'Souls Staff Bulletin December 2008

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    1.   1.1  Auxiliary Characters
    2.   1.2  Budget and Bills
    3.   1.3  December Auction / Fundraising
    4.   1.4  Dwarf Character
    5.   1.5  Linked Loners
    6.   1.6  Luperci Gestation
    7.   1.7  Puppy Requests
    8.   1.8  Registration
    9.   1.9  Secret Santa
    10.   1.10  'Souls Advertising Squad
    11.   1.11  Wiki Updates
    12.   1.12  Yearbook 2008

1.  Staff Bulletin

1.1  Auxiliary Characters

A second and third character request were approved, and one second character request was denied.

1.2  Budget and Bills

Thanks to donations and purchases from the 'Souls Store, as well as the December Auction, 'Souls gathered exactly enough money to pay its hosting bill for 2009.

1.3  December Auction / Fundraising

An initiative for a fund raising campaign was approved to help pay for 'Souls bills.

1.4  Dwarf Character

Permission for a prospective character of dwarfed stature was approved.

1.5  Linked Loners

All loner characters are now linked to on the ranks page to make it easier to find member profiles.

1.6  Luperci Gestation

A question regarding luperci pregnancies was raised and addressed. Puppies are born in their Lupus form; the mother can bear the puppies regardless of her form, however the pregnancy would be terminated if the mother shifted during the later days.

1.7  Puppy Requests

A four-puppy and single-puppy litter were approved.

1.8  Registration

There was an issue with email validations for registration not getting sent out. This has been rectified.

1.9  Secret Santa

Secret Santa was brought back; a member was given permission to run it this year. Happy Holidays!

1.10  'Souls Advertising Squad

The 'Souls Advertising Squad (SAS) was revived. Work is still being done and discussion is underway to decide if it will be opened to all members. Regardless, all members are more than welcome to advertise 'Souls.

1.11  Wiki Updates

A litter list was added to the wiki to keep track of all the litters born IC'ly into 'Souls.

1.12  Yearbook 2008

The Yearbook project has returned for its third year!