbow War by inhabitants of the area, a pack of rogue Luperci with nothing less than evil in their hearts came upon the Retreat and slaughtered the de Heritage pack. They now control the area and will attack most anyone who enters. One of them lured Xeris back under the premise of being her father's ally, only to lead her to the bloody fighting in which her parents were killed. They had intended to kill her as well, to completely rid the world of all who had once been de Heritages in order to prevent them from re-taking the territory, but she escaped.

Significant Occurrences & Characters

The birthplace of Xeris. After she was infected with the Luperci virus she was banished by her father.

Any characters originating from here would most likely be Luperci banished from the pack by Yakuto.

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