So, uh, hi. I'm a little wolf roleplaying nooblet, and therefore have no idea what I'm
doing. I'm a little confused as to what I'm supposed to be doing with this page, and I also
have no idea if I'm actually allowed to >w< So, uh, admins, feel free to give me a big
telling off if this is actually against the rules.
Anyhow, I joined because Tammi begged me like her life depended on it. xD Naw, but she did
post an ad on CAUTION! So I replied and was all "I am awesome" and she was all "Totally".
Well, it was more like "Uh, hi. I'm a nooblet, will you teach me stuff?" "Because I'm uber
radical, I shall." So I ended up joining as Naela Morin, the to-be mate of her character,
Bart. Well, he's got some freaky long name with accented e's that I can't feel bothered to
put it. So I'mma just call him Bart. Savvy?

Oh, wow. Characters


Yeah, that's all of 'em. Only one, but I'll create more when I've been a member for, like, a month or something. Uh, my parents are yelling at me to go to sleep nao. So... yeah. Baizness. *flails*