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Willing to rp all sorts of creatures ranging anywhere from eldritch horror monsters all the way to your natural everyday animal/humanoid, magical or non-magical - Be sure to lemme know your preferences if messaging about this c:

Discord: Gavialis#9983

Fastest way to contact me, preferred for plotting or general chatting :3c

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Plotting: I am always open to plotting out threads or interactions! Just hit me up with any ideas <3
Character Count: Smaller interactions with a max of three (3) participants are highly preferred over larger threads. I tend to struggle with big group things.
Post Length: Typically 300+ words though may reach much higher, no matter the length RP partners are not expected to match it so long as I have enough to respond to.
Reply Times: Varies between same day responses up to two weeks later. My time is fairly limited but I will make an effort to get a post as soon as possible. Please do not poke me for a reply unless it has been over a two week period.
Sprees: I am open to attempt thread sprees, slap me on discord to find out if I am free/able to at the time desired.
Closing Threads: OOC or IC endings are fine with me, if for any reason an OOC ending is needed or desired for a particular thread don't be afrid to let me know. I am more than willing to work with whatever another may want to reach an ending.
Reviving Threads: Please ask before reviving an old archived thread.
LASKY: Purrhaps, idk 'bout this just yet. Either way, should it happen, canon threads will take priority over it.

Mature Content: Nearly any manner of mature themes are fine by me: body horror, violence, suggestive themes, substances, and the like are always gucci, however, I will be pickier over playing out explicit sexual encounters the specifics of these will depend entirely on the character involved. If there are ever any concerns or questions over this matter feel free to double check with me over discord.
Powerplay: Minor powerplaying is perfectly fine by me though for more extreme actions/character control you must ask first. If I am not okay with a particular aspect do not be offended if I ask you to change something.
Character Assumptions: All characters will have expanded assumptions placed into their individual profiles though for established pack mates I am fine with knowing names or having met in passing/brief greetings.

Off-Site RP: These can be done over discord or through google docs. Lemme know your preferences or even just which of your own characters you're lookin' to score an rp with. I've got a plethora of characters I'm willin' to rp with others and surely have something to fit your needs.
Off-Site Ratings: I'm personally okay with any rp rating. Specific theme wise I'm pretty open to things so just run it by me.




The Saint

♂ Dog Hybrid - DCG, Las Brasas

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